Impact Wrestling dream matches

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Simple enough thread, what are your dream matches for TNA which are plausible, why is it a dream match and how would you like it to be built?

    I'll start with the big one :

    Austin Aries vs AJ Styles

    Why is it a dream match? You have two of the most athletic guys on the planet, they were that when they clashed in 2004 during a ROH show. Now they've both evolved into much more complete performers, AJ was terribly spotty at this time and lacked the psychology and ground game he has now whilst maintaining the spring in his step. Aries has incorporated more of his character traits into his work now and seems to understand when to fit in the big spots now where as this was lacking before.

    How I'd like it to be built - AJ is the one to save TNA as the loner tweener who lashes out at everyone, in the mean time you have Aries swaggering along gaining popularity with every step. He turns face and feuds with Bobby Roode for months before a blow off to the feud at Bound For Glory, Aries then sets his sights on reclaiming the title he lost a year ago almost to the very day. AJ grows more and more frustrated about the harrassment the title brings, he came back to do things for him not to have more cameras in his face and people begging for interviews. Aries being the arrogant character he is talks about how he'd embrace it, AJ may have saved the company from destruction but he'll be the one who takes them forward. If the lines are blurred so neither man is a face or heel the roles would be interchangable as to who plays the heel or the face on the night.
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