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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. ~ GENESIS ~
    Night One

    Thursday, January 16th


    LIVE! and FREE! on SPIKE TV

    Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL


    Kurt Angle faces his bitter enemy Bobby Roode one more time, this time inside the steel cage!
    Can Angle finally defeat Roode, after Roode beat Angle for THREE straight times in the end of 2013?
    Bobby Roode claims he has Angle's number and will beat him for the 4th time in a row!


    "The Icon" Sting battles the entitled nephew of TNA President, Ethan Carter III.!
    Will EC3 continue his unbeaten streak, or will the Stinger put an end to the Carters?


    Bully Ray takes on his former Immortal and Aces & 8s associate - Ken Anderson - by promising "Genesis" will be the END for Anderson!
    Will Anderson prevail, or will this new evil lonesome Bully Ray "take care" of Anderson's wife and kids as he promised?

    "The Killer Queen" Madison Rayne will try to win the Knockouts gold from her former friend, Gail Kim!
    Will Lei'd Tappa get involved or will Madison Rayne crown her TNA return the best way possible?


    TNA's "Genesis" will be a special two-week event on SpikeTV, airing on Thursday, January 16 and Thursday, January 23!

  2. I'm actually really excited for Genesis. The only thing is that the EC3 vs Sting match is happening. Match is gonna suck dick.
  3. Good update mane, I'll definitely have my eyes on the screen.
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  4. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

    FINALLY! :win: Loving the way it was worded. "New talents coming to Genesis" not "HUGE SURPRISE! TUNE IN!"

    Hopefully we get some new or returning X guys, although they should just bring back the guys they had on pay-per-appearance. Ooooh, it could be the American Wolves to take the belts of the Bromans. That would be swell.... am I forgetting anyone? (inside joke)
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  5. Holy crap, we're getting a big 2-week PPV-quality event, storylines are paying off and NEW TALENTS!?

    This is amazing, potentially groundbreaking for TNA. I'd like to see a new tag team at the very least to challenge the Bro-Mans.
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  6. Sounds like a great show! I'll watch it live for sure.
  7. These vids are more Genesis related, so I'll post 'em here

    World Champ Magnus Talks About TNA Returning to Huntsville for Genesis

    "The IT Factor" Bobby Roode Talks About Upcoming Cage Match With Kurt Angle at Genesis

    The Bro-Mans React to TNA Going Back to Huntsville for Genesis

  8. [​IMG]

    It's not official when will Storm/Gunner happen, on tonight's episode or next week's episode.
  9. It seems like they have the time slot available for day 1, but you're right I would think they want to distribute the important matches evenly over the two nights.
    IMO Should be a good one though I think Storm is going to take home the briefcase after the rematch.
  10. Sticky now, live later
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  11. Unsticky Turning Point lol, it's stickied for 2 months now lmao
  12. Request granted. :tough:
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  13. That's tonight? Eh, I'll try to watch.
  14. I'm pretty hyped for tonight, I love that TNA is at 9est allows me to watch Community and Parks & Rec from 8-9p :emoji_slight_smile:
    This discussion will be live tonight right?
  15. [​IMG]

    Hell yeah
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    Fixed in the corniest way possible! :yay:

    They've done these internet hype things so many times that it's so hard to care, but this time I can't help but be hyped. Wooooooooooooo EIGHT PM! :win:

    Really only excited for the Angle/Roode blowoff, but damn do I not want to see that feud end.

    Possible spoiler:
    Show Spoiler
    Davey and Eddie have showed up in Tuscaloosa
  17. Show Spoiler
    I heard they arrived in Huntsville as well, from the sounds of it there may be more going on than just EE & DR arriving.. but it could possibly just be them and Cowboy James Storm is super hyping
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