IMPACT Wrestling July 4th - Live Discussion (Las Vegas, NV)

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    GUTCHECK: Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard and Danny Davis make a decision on Ryan Howe & Adam Ohriner​
    TAG TEAM MATCH: James Storm & Gunner vs. Robbie E & Jessie Godderz​
    BFG SERIES: AJ Styles vs. Frankie Kazarian​
    BFG SERIES: Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley​
    BFG SERIES: Jeff Hardy vs. Joseph Park​
    * Main Event Mafia reveals their new member​
    * X Division champion Austin Aries​
    * Knockouts champion Mickie James​
    * General Manager Hulk Hogan​
    * Bully Ray and Aces & Eights​

    Correction: Samoa Joe has 19 pts, not 12.​

  2. Looks good, will be here.
  3. A bit meh about all the matches, although pumped as hell for Aries/Sabin.
  4. I have saw the spoilers and these next two weeks look pretty interesting.
  5. Get the Popcorn, the Beer..the Soda, the Chips..the Chicken Wings, shit steal some fireworks we will do it hard this Thursday!
  6. The Bro Mans are ready, bro!

  7. Made last minute plans. Probably won't be here tonight but I shall record it.
  8. Won't watch tonight out of protest for recent shittyness.
  9. should be here on time for it, and sober once again, Kaz - Styles could be an epic match as well
  10. If no one else is going to be here discussing about the show I won't either. This was the first time I was going to contribute in a Live Discussion and no one will be watching it :sad:

    I will watch the show and comment about it tomorrow. CUZ DATS WHAT I DO!!
  11. I'll be here! The ever so hilarious Pottsy will too, Kassius Hoho will probably show up as well... who else?
  12. I guess I'll be here. Plans canceled for the millionth time this summer.
  13. Alright, I'm here.
  14. Anyone wanna make the thread live? Who's the American mod? Oh, yeah
  15. [​IMG]

    Wake up people it's time for Impact!
  16. Is anyone here?
  17. Forgot this thread wasn't live nvm.
  18. :damn:
  19. Impact time!
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