Spoiler Impact Wrestling June 26th (Bethlehem, PA)

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  1. So... turns out we still have 2 weeks until we see the tapings from NYC with the 6-sided ring, but here's your spoilers for tomorrow's show taped from Bethlehem:

    Source is Daily Wrestling News

    - TNA taped the June 26th Impact Wrestling from Bethlehem, PA. Below are spoilers, thanks to Rinda Smith:

    * Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Taryn looked great in the ring.

    * Sanada defeated Manik, Crazzy Steve and DJ Zema Ion in a Fatal 4 Way.

    * MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley come out to talk about Lashley winning the World Heavyweight Title last week. They’re interrupted by Eric Young and Bobby Roode. MVP fires them but a man representing the TNA Board of Directors comes out and tells MVP he can’t fire them because he’s been stripped of his Director of Wrestling Operations title.

    * James Storm defeated Mr. Anderson with Last Call.

    * Dixie Carter comes out and brags about being TNA’s Director of Wrestling Operations again. The Board of Directors representative comes back out and informs her she isn’t the Director. Dixie throws a fit and demands to know who the new Director is but he won’t tell her. Bully Ray interrupts and threatens Dixie. He goes to put her through a table and fans chant for it. Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III make the save for Dixie.

    * Backstage segment with Tommy Dreamer and Ethan Carter III brawling.

    * Magnus and Bram defeated Willow and Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match.

    * Kurt Angle is revealed as the new Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP, Lashley and King come out and surround Angle. Eric Young and Bobby Roode make the save, clearing the ring. Impact ended with Angle, Roode and Young standing tall in the ring.

    So thoughts on Angle in charge?
  2. Uhm, tomorrow's show is Destination X I thought? @Testify is it not?
  3. @Sharpy Sandow No, tomorrow is Destination X tapings, this is what will be aired tomorrow on Spike.
  4. Ahh word, idk why they do that for special episodes, have them take place on June 26th but don't air them until later in the summer (prlly mid-late july)
    Gets confusing, I don't mind it for the regular weekly broadcasts but for specials like that I feel should be different.
  5. Bro, it's TAPING of Dest X tommorow night. It'll air on TV in late July, though.
  6. Yeah I know that now.
    Delayed airings for special episodes piss me off :emoji_slight_frown: .. oh well.
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  7. It sucks, but god gave us spoiler sites :emoji_slight_smile: , I actually could of went to Destination X, but I already spent $50 on warped tour,
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