IMPACT Wrestling June 27th - Live Discussion (Peoria, Ill)

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  1. [​IMG]
    X DIVISION TITLE: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Kenny King vs. Suicide​
    KNOCKOUTS TITLE: Mickie James (c) vs. Velvet Sky​
    GUTCHECK: Ryan Howe vs. Adam O'Reilly​
    BFG SERIES: Magnus (10 pts) vs. Bobby Roode (0 pts)​
    BFG SERIES: Mr. Anderson (7 pts) vs. Samoa Joe (2 pts)​

  2. Saw the Gutcheck promo, this guy has a pretty interesting backstory. Not some sob story, something unique and interesting. Looking forward to that, and the rest of this show looks stacked. Can't wait for Taryn vs Mickie.

    Looks like my boy's picking up some points, too. Sorry DK
  3. I don't know, man. Those Aces and Eights might help Anderson. :jericho:
  4. Magnus vs Roode seems dope.

    I'm ashley off work for once as well, so I'll be live discussing this time
  5. No NBA this week, lets see how will ratings do now.
  6. No Hardy this week competing in the BFG series :yay:
  7. Any word on the gut check guys? The KO deal doesnt interest me but im down for all the rest. Assuming less matches = more build time....same match length.
  8. Go Howe! Sorry Big O but I don't want a cheap copy of Mason Ryan in TNA.

    Maybe Robby E is Ryan's cheap copy but I still don't like the idea...
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  9. When is the KO's Ladder match supposed to be? I'm ashley super hyped for that shit
  10. It's being taped next week. Get hyped. Looking forward to this week's match being replayed on Botchamania

    :yay: Impact day, bay-bay!

    Oh, you mean the "Big O" isn't Ricky Ortiz? Anyone else remember that lil' dude? RALLY UP!
    Speaking of bad catchphrases, watched 8 seconds of that video and got to "Every Day I'm Musclin" then shut it off
  11. Dude just gtfo of Big O's Ozone already
  12. Taken from TNA's Facebook (open)


    I can't wait,TNA is going to be awesome.

  13. Zack Ryder's buddy, "The Big O"? The one that was in his Long Island Iced Z videos? Alrighty!

    Anyway, haven't gotten to watch either of those videos yet but will try to do that before tonight's show.

    IMPACT Day!! :yay:
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  14. Well O-hell no! :pipebomb:

    Holy hell, that was the worst joke ever. Shit. What is there that to do to bounce back from that?

    Do any non-stick cooking surfaces know when Impact starts tonight?
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  15. The fuck? That's strange but awesome. Didn't think they'd actually un-mask him.
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