IMPACT Wrestling Live Discussion - Jan. 7th on Destination America

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 5, 2015.

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  2. This is gonna be good!

    They'll kick off 2K15 with a bang.
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  3. Getting hype for Roode-Lashley III. We might have seen it before in NYC, but it's a chance for TNA to give them a solid 10 minutes or more to put on a fantastic main event, while building up new storylines in the midcard before it. Start off with a short promo to welcome everyone to Impact! Wrestling on Destination America, then go for a big X-Division match of some sort; whether it's Samoa Joe vs Sanada/Manik vs Chris Sabin (plz) for #1 contendership or Low Ki vs Samoa Joe to begin with. Basically, start it off strongly with a quick high impact (pun intended) match with one or two debuts/returns in the show.
  4. [​IMG] OR [​IMG] ?
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  5. Those posters are a bit vague.

    Who the hell is gonna win? They gotta choose one. :happy:
  6. Posters were made for Impact followers on twitter...

    I choose the IT Factor :boohoo:
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  7. - TNA is reportedly trying to secure Alberto El Patron for the live Impact Wrestling debut on Destination America this Wednesday. If TNA signs El Patron, it would be a non-exclusive deal as he is already signed for ROH TV through March of this year.

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  8. I just found it funny.

    I choose Roode, too.

    Or MVP gets involved and screws Lashley, or both men for that matter.
  9. MVP turning on Lashley probably will happen sometime (if Lashley is staying w TNA for longer). I'd dig that feud.
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  10. He's also signed for Lucha Underground, I believe.

    But still, seeing him in TNA would be nice and would bring him some good dough.
  11. I love those posters and I'm totally going with Roode for the victory. MVP could turn on Lashley later on in the year, but I still love this MLK group too much.

    As for Del Rio, he would could work some great matches with Roode, Aries, heck I'd even like to see him eventually put over Magnus.
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  12. I see Patron feuding with Roode after Roode beats Lashley. That is if they bring him in....
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  13. Well, it'd be sweet if they did.
  14. Del Rio as the heel then?
  15. Absolutely I would do it. He seems like a natural to me.
  16. I hope he brings in Ricardo Rodriguez in, so he can do all sorts of the old shenanigans and also if they ever want to turn him face, Ricardo can double as his ring announcer <3
  17. It's been a while, but...

    *throws up my hood for some dramatic flair, followed by some sunglasses to look cool*

    Nine PM, brothers.

    Show Spoiler
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  18. I don't get this channel since I only have basic cable now.. I will need a link to a live stream and a replay just in case I'm not able to catch it.

  19. Robbie E fucking owned it in this promo. Never seen him like this.
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  20. True dat, did he cut his hair or was it just hidden under his hat?
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