IMPACT Wrestling May 9th Discussion (Tupelo, MS) - Kaz & Daniels vs. Aries & Roode

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    Main Event:

    w/ "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles being given an ultimatum by Kurt Angle to choose side: TNA or Aces & Eights
    #1 Contenders Dream Match:​
    w/"The Cowboy" James Storm as the special referee
  2. 8pm brother.
  3. 3 hrs to go.:jbl:
  4. No work. No NBA. I think I'll actually catch this live for once.
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  5. Can't wait for that tag match. Is the time switch this week or still doing the hour early start?
  6. Time changes May 30th
  7. So show starts in half an hour, correct?
  8. Yep, 8pm EST brother :hogan:
  9. Crayo can you change this to a live thread if you havent already please?

  10. Hey fuckers, ill be here tonight for at least part of Impact, when it get's good it's hard to switch back to the discussion....still waiting to setup my badass tower again so i can do both.
  11. [​IMG]
    This should be interesting.
  12. GrammarNazi82 and Testify you bitches you better be here. Rain ? Don't make me setup the bonfire and start the sacred dance, just do your job.
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    Does the sacred dance include smearing peanut butter on your naked body? :ksi:
  14. I get the idea my wrist and fingers will be tired after that #1 contenders' match, so if I don't post much, you guys know why. :gusta:
  15. Only if you have a dog, preferrably female. :ksi:

    Alright, way over the limits. Glad you are here.
  16. 5 Minutes to go. In the mean time...
  17. Time to rock the discussion thread like a :boss1:
  18. Live thread please and thank you.
  19. It's done
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