iMPACT Wrestling Ratings (7/19)

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  1. Source: PW
  2. Much better than last week. Eat your buildness out Randy.
  3. I thought Direct TV audience was back?
  4. They signed that deal the day after.
  5. Wow, then this is brilliant.
  6. They even ran "Change cable provider" ads/lines during the entire show. Tenay wouldn't shut up about it.
  7. Tenay is the worst commentator worldwide. Not just wrestling, anything.
  8. They basically had that message after every commercial break. I think they had extra commercial breaks (not many but one or two extra) to make up some of the lost money they make of off the direct TV viewers via ad revenue.
  9. Pretty good ratings considering the fact DirecTV didn't have TNA. They got some real loyal fans then, or maybe a lot of them didn't have DirecTV :hmm:
  10. The 7/19 edition of Impact, which was affected by the now settled DirecTV-Viacom dispute did a 0.91 ratings with 1,316,000 viewers.


    That's the real ratings apparently.
  11. That's impressive and somewhat shocking. Well done TNA :obama:
  12. I expect them to go over 1,5 mil. regularly now.
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  13. That's quite an improvement. Nice.
  14. sorry to disappoint but check the ratings again, it's apparently 0.91 with the same amount of viewers.
  15. Q1: Impact opened with a show-low 0.82 rating for the opening segment featuring James Storm trying to call out Kurt Angle before the Aces & Eights jumped Angle backstage. There was also one commercial.

    Q2: Impact increased slightly to a 0.86 rating for Samoa Joe calling out The Pope, their match, one commercial, and Jeff Hardy calling out Robbie E.

    Q3: Impact returned to a show-low 0.82 rating for a three-minute Hardy vs. Robbie match, one commercial, an EY & ODB skit backstage, Daniels & Kaz backstage, and Jeremy Borash introducing this month's Gut Check contestant. There were also two commercial breaks dragging down the rating.

    Q4: Impact scored a first-hour high 0.89 rating for follow-up on Sam Shaw's beat down by A&E, Mr. Anderson calling out A.J. Styles, and one commercial during their match.

    Q5: Impact increased one stair-step to a 0.97 rating for the second-half of Styles vs. Anderson, a post-match angle with Styles and Claire, one commercial, and RVD calling out Daniels for the next BFG Series match.

    Q6: Impact remained about the same with a 0.96 rating for RVD vs. Daniels, one commercial, backstage segments, and Magnus calling out Bully Ray.

    Q7: Impact increased slightly to a show-high 0.98 rating for Magnus vs. Ray, a video on Chavo Guerrero debuting next week, one commercial, and Bobby Roode coming out for the main event.

    Q8: Impact decreased very slightly to a 0.96 rating for the Aries-Roode non-title, main event that was interrupted by A&E to close the show. There was also one commercial.

    They really need to move back to 9 pm
  16. Bravo for Ray and Magnus, they kept viewers on TV even though that quarter is always shit.
  17. I wonder how much the pre-announced main event helped? Fans must have been holding on for that one.

    Although Bully Ray = Ratings, and glad that many people saw that segment, it really got Magnus over.
  19. TNA > WWE

    why wwe not this good
  20. Re: RE: iMPACT Wrestling Ratings (7/19)

    They don't need to be, they still pull in decent numbers on a shit show.
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