Spoiler IMPACT Wrestling results for 11/12/14

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by u_cant_c_me, Nov 12, 2014.

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    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING Results For 11/12/2014 ** SPOILERS **
    • : November 12, 2014

    Opening Tag Team Match

    The Wolves defeated The Hardys and Team 3D in a Full Metal Mayhem. This was a brutal match with lots of spots. All teams had to be helped to the back or checked on by trainers

    In-Ring Segment

    Samoa Joe vacates the X Division Title because he’s not cleared to compete.

    Singles Match

    Tyrus with Ethan Carter III defeated Eric Young with Rockstar Spud.

    In-Ring Segment

    Eric Young gets laid out by Bobby Lashley. Austin Aries makes the save.

    Singles Match

    Gunner defeated Samuel Shaw in a No DQ match. Brittany interfered to help Shaw and accidentally dropped him on the way out.

    Singles Match

    Austin Aries defeated Bobby Lashley by DQ when Lashley speared Aries outside of the ring.

    TNA Knockout Championship Match

    Taryn Terrell defeated Havok and Gail Kim in a triple threat to win the Knockouts Title. This was said to be a good Knockouts match. We’re not sure if this airs on the November 12th episode or the November 19th episode.
  2. wow Taryn Terrell beat Gail Kim and " Havok " O no Taryn is Dead now
  3. Watching this right now. Will rate/review it later.
  4. Another decent iMPACT episode! 6/10

    - Damn good openning segment. Loved every bit of it. Here's to hoping Davey eventually joins Storm's 'Revolution'.
    - Skipped Titty Terrell vs Madison
    - The Menagerie vs The Beautiful People/Bromans was alright, even fun at some bits.
    - Tyrus vs EY was decent.
    - Gunner vs Shaw was decent, I expected so much more.
    - Lashley vs Aries was good, definitely. They should definitely have another match.
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  5. OH SHIT I'll be watching just the KO match. It's about damn time TNA.
  6. I think the triple threat airs next week.
  7. yea it does i just found that out
  8. Yeah, well... It was pretty obvious after seeing Terrell vs Rayne match.
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  9. Oh shit Aidsgasm next Wednesday night!?
    [​IMG] Week long semi for the Wednesday night climax. Prepare for Taryn gifs.
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  10. Jazztify :heenan:
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