IMPACT WRESTLING Results For Thursday (Big Updates, TV Title, Sacrifice...)

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    Big changes! I like it. Discuss.:taker:
  2. Hogan making 2 long appearances = bothering me already.

    RVD becoming #1 contender instead of Mr Anderson bothers me even more.

    Bobby Roode cutting his hair shut? OH HEYUL NO.

    Garrett Bischoff = OH HEYUL NO
  3. The open fight night concept sounds good actually, imagine Low Ki calling out Aries.
  4. I guess they're introducing that because eventually someone "outside of TNA" will shock the world and become champion.
  5. Or Aries calling out Roode. He said pre-Lockdown he'd want to wrestle him.

    I hope that El Generico can get a shot at TV, or someone like Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls from OVW, even though Haste did play Roode's adviser recently to perfection, I'd say.
  6. Didn't Generico work some dark matches for them last year? Any one have an idea how that worked out? I'd also love if it if TWGTT called out Jognus, I've always loved them and a three way feud with those three teams could be a hell of a lot of fun.
  7. Yes he did both in late 2010 and early 2011, IIRC. Dunno how it worked out for officials, but the crowd reportedly LOVED his match with Amazing Red (just imagine that stuff). Roderick Strong also worked the dark match, but don't know how he handled himself.

    Btw, I think we're already gonna have a 3 Way tag feud between Joegnus, Guns and KazDaniels. Should be great.
    About WGTT, Angle was volunteering for them to come to TNA, but officials just don't wan't them.
  8. Joegnus is possibly the worst tag team name ever. Why do wrestling companies insist on having the two names combine?
  9. Is Joegnus their official name? It was just an easier way to type tbh.
  10. It isn't their official name, no. I just like to call them like that, somewhat easier to type too. It's certainly better than Joe Daddy's (like some inbreds wanted them to call). :lol1:
  11. Is it not? Good. I see it everywhere (even dirt sheet call them it) so just presumed it was.
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