News Impact Wrestling Spoilers – August 22nd, 2017

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  1. Global Force Wrestling is taping several episodes of Impact Wrestling tonight in Orlando, FL. Here are the results of what was taped:

    * Xplosion: Cowboy James Storm pinned Chris Adonis after a Last Call.

    * Xplosion: Rosemary pinned Ava Storie after the Red Wedding.

    * Xplosion: Mahabali Shera defeats Caleb Konley.

    * Impact starts off with JB & Josh in the ring. This is the go home edition before Bound For Glory.

    * Moose(w/ Stephan Bonnar) defeated Lashley(w/ Dan Lambert by DQ. Lambert hit Moose with a trophy. They brawled until American Top Team came out & Moose ran them off with a chair. Bound For Glory is now Six Sides of Steel with Bonnar & Moose VS. Lashley & King Mo.

    * Footage from AAA Triplemania will appear on Impact in the upcoming weeks.

    * Johnny Impact & Garza Jr defeated Eli Drake & Chris Adonis when Johnny rolled up Adonis for the pin.

    * JB brings out Gail Kim to promote the 10th anniversary of the Knockouts Division & its first champion. Gail is gonna bring the belt back where it started. Around her waist.

    * EC3 pinned Suicide after a ECD.

    * Lashley & Dan Lambert come out for a promo with the rest of American Top Team. Lambert bashes Pro Wrestling & Pro Wrestlers. He said he’s gonna put this company out of business. Fans chanting Boring. They literally hate all of these guys especially Lambert. Moose & Bonnar have accepted the challenge this week of King Mo & Lashley. Lambert calls out Jeff Jarrett saying his family’s run in pro wrestling is over at BFG.

    * Xplosion: Mahabali Shera pinned X Division Champion Trevor Lee after a Sky High in a Non Title Match.

    * Taya Valkyrie pinned Rosemary after a Northern Lights Suplex into a double Stomp.

    * Johnny Impact & OVE defeated Eli Drake & LAX when Impact pinned Santana after a Slingshot Sunset Flip. OVE & LAX brawled to the back as Drake & Adonis pulled the canvas & padding from the ring mat. They celebrated over Johnny’s unconscious body & Drake raised the GFW Title high in the air. Refs & security are checking on Impact in the ring. Johnny is helped to the back & that’s the end of the tapings.

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