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    People say it's equal in value to the Intercontinental championship or the United championship, but what do you guys think of the concept of this belt? I like the idea of having a title being defended each week, it sometimes gets boring, but it seems also cool. It's also a good way to build up someone who's new. It also makes them a fighting champion since they have to defend it so much. And yes I know Impact Wrestling isn't the first to do this(ECW, WCW, ROH, etc.).
    Do you guys like the concept of this belt and having it around?
  2. Yeah, I absolutely support the idea of having the TV Title around. It's fun to have it defended every week like in old times and and if booked right, it can elevate just about everybody to the upper-card or the main event. Keep it this way, TNA, push Devon with the title until the decent replacement is there for him, because everyone is in the BFG Series.
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  3. Glad I'm not the only one that likes the title :boss1: WWE should have a television title or at least put that internet title up for WWE superstars since it shown online, that could be a good way to get the attention around rookies since people will always notice title matches.
  4. I really like it, with the massive roster Impact has and the revolving door of TV time be split among so many people, the belt feels meaningful. It says "This championship means you're guaranteed a spotlight every week and a good chance to get over.", and whichever young guy takes it off of Devon they are definitely high on backstage.

    The only problem with it is the overexposure issue... WWE's really suffering due to that, since everyone wrestles every week it's hard to get excited for one of their matches. Shoot, we need a break from seeing some guys (Sheamus). I don't mind Devon, but it's the same match every week.

    But... the belt's so pretty... :otunga:
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  5. The tv title is like women getting education. It means nothing to them, but so entertaining for us.
  6. i like it its a good title for lower stars who need a push :boss1:
  7. Gunner, Kid Kash, Doug Williams and Garett. (OK, I'm kidding about Garett)
  8. :yay: Everybody likes the TV title
  9. True on every point you made. Well said. Whoever takes the belt from Devon is obviously someone TNA is high on or they wouldn't give them TV time every week. And yea, Devon is a bit stale, but if you gave the TV Title to a more versatile worker it would be fine. Devon, while over and buff, isn't known for putting on a wide array of matches.
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  10. I like the TV title and like it being defended every week. WWE should take a lesson from that. Then maybe we could see some titles being defended instead of pointless matches like ADR kicking Santinos ass with no title on the line or pointless segments that have no barring on fueds.
  11. Not just that, but look at the BFG Series. The Creative team has came up with a simple, logical way to throw out filler match after filler match, even add filler to PPV's, and make it all relevant and not piss off the fans.

    TNA's doing a great job with the "filler parts of the show", they've made pretty much everything relevant. Bravo. At least one company doesn't have their collective heads up their asses.
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