News IMPACT Wrestling To Remain On Spike TV Through 2014

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  1. Open the doors Dixie :yay:
  2. I'm not sure if this is great news or prolonging the inevitable.
  3. Good news. Hopefully TNA surpasses the 'inevitable' storm coming their way. They've been putting real good shows these last 3-4 months.
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  4. Inevitable seems like a stretch considering they've taped a massive amount of shows already.
  5. I think this good news. Why, imo:

    a) it takes pressure off of talent and pretty much everybody else in the company for next three months, everybody will work without pressure now and BFG can be held without problems and all

    b) it gives TNA way more time to negotiate with other networks if negotiations with Spike fall through

    c) as Dixie said, negotiations beyond the end of 2014 time frame will continue so TNA has about 3 months to prove themselves on Wedn nights

    and that's about it, but I think it's enough to make this good news, at least for now.
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  6. Also, funny how when Impact was "cancelled" last month, YT was full of videos popping up about TNA losing a TV deal, getting out of business etc., basically 90% of them wanting death to TNA (WTF?), but now when positive news happen nobody gives a shit.

    Scum of the motherfucking Earth.
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  7. It's the car crash metaphor, bro. People are sick and love the misfortune of others. It's the reason 'American Idol' was so popular.
    If I were younger, this sh** would be humorous. The older you get, the less funny it is when people have misfortune.
    It isn't about being emotional, its about not making a f***ing joke out of it when somebody gets f***ed.

    TNA is better than the other guys and that's a fact. The best thing for the wrestling business is for another company to rise. That's a fact, too.
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  8. Expected it to happen, honestly. Both sides have been benefitting from this deal for a few years, thinking about it for a little while longer is better.
  9. Didn't know where to put this mini-news....

    Several office cuts were made yesterday in TNA HQ in Nashville, TN, and at least one of them was the graphic/poster guy.

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  10. I'm not impressed by their graphics or presentation overall, but this is a start.
    For the record, I don't believe presentation is a 'must' for mainstream success more like a personal expectation of mine
  11. Great news, hopefully this means that Dixie and the rest of the bosses realise what's really wrong with TNA and are working on it. I mean, the roster is in great shape, especially considering what's happened this year and they're putting on fantastic shows week in, week out. They should reduce the amount of house shows to preserve a nice audience each time and book Impact shows at good venues with crowds that will predictably be good. Even the little things like posters would make TNA look so much better... for example, the Slammiversary 2014 one was fabulous, they really tried to show how EY's journey in TNA has culminated in the biggest title defence on his life.
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  12. This is what bugs me when it comes to TNA posters/graphics. Sometimes, they do awesome work like these ones for TV tapings:

    Show Spoiler


    and then they do these horrible PPV posters

    Show Spoiler


    First two are 9/10 posters, whilst down two are horrid 2/10 shit. Smh!
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  13. Thank you @Testify for not subjecting me to Magnus on a motorbike poster.
    May God bless you and your children for that
  14. Yeah, was thinking of posting it that but got sick to my stomach when I saw it lol, instead I put another tragedy of a poster lmao
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  15. So are the same guys who do the TV posters the ones who do PPV posters? Can't be, like you said, the posters promoting Impact are almost always good while PPV ones are almost always bad (Slammiversary 2014 was good, can't remember any good one before that tbh).
  16. It can't be the same guy, it just can't. It would be the dumbest man ever then! Lol
  17. - The Wrestling Observer reports that the belief backstage in TNA is that the company will not stay with Spike TV when its extension with the network ends. The impression amongst those in the company is that TNA has found a new network, though not a large one, and that Spike apparently wants out of the wrestling business.

    While negotiations are ongoing between TNA and Spike, it's said that they aren't serious at this point. Part of the reason for the belief is that the question is being regularly brought up backstage of how willing Spike is to work with the company in switching to a new network.

    Vintage Meltzer.

    Two weeks ago: Spike wants to buy 10% of TNA.

    Today: Spike wants out of wrestling biz.

    Come on??
  18. The whole situation remains scary. Test you can remain as optimistic as you can, brother, but I'm really skeptical about this whole saga, and you can't trust a word anybody says except maybe the words coming from TNA itself.
  19. I agree, but after Meltzer was right that Spike was gonna keep TNA for a bit even their contract expired, I wanna believe that he's right about that TNA has found another network for 2015 too.

    Time will tell!
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