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    Federation X FAQ

    What is Federation X?
    Federation X is an online Wrestling federation based on this forum founded in early 2012. Federation X is run by members of the community that have been declared the Federations creative team. On some boards an online federation consists of roleplaying threads, Fed X is different though. Fed X is less roleplay and more never ending fanfiction/online story. The federation is run by a set of members on the board that has been dubbed the Creative Team. They are in charge of booking, writing and submitting shows as well as handle character submissions and moderating the section. It is you the members that the federation revolves around though since the characters are submitted by you.

    How do I submit a character?
    Among the stickied threads at the top of the section you will find a thread called Character creation. Depending on if the thread is open for posting or not you can submit a character. To submit a character you go to the original post in the thread and find the character template. You fill it out and then post it as a new reply. In creation stage is when you have the most power over your character, how he looks, moves he uses, if he works as both a face or heel or just one of the two. You then submit him or her and await his or her debut.

    What happens after I submit a character?
    After submission we in the creative team take a look at your character, watching so that everything is filled out properly. If everything is your character is in (If not we PM you so that you can fix it and then we accept it.) We then figure out on which show your character should work and how to get it involved in the storylines. Since we plan ahead note that a character cannot be expected to debut the week after his submission, give us a week or two and you will see your character in some capacity.

    How Can I have more input ?
    There are several ways you can have your input heard. If you want to do an interview with your character you PM me and we will send you some questions to fill out and a deadline to PM them back to me. We will then work the interview into one of our upcoming episodes. We are also working on a project to start monthly house shows. House shows will be written by you the members instead of us in the creative team, we will still supervise and act as guides if need be. House shows can be written by you the members since like the house shows of WWE they do not impact the “TV” shows, thus our weekly shows won’t be spoiled by the house shows and you therefore have more free reign. More ways and projects to bolster user interactivity will be posted as we develop the federation.

    How do characters get pushed?
    The bookers do choose who gets pushed. We do look at active readers and push their stars. New stars submitted by people we tend to push those who give us more to work with, a blank canvas is something we don't enjoy, some character with a good detailed backstory, solid moves and that is unique is one we do push. We also push the stars who are interviewed, and as we let the creator write it within reason, we try to pus those stars.

    When do these shows get posted?
    Warzone airs every Wednesday around nine thirty PM London UK time. Stars at the same time but on Saturdays. Pay per views air once a month on Sundays.

    What is Warzone and Stars of X?
    Warzone and Stars are our two weekly shows. Warzone airs on Wednesdays and is the show run by the devious Curt Cutlass. Stars is run by Robert Smith and airs on Saturdays. Stars is the home of the rivalry between Luis Boden and Phreak, two of our top stars.

    What is TNT?
    TNT (Thursday Night Tenasity) is a new development territory show we run where new stars are likely to debut and be put until the bookers can take characters on

    How do I join the creative team?
    The creative team holds auditions whenever they feel that they need a extra hand to help them work on the shows. If so we create a thread with audition notes and such for you to read and follow. You then submit your audition to any member of the creative team. If we don't have a thread going for auditions you are always welcome to PM anyone in the team and show your interest. We will then set up a individual audition for you if we feel it is needed. You are always of course welcome to submit ideas and such to the creative team if you have any that you feel would benefit the federation.

    This thread will expand with more questions as they appear and our answers will also be edited or expanded as time goes on by either me or Sackfist. We hope this answered your questions.
  3. Thread to save space

    Warzone Roster

    Curt Cutlass - (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name Curt Cutlass, Nickname (if any): Cutzane

    Height/Weight: 6 ft 1,, 240 lb

    Birthdate: 06-11-1988

    Hometown: Southhampton, England

    Attire and Appearance:
    Apperance: Shoulder length Brown Hair, Crooked teeth, Blue eyes, scar on his left Eyebrow

    Wrestling Gear :White Trunks with a log of Two Rings joined with the English Flag at the point of intersect between the rings. White shoulder pads, and knee pads. White boots, with a black strip down each side and the back

    Civilian: White shirt long sleeved shirt, with smart black trousers and smart dress shoes

    Style of Wrestling: Brawler, Always results to fist fighting. Beats his opponents in submission holds by punching them, referee is constantly pulling him off his opponent and warning him about punching. Back rakes and thumb to the eyes are very common use. Use of ropes is always available when possible. Focuses primarily on head and legs.
    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Class Cut: He holds his opponent in a suplex hold, but rather than lifting he grabs the leg and spins into a bridge pin.
    Big Boot: A standard running Boot

    Some Signature Moves: Locking his opponent in the ropes and punching his opponent
    Pulling the opponents hair out
    Fisherman suplexes
    Scoop Slams

    Entrance Style: Enters with a rope and driven to the ring in a classic English Car: (but white) his Driver accompanies him to the ring. During his entrance, he wears white gloves and a white overcoat, which the driver removes in the ring.

    Entrance Theme: Classic Regal theme song,

    Give a brief background of your character: A narcissistic man, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was forced to move out of his mansion, when his father had a gambling debt. He then fought on the streets. Later on he regained his fortune through fighting competitions and was able to afford a personal assistance, Dylan, who is his driver. He hates authority and often is disqualified for being to physical towards his opponent.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: He always brags about how he turned his life around, and how each and every fan suffers in poverty. His Driver, Dylan, often gets involved in matches, distracting the referee, delivering low blows, handing weapon, so that Cutzane is able to win. His catchphrase would be: I am Curt Cutzane, the upper-class of professional wrestling. Although his driver aids him in matches, he doesn't fear many competitor's and often agrees to barbaric match ups so he can brag when he wins

    (Dylan) Short (5"9) with short brown hair, always dresses as a driver

    The Sholi (Warrior's Champion) (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any):
    The Sholi

    6"3 - 216 lbs.


    Chicago, Illinois.

    Attire and Appearance:

    Short dark hair, clean shaven, lean build, crystal blue eyes.

    FACE: Blue trunks with orange 'hologram' design, blue-colored knee pads, kick pads with blue pleather on orange and a pair of natural black wrestling shoes with orange wingtips and lift.

    HEEL: Black trunks with blue 'stars' design, black-colored knee pads, kick pads with black pleather on blue and a pair of natural black wrestling shoes with blue wingtips and lift.

    FACE: A pair of decent jeans, black t-shirt with red letters saying "I don't smoke, drink or do what?", a pair of decent looking Nike shoes.

    HEEL: The same as above.

    Style of Wrestling:
    Fast Paced/Technical and a slight of Mixed Martial Arts.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Firemans Carry Facebuster.

    Some Signature Moves:
    -Knee lifts (He likes to use this on his opponent several times as his version of the uppercut)
    -Spinning Backbreaker (Mostly done after his Knee Lifts)

    Entrance Style:
    He prefers to enter the ring chewing a piece of gum, with some glancing baby oil around his lower stomach and having his eyebrows peeled down while hes aggressively walking towards the ring and finally jumps up to the western Turnbuckle near the announce table and slowly raising his fist up while chewing on his gum.

    Entrance Theme:
    The Sholi is a hardcore Killswitch fan, "Killswitch Engage - This fire burns" -

    Give a brief background of your character:
    The Sholi, born in a drug environment with alot of drinking and partying childhood friends so alcohol, drugs and smoking was something he wanted to get rid of at his early teenage years so he found a group or easier said lifestyle which he preferred to follow his entire life, Straight Edge lifestyle this is what he chose as an adult to get rid of the Alcohol and the drugs. This was not an option as things was starting to get worse for him at his teenage years considering the amount of alcohol he drank and the amount of times he smoked. He grew up following his Straight Edge lifestyle attending college and graduating from it, wrestling was something he wanted to do his entire life so this was his first goal after graduating from college. Aggressive as he is and the fact that he is so entitled to his opinions makes him the best of the best. Growing up with friends who drinks, smokes and do drugs a Straight Edge lifestyle was a very hard decision to make but he took it as he's entitled with his opinions and would rather be hated for something that he is than be loved for something that he's not. His respect to drug addicts, alcohol-users and even smokers is literally nothing but "disrespect", and a loner that he is he'd rather be by himself than having a tag partner next to him.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    The Sholi is nothing but a badass, born and raised under the streets of Chicago where crimes was and will always be higher than you can imagine. Learning from what's right and wrong he prefers to live his daily lifestyle as a Straight Edge, the audience loves him on the mic and in the ring because no matter what he does he always tries to impress. And learning from the past he is usually known for his 'mocking' ability as he tends to pick on the fellow wrestlers and start feuds very easily.

    Ramees (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Ramees "The Executor"

    Height/Weight: 6'1/242 lbs

    Birthdate: Age: 24

    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Attire and Appearance:

    Style of Wrestling: High-Flying, Technical and Powerhouse. (A Bit)

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO): Rko and F-5

    Some Signature Moves: Superkick, Lionsault, Suicide Dive, German Suplex, Powerbomb(R-Bomb), Senton bomb(Out of ring) and Fisherman Suplex

    Entrance Style: Cocky, Trashes crowd and is confident.
    Also for the video, I step on stage at 0:25

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character: He was born and raised in Canada. When he was young, he used to watch wrestling with his grandfather and gained a passion for it. After Highschool he trained at a local Wrestling school. He started his career when he was 19 in the independent scene and worked his way up to the top.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Cocky, Arrogant, Risk Taker and Over-Achiever.

    James Fatal (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): James Fatal

    Height/Weight: 5'11 220

    Birthdate: 04/22/87

    Hometown: Edenton, NC

    Attire and Appearance: Black tights with spider webs on both thighs. Black knee pads and Black boots. Entrance sleeveless black hoody.

    Style of Wrestling, High flying

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO),
    Twisted Resistance: California Clucth Lock the legs with feet then lean back with bridge, pulling on the head
    Victory lap: roll over back, roll up to same position and hit half tiger suplex

    Some Signature Moves:
    Fisherman suplex pin
    Crusafix roll up
    corner tornado ddt
    leapfrog + leapfrog + Spinning neckbreaker
    pele kick
    springboard crossbody
    rolling cross body outside dive

    Entrance Style, Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character: He became a professional wrestler at age 16 and has been grinding the indies his entire life. He finally broke into the big times when he was contacted by Federation X and is ready to show everyone that he is the best in the world.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Cocky heel. He knows he's the best wrestler on the roster and puts on the best matches and he lets the crowd and everyone in the arena damn well know it. Constantly refers to how he has been pro before he was out of high school and has traveled the world picking up a moveset that no one in the business can touch.

    King Geordie (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name:

    King Geordie - "The Geordie King" (Face)


    12 stone, 6 foot 3


    November 8th 1989


    Gateshead, England (Because it's my hometown!)

    Attire and Appearance:

    Slicked back blonde hair, Blue and white shorts with a crown on the back, Geordie written under the crown. white knee guards and blue & white boots. The boots have my initials on (kG)

    Style of Wrestling:

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):

    DBP - Death By Piledriver (A vertebreaker)

    Knighthood - Cutter

    Some Signature Moves:

    Running high knee

    Top rope double axe handle


    Double underhook suplex

    Bedrock slam

    Entrance Style:

    I wait for the music to drop at the beginning of my song, during which the lights flicker getting gradually faster before going dark and then after the music comes back after the drop I come out very energetically and I jump about a bit getting the fans excited and then I walk off down the ramp still appealing to the fans. I pick up speed to slide in the ring in which when I am sliding I put my hands up in the air at an angle (Like I just scored a goal) to which I go to 2 different turnbuckles (on each side)

    Entrance Theme:

    Chinat Town - Van Halen

    Give a brief background of your character:

    Born in Gateshead in the UK, I bring a presence of a rough upbringing in the city. However my physique does not complement this and i'm relevatively average in muscles and such. My character thinks wrestling is about the energy and emotion you put into your performance.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:

    The personality of my character is that he treats people with respect unless they get on his wrong side. His gimmick would be to play on the Geordie dialect in which people can't understand what he says sometimes leading to some comedy moments. He also believes he is the best british wrestler in teh business...

    Ashraf (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Mohammed Ashraf

    Height/Weight: 6 ft 3, 245

    Birthdate: 02/01/1987

    Hometown: Abottabad, Pakistan

    Attire and Appearance: During his entrance, he sports a turban. The turban is symbolic towards his beliefs, the Turban has the Pakistan Flag on it, to pay tribute to his home town. His wrestling gear is Triple H sized trunks, with the Pakistan flag on the back, and his name underneath the flag.

    Style of Wrestling: Technical, slow.. he's not quick, agile, or abrupt, he's very methodical. He dissects his opponents limbs, he uses multiple dirty moves like the grapefruit claw, jabbing the eye, kicking the groin.. etc, he likes picking apart the legs of his match-up, using a few kicks and leg DDT's to help him get the win. He's a submission expert, a Sambo expert and has some mat wrestling game.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO): Pakistani Plunge is basically a Rock Bottom except he falls on his knee, injuring the lower back. His other move is the Texas Cloverleaf, he renamed to the Spine Line, where he situates himself standing upwards while wrenching the clover leaf, applying pressure to the back.

    Some Signature Moves: DDT, Bulldog, Enzugiri, Brogue Kick, Frontwards Suplex, Snap DDT, Grapefruit Claw, Rear Naked Choke, Scoop Slam, Running Leg Drop, Cattle Mutation, Backwards Ruff Ryder, Knife Edge Chops
    Headbutts, Belly to belly & belly to back suplexes, Triple German Suplex, Diving Cross Body

    Entrance Style: His head is down, he does some before match prayers as he ignores the audience, looking ahead to his match-up, viewing him, he has nothing but a spot-light watching over him, as the arena goes dark. He removes his Turban as he enters the ring, then slowly goes up on the top rope, staring at the audience in shame.

    Entrance Theme: Generic Middle Eastern Music

    Give a brief background of your character: Proud Muslim who despises the West's hypocrisy, always bagging on how the US is racist, and how he has to fight harder then other Americans to earn a living. He was taught Sambo in the U.S when he moved there when he was fourteen, entered FCW after being fired for praying at his job (kayfabe) and he's an out-spoken patriot.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Cuts promos like he's not a fan of where he is. Attempts to open up the eyes of Americans, yet gets no positive reaction. Often speaks the truth, but the truth never seems to work for Mohammed. He was a top class Sambo champion, knows a few hip toss' and can deliver promos like no other. His main goal (or projection) is to win a title, most likely a mid-carder. Picture Mohammed Hassan, except even more Middle Eastern.

    R.A Kyro Nickname "Radge" (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    R.A Kyro Nickname "Radge"


    6ft 1 226 pounds


    5/7/89 or 7/5/89 in USA

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Punk like figure. With emerald green trunks, slightly loose like Ziggler's, with R.A written on the back in white. Knee pads and boots that are both green with white flashes. Green elbow pads with white flashes as well. Comes out to the ring in a green shirt with white sleeves and R.A written in a fancy font on the back, with Radge written on the front.
    He will have short brown hair, and a Daniel Bryan like beard in brown. Hibernian badge tatooed on his left bicep and "radge" tatooed on his left forearm.
    Cinematic - He will wear dark baggy jeans, trainers and casual black jacket. Nothing particularly stands out about his cinematic appearence except that he always has the colour green on him somehow.
    Wrestling style - Technical, always switched on. Is a very bright character who will very rarely be outsmarted by his opponent. A quick pace and takes every oppurtunity he can to pin his opponent.
    Finishing moves - Starts of by lifting into back suplex position,then grabs opponents thighs and slams them down like a glam slam.
    A version of the Muay Thai kick that I will think of a name for.
    Signature moves -
    Powerbomb into the turnbuckle, followed up by bouncing off the ropes and give them a spinning(Starts with back the opponent) cross body in the middle of the ring.
    Neckbreaker only stopping half way, so it's like a neckbreaker stunner. lol.
    Elegant Suplex
    Cattle Mutilitation only with hands around abdominal rather than arms.
    Sheerdrop Brainbuster
    Three German Suplexes
    Baseball slide
    Senton out ring
    Half hatch suplex

    Entrance -

    Pretty dark lighting, slight blue tint, bit like Rhe Rock's Entering at 0:39 with fireworks. Turnbuckle pose with one leg on second rope, other on the top rope at 1:43, lights flashing.

    Was determined to make it to proffesional wrestling. Although his family didn't exactly want him to become a WWE superstar, he travelled over to America at 16 and learnt his trade. And despite the fact he struggled finacially for years. Ended up getting involved in crimes due to lack of money. Doing drug deals, stealing, but never getting caught because he was too smart. He kept battling and at 22, finally got his shot at becoming a star.

    Heel: Ridcules the fans every week. Saying that they ruined his dream by their ignorant ways. That just because he is from Scotland they would never accept him. He complains that they all stereotype, and that just because he doesn't have massive muscles and "the look", they don't think he will make it. Is very smart, pussies out sometimes but not all the time like a lot of heels. Speaks a lot but can back it up in the ring.

    Face: An edgy face. Still peforms some heel like actions in the ring, wears a hoody to the ring but fueds with faces instead of heels. Doesn't pander to the crowd but doesn't have a go at them either. Interacts sometimes by entrances through the crowd or celebrating with them after title victories.

    Clash of styles (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name: Jacob Styles
    Nick name: Sergeant Sexy

    Height/Weight: 6,6ft, 280 pounds

    Birthdate: March 3rd 1988

    Hometown: Chicago Illinois

    Attire and Appearance: Built like Bully Ray on Impact wrestling. Dark skinned, shaved head. Wears a white cabdrivers cap to the ring and then removes it. Also wears shades during his entrance. Dresses in a pair o cargo shorts that reach just below his knees. Has kneepads on underneath. The word Styles is written down the side of both legs. He wears a baseball tank top to the ring that has his name on the front and the words Sergeant Sexy on the back. Standard wrestling boots.

    FACE: A big guy that uses powermoves and strikes to knock out his opponent. Not a stranger to a few highflying moves though.

    HEEL: Same as face only more vicious.

    FACE: red t-shirt, black hoodie and khaki cargopants.

    HEEL: Same, sometimes a three piece suite.

    Style of Wrestling : Powermoves, strikes and kicks. Some high flying moves.

    Finishing Moves : Falling Giant (Jacknife powerbomb.)

    Some Signature Moves:

    Brouge kick
    rolling elbow
    European uppercut
    Frog splash
    Elbow drop
    Flying elbow drop

    Entrance Style: Lights drop. Lightshow starts as Jacob comes out to the stage, back turned towards the crowd. Both arms raised diagonally up into the air, little fingers raised out. He turns around and lowers his arms as his pyro hits in the form of sparks raining from the roof above him. He starts moving down into the ring shaking hands and highfiving the crowd. Giving his glasses to a kid in front row. He gets in the ring and hits a ringpost doing the same pose as before. Removes his hat and is then ready to go.

    Entrance Theme: Zebrahead's mental health

    Tag Team Finisher: Flight Crash: Styles lifts the opponent over his head, balancing him on the palm of his hands. Throws him up into the air as Clash jumps from the top of the ropes and grabs him in a flying RKO.

    Tag team entrance: The lights go of and the lightshow starts. The boys come out to the ring. Strike their poses. Turn towards each other. High five and head to the ring. Once in the ring they get up on one ringpost each and perform their poses. They get down, bump chests in the middle of the ring and strike their poses once more as the music dies.

    Give a brief background of your character: Patrick Clash old college friend who shared a passion for wrestling and sought out training along with him. Is looking to break into Federation X and hopefully reunite their old tag team from the indies: Clash of Styles.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : A fun loving guy with a slight case of a big mouth. Usually able to back it up. A big teddy bear outside the ring with a love for practical jokes.
    Heel: Big nasty big guy basically. Think Bully Ray

    Character Name: Patrick Clash
    Nick name: Unstoppable, The Swedish Showstealer. Mr Entertainment.

    Height/Weight: 6fth 210pounds

    Birthdate: August 13th 1990

    Hometown: Sweden originally, Seattle Washington, USA

    Attire and Appearance: Lean physique but with noticeable mucles such as abs and pecks, but not built like guys like Otunga, Cena and Trips. Think more Punk, Edge or Bryan. Styled short hair, kind of like Jack Swagger. Dark red tights with one black and one white stripe going down each side. On each knee there's a print of two mirrored C's colliding (a clash so to speak). Regular style wrestling boots in the same color scheme as his tights only here the major color is black with red and white details. He wears red armguards/wristbands on his lower arms/wrists. To the ring he wears a black, armless zip up hoodie with the words Unstoppable on the back with his two clashing C's logo.

    FACE: A combination of high flying and submission moves and kicks for when he's on the ground.

    HEEL: Same as face only with a more aggressive edge to them.

    FACE: Faded blue jeans, a white t-shirt and same style hoodie as when he goes into the ring and a pair of sneakers.

    HEEL: Loafers, jeans, white button up shirt and a black suite jacket.

    Style of Wrestling : High flying extreme rules inspired wrestling with submissions and kicks to use whilst on the ground.

    Finishing Moves : Rock the Casbah (from the clash song.): Gut kick followed by a Cross Rhodes grapple, then he lifts his opponent up, does a 180 spin on his feet and slams him to the ground.

    Tag Team Finisher: Flight Crash: Styles lifts the opponent over his head, balancing him on the palm of his hands. Throws him up into the air as Clash jumps from the top of the ropes and grabs him in a flying RKO.

    Tag team entrance: The lights go of and the lightshow starts. The boys come out to the ring. Strike their poses. Turn towards each other. High five and head to the ring. Once in the ring they get up on one ringpost each and perform their poses. They get down, bump chests in the middle of the ring and strike their poses once more as the music dies.

    Tag team song: Anthem by Zebrahead

    Some Signature Moves:
    Welcome home motherfucker (Double underhook backbreaker)
    Shooting star press,
    starship pain,
    senton bomb,
    Running Knee,
    Calf kick,
    Cross armbar,
    European Uppercut,
    German suplex,
    belly to belly suplex,

    Entrance Style: Lights lower as a lightshow starts up on the stage. Clash walks out with his hood pulled up to cover his face. He turns towards the crowd. throws down the hood as the lights come back to normal. He holds his arms out infront of him and forms "guns" with his index finger and thumb towards the crowd. He slowly coils his index fingers in with the rest of them, spins his arms so his thumbs point downwards and slams his arms down ala Triple H's DX-chop. When he does the chop his pyro hits in three short bursts. He then hald runs down to the ring whilst shaking hands and high fiving the crowd. He gets in the ring, throws his hoodie out into the crowd and jumps up on a ringpost and does the same pose as he did on the stage.

    Entrance Theme: Get nice by Zebrahead

    Give a brief background of your character: Born and raised in Sweden, his family moved to Seattle Washington when he was 6 years old. As a kid he gained a fascination for wrestling and decided he wanted to entertain the crowds and masses in the same way someday. By being the best damn wrestler possible. Whilst attending college in Florida he sought out Dory Funk Jr for training and was accepted as a student by the old wrestler. He then spent his college years touring the independent circuit garnering both wins and losses and perfecting his style. He has now been called up to the big stage and is ready to clash with the best of the best in the ring. Showing the crowds that he is Mr Entertainment.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : A cocky, sure of himself competitor who feeds off of the excitement off the crowd, pulling of thrilling high flying moves mixed with a technical style. His attitude reminds people of Jericho’s Y2J gimmick and some captain charisma, others have compared him to Johnny Nitro. Do not think that just because he seems carefree and enjoys a laugh he doesn’t take his job seriously. He always strives to be the best in the ring and on the microphone and to be taken as a serious competitor in Federation X. A sharp wit, a sharp tongue and razor sharp ring skills puts Clash as one of the fastest rising young men in pro wrestling.

    Heel: Much more arrogant and devilish. He schemes and plans multiple steps ahead. He pays of other big burly Heels to beat down his opponents before they enter the ring and he is not afraid to use unfair tactics or weapons to secure a win.

    Mad Dogg (Heel)

    Show Spoiler
    Character Name (Nick name) : Mad Dogg

    Height/Weight : 6"8 , 295lbs.

    Birthdate : December 13 1983

    Hometown : Houston, Texas.

    Attire and Appearance
    FACE:Rob van dam hair style with lighter shade of black. Black singlet with a design of a Black and red colored Bulldog, and upside down version on the back. Black wristape on only the left hand,and two black elbow pads on both elbows. Two black kneepads, and Black boots.
    HEEL: Same as face.

    FACE: Very friendly to the other wrestlers in the buisness, usually doesn't say alot.

    HEEL: Dislikes anyone with a championship or without, and thinks he deserves to be permanent champion. Never signs autographs, usually starts fights with audience.

    Style of Wrestling : Powerhouse & Brawler.

    Finishing Moves :
    Two-Handed Choke Sit-out Power bomb. (Choke Bomb)
    Military Press turned into running power slam. (Psycho Driver)

    Some Signature Moves : Punches, Forearm strikes,Big Boot,spear,Suplexes: Exploder suplex,Scoop expoder suplex, Fisherman suplex,etc. Cobra clutch backbreaker, and
    other relating moves.

    Entrance Style : Nothing special, walking straight, twisting his wrists, preparing for the match, stepping through the middle rope entering his right leg first, then his left leg.

    Entrance Theme : (Heel) (Face)

    Give a brief background of your character : Younger cousin of William Regal, and wanted to wrestle ever since watching him wrestle. And has be training ever since.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Respects every wrestler around him,except heels. Is a friendly fighting machine.
    Heel: Vice versa, and respects himself alot more,often has psychotic twitches. A power hungry, psychotic beast.

    Aids Johnson (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Aids Johnson, MD.

    Height/Weight 6ft 2 215lbs

    5/5/86 (just like the champ is in real life)

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Attire and Appearance
    Longer shorts and Brewers jersey for entrance, Probably mostly like Joey Ryan, but blonde. Think Less porno look, more Lazy shave/haircut.

    [​IMG] In Ring

    WRESTLING: High Flying, Hunico style.
    FACE: Almost never, Will come out to help a friend or two, but only when it benefits my wrestler. (interfering w/ someone i have heat with, etc)

    HEEL: Think CM punk minus the glory part. Id rather call people out on their bs and laugh in their face than tell everyone what i think they should do better. Hater of the year, Silky Johnson style. hate hate hate hate hate.

    NON-WRESTLING: Dont mess with me, i still might mess with you mentality.
    FACE: None really. Maybe helping a friend out, but not much for promoting others...more like what about me, what about Raven?

    HEEL: The champ is here (THE GREAT ALI, not Cena)

    Style of Wrestling : Highflying, technical. WCW Jericho or Hunico when in tag team matches.

    Finishing Moves :
    Stalling Brainbuster DDT
    Straight choke on ground.
    Brainbuster from top rope (if allowed...WM 200 style)

    Some Signature Moves
    Throat punch combo
    Daniel Bryans kick to face (since ortons is gone)

    Entrance Style
    Walk out, hogan style walk back and forth to the boos of the fans, soaking in the hate.
    Entrance Theme Slaughterhouse - the one

    Give a brief background of your character
    Failed athlete, moved to WWE after meeting Ken Anderson, trained by the man of few stars i talk about wanting to be like/emulate.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Whiny Christian, again...What about me? What about Raven?
    Heel: One who comes out to insult authority, which is a good reason why i can be lowermid card...Insulting commentary and anyone over 40 calling them the AARP community.

    Hope this is detailed enough, some of the posts are just stellar with the Regal story, etc.

    Sam Cornell (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Sam Cornell(Hardcore SC)


    May 15, 1990

    Hometown: Los Angles, California, USA

    Attire and Appearance: His ring attire is Black jogging jeans with green strips on each side, black boots with dark green laces, and on his left hand a black glove, on his right a dark green glove. When he is entering the ring or backstage he has those and; dark green shirt, and a black leather jacket. His appearance is; Green eyes, dark brown afro(medium size), brown skin, bushy eyebrows, medium sized nose, and big ears.

    HEEL: Black jogging jeans with green strips on each side, black boots with dark green laces, and on his left hand a black glove, on his right a dark green glove.

    HEEL: Black jogging jeans with green strips on each side, black boots with dark green laces, on his left hand a black glove, and on his right a dark green glove, dark green shirt, and a black leather jacket.

    Style of Wrestling : Very aggressive and hardcore, amazing at submissions and a good high flyer.

    Death Valley Driver

    Some Signature Moves:
    Swanton Bomb
    super kick
    roundhouse kick
    moonsault of the ropes
    whisper in the wind
    Camel Clutch
    reverse DDT

    Entrance Style: Comes out slowly with a smirk on his face. He walks down the ramp slowly looking at the crowd. He goes up the steps closest to the ramp and jumps over the ropes. He goes to the turnbuckle closest to the announcer table, he then looks over to the crowd that boos him and yells something different each time. Examples: "I'm better then you scumbags!" "Hey how is your wife talking with my balls in her mouth!" "You guys are pathetic excuses for fans douche bags!"

    Entrance Theme: start at: 1:02

    Give a brief background of your character
    Sam was born in the tough streets of Los Angles. As a child he began to learn how to fight to protect himself. He learned a low level of martial arts and jiu-jiutsu. When he was 13 his parents moved to Canada since his father's job required them too. There he would learn from a new teacher by the name of Bret "Hitman" Hart. He learned well and passed his classes. by the age of 19. After the life of living in the hood and learning the fighting skills he has, he has become a submission and hardcore wrestler.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Heel: He'll fight clean half the time, but after a match that doesn't impress him, he'll go underneath the ring and use weapons to injury the opponent since he thinks that he/she doesn't deserve to be there. He is a hardcore wrestler and will gladly fight in any hardcore match.

    Lucas "The Smasher" Hacksaw (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name : Lucas Hacksaw
    Nick name: The Smasher

    Height/Weight: 6ft 4 and 250lb

    Birthdate: January 25th 1980

    Hometown: New York, USA

    Attire and Appearance
    Short, dark brown hair with a dark blue mask which is covering his eyes and you can see his mouth and nose. There is a tatoo on the right arm which has the 'W' which is the wwe logo.

    Wears short jeans which are similar to Cena's but a bit longer and cooler. Wears a brown jacket which doesn't cover the full body and leaves his six pack open so people can see it. He has big, black boots on like The Undertaker has.

    Casual clothes such as a random t-shirt and usually skinny jeans and normal trainers. Acting like everybody else on the streets and looking no different.

    Style of Wrestling : Likes to jump a lot and does a jump kick to the face usually. Also punches to the face a lot and also to the stomach. Likes to jump off the corner ropes a lot and avoids running at other people in case they move. He likes to do an occasional choke-slam when needed.

    Finishing Moves :
    Diving Headbutt ( at 0:28)

    Some Signature Moves: Sharpshoter, Kenton Bomb, Super Neckbreaker, Angel Splash and Heartbreaker

    Entrance Style: He comes running down the stage and at the bottom of the stage, he does a couple of poses while fire works go off. He then slowly walks down the isle up to the stage and stands on one of the corners of the stage while posing again.

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character: He grew up in an area of crime and when he was only 14, he got mugged by a random stranger. After that, he went to the gym and started to do heavyweight lifting and by the age of 16, he finally wanted to become a wrestler. After gaining extra strength, he got more support from family and friends. He did get in to a lot of fights from then and tried proving a point that he could be a champion.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : He is someone who likes to entertain the crowd and gets lots of cheers and loads of support from his fans. He can be quite two faced behind the scenes but when he is on the stage, entertainment is all he cares about. As well as that, he likes to aim for the championship title.

    Catch Phrase: When he wins, it is: You've been smashed!
    When he isn't in the match it is: I WILL SMASH YOU!

    Taylor Kiri Tajiri (Heel)
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Taylor Kiri Tajiri

    5 foot 11 inches 225 pounds

    July 7th, 1985

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Attire and Appearance
    Shaved head
    Tattoos of barbed wire, saw blades, etc mixed into a Japanese tribal tattoo on back.
    Black pants covered in a similar design based off of his tattoo. They resemble his father Yoshihiro Tajiri’s.
    Face is painted to look like black and green mist has been secreting from his eyes and mouth.


    HEEL: Straight up kickboxing style mixed with some highflying involving his legs.


    HEEL: When not wrestling his appearance is the same except he wears a black hoodie with the words Black Mist across the front and the forgotten son on the back.

    Style of Wrestling: Fast faced, high flyer, kickboxer

    Finishing Moves :
    Black Mist followed by the buzzsaw kick

    Entrance Style

    The arena lights dim and he appears through the audience to the sound of dark slow creepy music mixed with a Louisiana type blues theme.

    Give a brief background of your character/Personality/Gimmick

    Born in New Orleans, Taylor Tajiri was raised by his White American mother. All he ever knew of his father was that he was Japanese. Taylor’s anger problems stem from his mothers unwillingness to tell him anything about his father. Taylor later learned to channel that energy through kickboxing. After his mother’s death he decided to track down his father. He found out his father was professional wrestler Yoshihiro Tajiri. After many failed attempts to contact his father he finally decided to give up kickboxing and fight his way into professional wrestling to try to get the attention of his father. He changed his name to Kiri Tajiri. Kiri is Japanese for mist. Kiri Tajiri, the bastard son of Yoshihiro Tajiri is known for fighting dirty using the black mist to his advantage and using the legendary Buzzsaw Kick his father was famous for.

    Reverend Deacon Iscariot (Face)
    Show Spoiler
    I've noticed a certain lack of characters with more "out there" and "more then human gimmicks". I therefore present to you. Reverend Deacon Iscariot.

    Character Name: Reverend Deacon Iscariot

    Nick name: The Reverend. Voice of the end.

    Height/Weight: 7ft/ 120kg of muscle

    Birthdate: Unknown

    Hometown: Sin City

    Attire and Appearance: Comes out to the ring in a black Cardinals outfit with a red sash around his waist. Around his neck he has a typical cardinals necklace featuring a arrow without a bowstring with a arrow crossing it to make it look like a E. On his head he wears one of those big rimmed cardinal/bishops hats. Underneath this he has his ring gear which is a set of black tights with the same symbol as his necklace in blood red on the legs. black boots, black elbow pads and black fingerless gloves that go halfway up his lower arm. He has platinum/peroxide blond hair. light almost pale skin and entirely white eyes (obviously done with contact lenses in kayfabe.) The hair reaches almost down to his shoulders but is pulled back with a ribbon or something.

    WRESTLING: Wears that which is described above.

    FACE: Wears that which is described above.

    HEEL: Wears that which is described above.

    NON-WRESTLING: Wears that which is described above.
    FACE: Wears that which is described above.

    HEEL: Wears that which is described above. Only with more sinister/satanic imagery on the robes and sash.

    Style of Wrestling : Lot's of power moves and striking. Is known to perform some highflying moves but prefers to keep it grounded. Focusing on striking and submitting his opponents. Also known to use weapons like sledgehammers and shovels.

    Finishing Moves :
    Crucifix Powerbomb (A Jacknife powerbomb only the victim spreads his arms out like he was crucified.) Can also be performed as a jumping Crucifix Powerbomb, Doing this he stands atop something like the ropes and performs the powerbomb whilst jumping of them.

    The Ending lock: Basically Tyson Kidds Dungeon Lock.

    Some Signature Moves:
    suicide dive
    Muscle Buster
    ankle lock

    Entrance Style: It turns dark. Church bells sound followed by his music. Dark red coloured smoke starts flowing from the entrance. You can almost not see the entrance. A Acolyte dressed in similar gear as he comes out swinging a incense burner. Followed by Iscariot who is followed by two other acolytes holding large candlesticks with multiple burning candles on them. They all walk slowly down towards the ring as the smoke keeps flowing down all the way to the ring. Iscariot gets in the ring and walks into the centre of it. Stretches his arms out and looks into the sky. A pillar of white smoke descends from the roof onto him and four similar pillars arise from the ringposts. As this happens the red smoke dissipates and the three acolytes have circled the ring and are now walking away. Iscariot is standing there in the ring. Removing his entrance gear before he once again strikes the same pose in the ring.

    Entrance Theme: Avantasia - Farewell

    Give a brief background of your character: A priest of unknown origin. No one knows who he really is or where he comes from. He appears almost age less. Claiming to have walked the lands of the earth since the death of Christ. He acts as the voice of what he claims is the one true higher power, more powerful then god or any demon. This power is simply the End. No one knows if he is a insane madman, a con artist or truly a ageless messiah.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : A travelling priest that seeks to rid the world of evil and hoping to save the people of the world. He wishes to punish the wicked.
    Heel: Claims that mankind is doomed and that all humans are wicked and that all must be punished and sent towards damnation.

    Zach Schmidt (face)
    Show Spoiler
    Character Name: Zach Schmidt

    Height/Weight: 6'1" 240 pounds

    Birthdate: 5/23/1990

    Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

    Attire and Appearance:

    Appearance: Black, messy hair and a thin goatee and beard, he also has green eyes. He has sleeve tattoos on both arms with different patterns.
    Ring attire: Black trunks with a green stripe down the middle, black boots with green on the bottom and back of them.

    He's a technical wrestler who uses moves to wear down his opponents. He can get dirty at times and has a nasty mean streak if you piss him off.

    As a face he is a lot more friendly and responds to the fans with his facial expressions, he also high fives the fans as he walks up to the ring.

    Ignores the fans and always has a cocky smug on his face.

    Finishing Moves :
    Belly to Back Suplex Flipped into a Knee to the Face
    Bear Hug Submission

    Some Signature Moves
    Corner Enziguiri
    Missle Dropkick
    Fireman's Carry Gutbuster ( to set up for Bear Hug )

    Entrance Style
    Heel: Walks out slowly and walks up, climbs onto the apron and goes through rope.
    Face: Speed walks out to the front of the stage and reaches up in the air and flexes as pyro firworks go off behind him, slides into the ring and runs up to the ring post and throws up a fist

    Entrance Theme
    (the guitar part with a little bit before)

    Give a brief background of your character
    Born and raised Boston, he always dreamed of being a wrestler. He joined WWE Tough Enough and won.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Happy but can still get a nasty mean streak
    Heel: Dark, powerful, dangerous

    Lacky (heel)
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any):

    6ft2 222 lbs


    The United Kingdom

    Attire and Appearance
    Long dark brown hair, (Similar to Damien Sandow) - Light beard/Stubble.

    Wears Dark Pink Trunks, White Boots and White Knee-pads with the dark pink Diamonds. White tape strapped around both wrists.

    -Not Wrestling:

    Same Attire as when wrestling, but has a dark striped hoodie.

    Style of Wrestling: Aggressive technical wrestler, who often attempts submissions moves, particularly around opponents face/neck, Not a high-flyer but will visit the top rope if he see's a advantage.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):

    Arm trap Neckbreaker
    Boston Crab

    Some Signature Moves:

    Four-Figure Leg lock.
    Full Nelson
    Russian Legsweep
    Missile drop kick
    European Uppercuts

    Entrance Style:

    The arena lights darken, followed to the ring by a spotlight, Often brushes his hands through his hair in a taunting way. Walks down the ramp slowly, showing no emotion.

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character: Born In The United Kingdom despite been on 19 years of age, has had a lot of success in Britian, and destined for greatness.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    Face : Determined to be the best.Confident in his ability. Willing to challenge anyone despite how much better/successful they are.

    Heel : Arrogant, Smart, Witty, He has very good mic skills, manipulates then around him. He enjoys that no-one likes him, and uses that to his advantage.

    Andrew Austins (heel)
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name

    Andrew Austins... Nicknames: The Awesome One/Double A


    6'2'' ... 175 lbs.


    February 14, 1991


    St. Louis, Missouri

    Attire and Appearance

    Attire - Black boots, kneepad on the right leg, and black jean shorts
    Appearance - Strong build, short, spiky, black hair. Also has a small scar on the left cheek.


    HEEL: Medium-paced, tortures an opponent every chance he gets, taunts at the crowd pretty often. Targets opponent at their weakest limb.

    FACE: Fast-paced, uses top ropes/turnbuckles quite often. Still has a swagger about him, but doesn't taunt.


    HEEL: Suit like Chris Jericho. Leather shoes, and leather belt.

    FACE: Has a shirt that sold in stores :emoji_grin: (like a shirt that Miz wears and it's is sold as a WWE product). wears jean shorts and basketball shoes.

    Style of Wrestling

    More of a mat wrestler when heel, high-flyer when face.

    Finishing Moves

    An Awesome Ending - laces the opponent in between the second and third turnbuckle, and walks to the opposite corner. He counts to three, and runs over, and jumps in the air and lands on the opponents stomach with one leg, and hits his special are with the other leg.


    Signature Moves

    Regal suplex
    Knee to downed opponent
    European Uppercut
    Top turnbuckle dive
    Whisper in the Wind

    Entrance Style

    The lights all go out. Then Randy Orton's Burn in my Light song hits beginning with "HEY!". When it hits, the whole arena goes gold. It dims and comes back (the lighting). After The Awesome One enters the ring, Orton's old gold pyro hits around the ring.

    Entrance Theme

    Burn in my Light

    Background of my Character

    He grew up with a single mother, who always abused him. She also couldn't provide for him. The Awesome One feels like the wrestlers should deserve to feel like he did when he was a single child. That is why he torutures every opponent at every chance he gets. It's also why he taunts to the crowd so often, to let out his anger from his childhood.

    Gimmick of my Character

    HEEL: It's all about me/I am the best and you all know it. Always talking about how he good he is and how all the girls come to him. Usually tries to play mind games with his oppponent before every match, like spitting, or faking shaking hands, etc.

    FACE: Still is cocky and thinks he is great, but he acknowledges other great wrestlers too. He helps out others when needed.

    Ryan Fenix (heel)
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name): Ryan Fenix

    Height/Weight: 265lb

    Birthdate: 23/10/1983

    Hometown:England, London

    Attire and Appearance: Short rockstar hair coloured black, A White, Plain T-Shirt with Black Short Denim Jeans, Also black pumps.

    FACE: He is a technician type who also does some high flying moves, he also enjoys to wrestle alot.

    HEEL: The same as above but with abit more aggresion and Roughness

    FACE:He wears the same attire as above but he wears teacksuits instead.

    HEEL: He wears a black suit, white t-shirt Undoneup Tie, Black trousers and smart shoes.

    Style of Wrestling : He is a technician Type With also abit of high flying.

    Finishing Moves : Cradle Shock
    Queens Suplex Pin

    Some Signature Moves : Regal Plex, Power of the Punch, Rolling Thunder, 450 Splash, Overcastle.

    Entrance Style: It is abit similar to stone colds entrance but with no beer and abit more style.

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character: He is a kind character who gets along with everyone.. Everyone except the heels.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : None
    Heel: None

    The Bubbas
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name
    Bo Bubba

    6ft4 310lbs


    Macon, Georgia

    Attire and Appearance
    A big burly man, not fat but with a healthy dose of fat on his body, no obvious abs or such but it’s easy to see that there is muscle behind his fat. Crew cut red hair with large side burns, green eyes adorn his face. His right arm has a sleeve tattoo in the form of a highway road from his wrist up to his shoulder.

    WRESTLING gear:
    FACE: A white tank top, black wristbands on both his arms, a pair of stonewashed blue jeans and a pair of white and grey wrestling boots.

    HEEL: A white tank top, black wristbands on both arms, a pair of stonewashed blue jeans and a pair of white and grey wrestling boots.

    FACE: A white tank top, black wristbands on both arms, a pair of stonewashed blue jeans and a pair of white and grey wrestling boots. A red and white John Deer cap and a pair of aviators.

    HEEL: A white tank top, black wristbands on both arms, a pair of stonewashed blue jeans and a pair of white and grey wrestling boots. A red and white John Deer cap and a pair of aviators.

    Style of Wrestling : Brawler style with lots of power moves. Uses his fists to deal out heavy blows.

    Finishing Moves :
    Bubba style senton (Running Senton Splash)
    Hazard Elbow Drop (Diving elbow drop)

    Some Signature Moves:
    Rolling Release Suplex
    Hangman’s neckbreaker
    Shoulder Jawbreaker
    Elavated Gutbuster
    Gorilla press drop
    Samoan Driver

    Entrance Style:
    The Bubba’s theme hits and the Bubba’s come out on the stage. They walk to one part of the stage each and raise one arm into the air, mimicking a truck driver pulling his air horn. They get back to the center of the stage and repeat the air horn. They then head down the ramp and walk towards the ring. Once in the ring they get up on one turnbuckle each and repeat the air horn. They then get into the ring. In a singles match their entrance is the same but with only one brother.

    Entrance Theme:
    Montgomery Gentry – So Called Life.

    Give a brief background of your character: Born and Raised outside Macon, Georgia on a farm. Bo and his brother Luke were raised by his grandparents because of their father driving an 18 wheeler around the country, delivering goods for the family business and on demand for other companies. The boy’s mother died in cancer when they were young. Bo is the older brother by a year and has always been a big and strong guy. Playing high school football, he quickly developed a mean streak on the football field that spilled over into his school life. His younger brother Luke, being the smarter one of the two quickly developed a plan to utilize that and the two brothers turned to bodyguard work and price fighting. One out of high school the two brothers took up driving trucks for the family business but kept up their fighting ways. They were recruited into Federation X for their vicious style and chemistry as a team. And their willingness to do others dirty work for money.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Large, friendly country man and truck driver. A simple man with simple pleasures like country music and working on cars but by no means stupid.
    Heel: Large, burly gun for hire. Will take out anyone for the right amount of money, much more vicious in his ring work.

    Character Name
    Luke Bubba

    6ft4 280lbs


    Macon, Georgia

    Attire and Appearance
    A big burly man, Well built with muscle but not insane bodybuilder style, rather hard farm work. Shaved head and a thick but well-trimmed dark brown beard, green eyes adorn his face. His left arm has a sleeve tattoo in the form of a highway road from his wrist up to his shoulder.

    FACE: A red and black flannel shirt with ripped of sleeves, black wristbands, stonewashed blue jeans and grey and black wrestling boots.

    HEEL: A red and black flannel shirt with ripped of sleeves, black wristbands, stonewashed blue jeans and grey and black wrestling boots.

    FACE: A red and black flannel shirt with ripped of sleeves, black wristbands, stonewashed blue jeans and grey and black wrestling boots. A black cowboy hat

    HEEL: A red and black flannel shirt with ripped of sleeves, black wristbands, stonewashed blue jeans and grey and black wrestling boots. A black cowboy hat

    Style of Wrestling : Brawler and power moves mixed with some light high flying.

    Finishing Moves :
    Bubba Leg Bomb (Top rope leg drop)
    The 18 wheeler (Irish Whip into Running Clothesline combo)

    Some Signature Moves
    Two German Suplexes into Irish Whip into Elbow strike combo.
    Half Nelson driver
    Fisherman DDT
    Back Body Drop

    Entrance Style:
    The Bubba’s theme hits and the Bubba’s come out on the stage. They walk to one part of the stage each and raise one arm into the air, mimicking a truck driver pulling his air horn. They get back to the center of the stage and repeat the air horn. They then head down the ramp and walk towards the ring. Once in the ring they get up on one turnbuckle each and repeat the air horn. They then get into the ring. In a singles match their entrance is the same but with only one brother.

    Entrance Theme:
    Montgomery Gently – So called life

    Give a brief background of your character:
    Born and Raised outside Macon, Georgia on a farm. Luke and his brother Bo were raised by his grandparents because of their father driving an 18 wheeler around the country, delivering goods for the family business and on demand for other companies. The boy’s mother died in cancer when they were young. Luke is the younger brother by a year and has always been a big and strong guy. Playing high school football, he quickly developed a mean streak on the football field that spilled over into his school life. Luke, being the smarter one of the two quickly developed a plan to utilize that and the two brothers turned to bodyguard work and price fighting. One out of high school the two brothers took up driving trucks for the family business but kept up their fighting ways. They were recruited into Federation X for their vicious style and chemistry as a team. And their willingness to do others dirty work for money.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Large, friendly country man and truck driver. A simple man with simple pleasures like country music and working on cars but by no means stupid, rather he is surprisingly smart.

    Heel: Large, burly gun for hire. Will take out anyone for the right amount of money, much more vicious in his ring work.
  4. Thread to save space

    Stars Of X Roster

    Luis Boden . Federation X Champion (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Luis Boden

    5ft10 202lbs



    Calgary Alberta Canda

    Attire and Appearance
    Lean build,shoulder length blonde hair with a slight beard.
    Black trunks with red stripe down each side. Yellow stars on the back. Black and red kick pads with black boots.

    FACE: Alot of technical moves with some slight high flying. Utilizes submissions, specifically targeting the shoulders.

    HEEL: The same as above but with more arrogance. Antagonizes the crowd at every opportunity.

    FACE: Black basketball shorts with a red T-shirt which reads snap or tap. Blue tennis shoes.

    HEEL: Black suit with a white shirt and black leather shoes.

    Style of Wrestling : Technical with occasional high flying. Utilize submission specifically targeting the shoulder.

    Finishing Moves :
    The boden touch : Luis utilizes a snap mare locks up the opponents arm with his own and throws multiple elbows to seated opponent like this( to the shoulder, finishing with an arm trap chokehold.
    Brain buster.

    Some Signature Moves
    Regal plex
    Dragon suplex
    Suicide dive
    Stiff kicks to a seated opponents shoulder
    Double underhook suplex into an armbar (
    Pump handle shoulder breaker. Like this but on the shoulder rather then the neck (
    Spring board clothesline
    Double knee's to an opponents shoulder.
    Rolling Armbar
    Kimura roll (
    German suplex.
    Arm capture suplex.
    Use of the ring post to the shoulder whilst a heel.
    Enziguri to the shoulder.
    Missile drop kick
    Senton splash

    Entrance Style
    The arena turns to black for a second or two. The golden sparks begin to fall in time with his music beginning. Luis enters the arena a grin on his face soaks up the reaction. Walks slowly to the ring and climbs into the ring. He runs to each corner taking time to pose on each set of turnbuckles. If he's a face he waves his index finger at the crowd. If he's a heel he just grins arrogantly. He then stands in the corner and awaits his opponent.

    Entrance Theme

    Give a brief background of your character
    Raised the wrestling rich area of Calgary, Luis idolized the Hart family. He was determined to establish himself as the best wrestler who ever lived. He's performed in multiple countries including Japan, Canada and the UK. Now it's his time to take the US scene by storm.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Determined to put on a show for the crowd. He'll still aim to out wrestle people but be humble with it. Always attempts to shake hands at the beginning of a match. Confident in his ability. Willing to take any challenge even those above him.

    Heel: Determined to let everyone know how good he is. Out wrestling anyone whilst letting them know about it. Considers himself to be the best in the world. Demands title shots based upon his ego not results.

    Phreak (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any):
    Syrus Stevens (Phreak)

    6ft3 220lbs


    Chicago, Illnois (Not a Punk copy no, I'd have always picked there)

    Attire and Appearance
    Semi-long dark hair, similar to Ambrose but slightly longer, stops just over the eyes. Scars on face & arms.

    Wears baggy shorts going over his knees, not jean style. Similarly to Punk when showing appreciation to Savage. Wears them over knee pads. Skin-tight neon black arm-sleeve on his left arm (one without scars). Worn black wrestling shoes, notably old/worn.

    -Not Wrestling:
    Ripped short-sleeved jacket with no t-shirt underneath. Sun glasses on until promo starts (it's his "thing" to take them off right before he speaks). Wears same shorts as he wrestles in, though sometimes he'll wear ripped baggy trousers (not jeans) on special occasions.

    Style of Wrestling: Aggressive style, every move is projected in a way where the audience thinks he wants to kill them. Slow, methodical but often increases the pace when he wants. Generally targets the neck/face. Good technical ability.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Cobra Clutch Lungblower -
    Impact move:
    Some Signature Moves:

    Entrance Style:
    Arena darkens for a second but almost instantly is projected by multi-coloured lights booming around when the music properly hits. Spotlight is hovered over him. Slow walk. Looks around analyzing the audience. Often licks his lips and pushes hands through his hair holding head down towards the floor. Walks slowly into the ring onto one turnbuckle, stands and just stares towards the fans.

    If allowed, he often will be smoking on his entrance.

    Entrance Theme: from 1.35 only. Music is slightly slower in his theme.

    Give a brief background of your character: W
    as raised around drunken violence, kicked out of every school he was in for fighting. Doctors wanted to diagnose him with Bipolar, he skipped the sessions.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    Psychotic. When cutting a promo he hardly addresses the audience, if he does it's normally to compare the sort of lives they have lived compared with him. Will sometimes start a feud from no where and out of nothing (that's where his bipolar-type personality comes in). Is a guy that can be upbeat or down, when upbeat he speaks similarly to R-Truth in his heel run with less comedy and more seriousness. When downbeat. he is similar to Eddie Guerrero (as a heel, the promo he cut on Rey).

    Apollo CK (Face)
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Apollo CK (Nickname: The Man, the Myth, the Legend)

    5ft10 220 lbs

    Unknown (Thought to be ~30 years of age)


    Attire and Appearance
    Strong muscular, chizzled upper body (obvious steroid abuse)
    Bald head & clean shaven. Dark brown eyes
    Wrestling Attire: White trunks. Front: Gold Initials 'CK'. Back: Gold logo of an archer's bow that is shooting a bolt of lightning. Gold boots, knee pads, and white taped wrists.
    Entrance Attire: Toga
    Non-Wrestling Attire: Toga + Sandles

    WRESTLING STYLE: Technical and submission specialist, while his style is clearly influenced by a background in mixed martial arts

    Finishing Moves :
    Apollo Driver (Packaged Spike piledriver, sometimes from the top rope)
    Anaconda Choke- often set up with knees to head and shoulders (not to be confused with Anaconda Vice)

    Some Signature Moves

    European Uppercuts (never throws closed fisted strikes to the head)
    Standing short elbow
    Knees from a muay thai clinch
    Knees/Elbows to a downed opponent
    Knife Edge Chops
    Belly to belly & belly to back suplexes
    Triple German Suplex
    Running sit down powerbomb
    Front Drop Kick
    Heel Hook

    Entrance Theme (Instrumental only)

    Give a brief background of your character

    (Tweener; rarely acknowledges fans)
    Apollo CK's background is a mystery, even to himself. He has no recollection of his past, and was offered a job by FX talent scouts who spotted him wandering the country side of rural New York state while wearing his patented toga, clearly lost. When brought in for training it was apparent to all that he had a background in mixed martial arts. He insists that he is a descendent of Greek Gods. While most people who come into contact with CK find that he is mentally unstable due to his stand offish personality, hot temper, and violent mood swings, FX doctors have diagnosed him with a clean bill of mental health. Despite seemingly wanting to be a good person, CK is viewed as an outsider by all and as a result is a loner unable to make friends due to his unpredictability. Often times criticized for working too stiff in the ring, he sometimes blurs the lines of kayfabe and reality in his own mind. In the ring is the one place he feels at home despite this, and he views wrestling as his escape, and the one part of his life that he knows and understands.

    Super Spider (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Super Spider

    Height/Weight: 6 ft 4 (1,93m), 330 lb (150 kg)

    Birthdate: unknown

    Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

    Attire and Appearance: Imagine Stan Hansen with black tights and black mask. It has the spider web colored on mask and on ass. Super Spider is a huge guy, looks like a freakin' lumberjack. He's not jacked up in body-building style, but he's no too fat either.

    Style of Wrestling: Brawler, insane brawler. He punches with closed fist any time he can, behind ref's back. He's always on the verge of DQ because of it. He throws a lot of elbows and forearms, knees and he likes stomping. He's just ruthless. When fighting larger opponents, he showcases his grappling side of wrestling too, with simple yet effective holds and submissions like headlock, sleeper, and armdrags. Crabs too. He barely goes top rope, because he doesn't need to. His work is extremely methodic and careful, he doesn't care about fancy/flashy moves for cheap pops. He often argues with the crowd, he trolls them.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO): Spike Piledriver and Sleeper.

    Some Signature Moves: Punches, forearms, elbows, knees, stomping, headbutts, old school holds, side slams, power slams, power bomb, chops, spitting, biting.

    Entrance Style: Cold. Extremely cold and focused. Once he enters the ring, he just raises his closed fist right hand high, it symbolises brawling.

    Entrance Theme: Slipknot - Prostethics

    Give a brief background of your character: He's a crazy ass Canadian, fan of lucha libre masks and brawling. People of Yukon are afraid of him, he enjoys legendary status over there. Apparently he saved two young of murdering and raping, he killed the attacker, but the attacker's family sued him for excesive force and he ended up in jail, where he changed forever, he hates the system now, even though Yukon people still love him, but he feels betrayed. He was a true rebel inside prison, so he was in solitary for 3 months, which changed his personality forever. Apparently he went crazy and cut his face with glass, hence why he wears the mask. But it's not confirmed. After jail time, he entered the wrestling school in Japan, which saved his life.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Crazy, cold, methodic, careful. He barely speaks, but when he talks - people listen. Like The Undertaker.

    Ryo (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any):
    Ryo Akita usually refered to as just Ryo and has the nickname The Lightening Dragon

    5"11 / 195lbs

    18.03.89 (22)

    Tokyo, Japan

    Attire and Appearance:
    Trendy youngster with a red-dyed moheican hair cut, shaved either side. Numerous tattoos all over his body, representing his culture and heritidge. Wears MMA gloves as a homage to his training roots and white shorts with The Lightening Dragon on them with white wrestling boots.

    Style of Wrestling:
    Jujitsu black belt includes a lot of striking, especially kicking. Very fast around the ring, using all parts of the ring to his advantage and can also cut a mean submission.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Modified STF (gets into the STF and rolls over so he's on the bottom applying the pressure and bending the opponent in half)
    The Lightening Dragon (Sweet chin music)

    Some Signature Moves:
    Roundhouse kick
    Fisherman Suplex (& pin)
    Whisper in the wind
    Powebomb (to the smaller guys)

    Entrance Style:
    Very energetic entrance to the arena, bowing to the fans and acknowledging them, interacting with them and some blue lightening-esque pyro goes off after the rock kicks in on the entrance theme.

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character:
    Born and raised in the Japanese countryside, Ryo Akita moved to the big city at the age of 16 looking for work to provide for his poverty stricken family. He lived rough for the first couple of years but scraped enough money to pay for self defense lessons and took up jujitsu and other martial arts. Ryo quickly became one of the greatest students ever to come out of the Tokyo Tri-Force Jujitsu Academy and received his black belt at the age of 21. He's fought all over the world, defending the honour of his homeland and still, to this day, providing for his parents. He is a professional mixed martial artist and is going into professional wrestling for the first time.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    He's a modern MMA competitor specialising in jujitsu wrestling for the first time. He takes the culture of Japan and respects it but shows it in an unconventional way. He always prides himself on being from Japan and his rough upbringing and having the fend for himself so young. He can be heartless to his opponents.

    Johnny Hernandez (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Johnny “Aftershock” Hernandez

    Height/Weight: 5'5 163 LBS

    Birthdate: October 13th, 1985

    Hometown: San Diego, California

    Attire and Appearance:
    IN-RING Attire: He wears a medium dark red hat with the bill facing backwards. He has tribal tattoos on both of his shoulders, on his upper back and chest, and down his arms. He has a natural dark tan, as well as oiled up skin to make him look that much better. He wears faded green/blue jeans, with an embedded Biohazard symbol in the back of his pants. He has a spiked belt. On his feet, he has medium/dark red and black high tops on, with black shoelaces and low-cut socks.

    Style of Wrestling:
    Lucha-Libre, (High Flier)

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    - Triangle choke
    - 1080 spin DDT

    Some Signature Moves:
    - Hurricanrana pin
    - Springboard 450 splash
    - Frog Splash
    - 3 Amigos suplex (Eddie Guerrero’s)
    - Springboard drop kick
    - Top turnbuckle hurricanrana
    - Top turnbuckle 360 leg drop

    Entrance Style:
    The lights go off for about 4 seonds. Fireworks shoot up from the stage. He jumps up from the stage, and fireworks shoot up going down the ramp, as he runs and does a 360 flip into the ring. He then runs up the turnbuckle and does a 720 flip and lands on his feet. He then sits back up on the turnbuckle and waits for his opponent.

    Entrance Theme:
    Van Halen - Jump (

    Give a brief background of your character:
    My character was born and raised on the streets of San Diego, Cali. He went thru a rough childhood with his parents being hardcore drug abusers. His parents died when he was 14, and he was left to fend for himself. Much like Eddie Guerrero, he lied, cheated, and stole to get what he wanted. When he was 16, he got into Lucha Libre wich was Mexican high flying acrobatics/wrestling. He went on to become one of the best known luch libre stylist wrestliers today. Now it’s his time to take a big step into the E-Fedaration!

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    Face: He comes from Spanish decent, but has a perfectly good English accent, and he has a very good gimmics on the mic. He was born and raised manipulating people with just words and good looks. Much like CM Punk, he says things how it is, without any regrets. He portrays a character, much like that of the thunganomics John Cena as well. He gets over really well with other superstars through his manipulation and good looks. The divas consider him as a chick magnet.
    Heel: He has very good mic skills, and uses manipulation to get into the minds of the board of directors, and inside the minds of other wrestlers. He plays off of hatred and performs twice as well in-ring. He is a suck up to the GM, and he always gets what he wants.

    Hans ( teams with Masked Machine.) (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Hans Shleimer "The German Giant"

    Height/Weight:7"3 450 lbs
    Birthdate: May 9th 1986

    Hometown: Salt Lake, Utah

    Attire and Appearance:
    Apperance: Long shoulder length Black hair, extremely muscle built,

    Attire:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ink tank top with black spots, pink tights with a chain belt, and brown boots. along with wrist bands: similar to this:

    Style of Wrestling: Body slam focused. Mainly using his size to knock the opponent down and splash his opponent. Uses his head and ass as well to inflict damage

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Diving headbutt: Runs against the ropes to deliver a headbutt to the groggy opponent on the ground.
    Giant Driver:

    Some Signature Moves:
    Running splash
    Shoulder vice grip
    Leg drops
    Big Boot

    Entrance Style: Lights flash on and off briefly, then he emerges on stage in the style of Kurt angle on Tna (elevator to stage) He then walks down to the ring, climbs over the ropes and raises his arms up in all 4 corners

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character:
    Born and raised in germany, his father insisted he would enroll to be a body guard, as he grew very tall very quickly. At age 20, Hans moved to the USA to pursue his interest in wrestling. He began competing for an unknown federation which specialised in cage matches, where he gained valuable experience in cage matches. He rose to become the champion of this federation, he would then compete for a wrestling organisation for two years, teaching him technical wrestling, which he found difficult but adjusted. He then returned to the cage federation for another year, regaining his title and setting the record for longest reign in the federation. Once his contract expired, he then signed with Federation X, hopefully offering them his size and Cage experience
    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    He calls himself the cage master, due to his experience (if possible remain undefeated in cage matches like Edge was with TLC matches until he lost to Cena). Backstage he combs his mostly seen combing his hair and working out.

    Masked Machine ( teams with Hans) (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): La Maquina Enmascarado (translation The Masked Machine)

    Height/Weight:5"6 154 lbs
    Birthdate: 10/29/1986

    Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

    Attire and Appearance:
    Apperance: Short Black (which sticks out at the top of the mask)

    Attire:White shin high tights, with white boots and a white mask with two M's on the forehead section of the mask. The mouth and eye holes have a yellow strip around them. Black elbow pads

    Style of Wrestling: High Flyer, Quick paced, very similar to aero star:

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Fajita Buster: A diving Hurracarana
    Propeller Tortilla: (however they plant there face on the floor, this is usually followed up with the fajita buster)

    Some Signature Moves:
    Knife edge chops
    Head scissors
    Snapmare dropkick

    Entrance Style: He leaps into the air like mysterio but runs towards the ring and rolls in like Kofi Kingston did in air bourne, followed up by kissing his palms and raising them in on the turnbuckle, where he would moonsault off landing on his feet.

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character:
    Born In Mexico and grew up watching mexican wrestling. His entire family were in the wrestling business, his mother managed his father, his brother and cousin and himself. Multiple time tag team champion with his cousin and 1 time with his brother. A year later he beat then champion (his father) for the title. He remained at the mexican wrestling federation for many years, gaining major popularity there and whenever a tour went ahead to the USA, he would haveten take part. He had numerous scouts watching him and finally accepted to join Federation X.
    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    Speaks mainly in Spanish (which I am fluent in btw) but translates what he says after it. The crowd often shout out "que?" which is Spanish for What. At PPVs his entrance is changed to a mariachi band accompanying him down to the ring.
    After hitting the Propeller Tortilla, an announcer often says "he isnt human!". He is also a well known chief, and names his finishers after Mexican food

    Vinnie Rose

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Vinnie Rose

    Height/Weight: 6'2 / 260 lbs

    Birthdate: 06-11-1989

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Attire and Appearance: Long wet hair with a short pony tail, grey trunks (a bit longer than normal ones) with purple/pink designs and his initials on it. Black elbow pads, one long wrist/hand tape almost till the elbow pad, and on the left hand a purple/pink power balance wristband. Black knee pads and white boots.


    Style of Wrestling: Brawler, powerhouse, charismatic, fast and smooth.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO): Flatliner (Flapjack from a firemans carry.) LA Crush (Superkick)

    Some Signature Moves: Rose facebuster (Jumping while grabbing his opponent by the head, and let's it crush on his knees while making a back bump himself), Spinebuster, Rose leg drop (Standing over a downed opponent, running to the ropes, slowing down while walking to his opponent, sniffs some air with eyes closed while he is walking slow, and then delivers a stong leg drop.), Super Kick, Turnbuckle leg drop (like Jeff Hardy) Sharpshooter, Spear, Military press drop, Top rope diving leg drop, Samoan drop, Dropkick, DDT, Running Clothesline, Running jump over the top rope, Wrestling hero slam, Scoop slam, Alabama slam, Top rope cross body, Second rope elbow after a knee to the gut of the cornered opponent. Sleeper hold.

    Entrance Style: Face: Agressive apperance, coming up with a jump and a waving down fist, while fireworks being fired. Points to the crowd a few times, then steps on 2 of the corners and shows off muscle.
    Heel: Agressive apperance, coming up with a jump and a waving down fist, while fireworks being fired. Typical movie star attitude. Walks to the ring with arrogance, talking about himself while dancing a bit. Then steps on 2 corners, pointing towards him while talking about how great he is.

    Entrance Theme: Firehouse - Overnight Sensation

    Give a brief background of your character: Vinnie Rose is a young wrestler with a big dream, training in Miami and Los Angeles for the last 3 years to be a pro wrestler, the dream was set to succeed after watching wrestling matches over and over again, with the wish to be in the ring one day. A real showman with alot of charisma, a real toy boy. After being trained he is set to take the big step in the pro wrestling business.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    Face: A confident good and direct talker with patience. Good mic skills because of his good vocabulary. Movie star attitude, a charismatic wrestler with funny outcomes. A toy boy, the man, around the place.

    Heel: Arrogant movie star attitude, thinks he's the man. Cracks jokes about other wrestlers but can be serious too. Not the typical 'coward heel'. Likes to be around the place alot.

    Cinematic attire: Black V-neck t-shirt, a grey blazer, dark jeans, black shoes and black Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

    Spike (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name: Spike, Nickname (if any): The Tornado



    Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Attire and Appearance:

    A Mohawk (black with frost of white) with black eyes, lean build
    FACE: White tights, with green horizontal stripes with the letters: S.P.I.K.E in between the stripes. Black boots. Black gloves with a white line around the fingers. Black elbow pads with a white star with green letters (spike) inside the star.

    HEEL: Black tights with four white strips down the pant leg (two either side). In between the strips are bold letters (left leg: Spike) (Right leg: Rocks)

    FACE: Black shades with a black shirt. (Shirt: 5 stars in the background. Text: Tornado's a coming. Jeans with white sneakers

    HEEL: The same as above including a jacket similar to Punk's commentator jacket

    Style of Wrestling:
    Technical mixed with mixed martial arts, heavily submission based, some high-flying offense

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Power Bomb.
    TKO (Tornado Knockout)

    Some Signature Moves:
    -Ankle Lock.
    -Corner onslaught (after whipping opponent into the corner, follows up with punch, knife edge chop, punch knife edge chop, knee to the gut followed by a springboard DDT.

    Entrance Style:
    Face: Comes in with fist in the air, then drops arms (as if he is throwing something on the ground), pyro goes off behind him during this. He highfives the fans as he walks down the ramp. Walks up stairs and flips off his opponent (or ref if he enters first) through the ropes before raising his arm in the air. Enters the ring and goes to two turnbuckles and raises arm to both

    Heel: Walks down to the ring chewing gum, ignoring the crowd. Gets in the ring and raises arm in the middle to the ring.

    Entrance Theme:
    Spike enters to Headstrong by Trapt (both heel and face).

    Give a brief background of your character:
    Spike grew up always encouraged by his brothers to fight. He set up his own fantasy federation when starting high school inviting friends to join. In this federation he remained champion until he suffered an injury by falling on his arm during a moonsault dislocating it. He was forbidden to continue to watch any sort of violence on Tv after this. He secretly joined the wrestling team and learned basic technical wrestling. During college he trained with a friend to learn Mixed Martial Arts. After graduating he then began competing in japan under the name el gulfo de mexico, as he is bilingual in spanish and a fan of the street fighter gaming series.
    Personality/Gimmick of your character:
    A rookie on the mic and infront of crowds. Loves to show off his high-flying ability. He often goes outside mid match to sign his merchandise, which often lets the opponent to gain an opening, when he comes in, especially heels, as the ref is distracted by Spike's antics, allowing the heel to remove turnbuckles pads, etc.

    Bones Brothers- Federation X Tag Team Champions (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Buster

    Height/Weight: 5 ft 10, 175

    Birthdate: 13/07/1990

    Hometown: Toronto, Canada

    Attire and Appearance:
    Apperance: Long dark hair with brown highlights. Tattoo of a skull on his back. A scar on his left arm (from elbow to shoulder) from a motorcycle accident.
    Attire:Wears black tights (long rectangle, with the border made out of bones, and within the rectangle is his name, formed by bones) with black elbow pads, this has a red wire pattern on each. He wears black boots with white laces. His T-Shirt which is worn entrance only has written on:
    Sumb Dhit! and underneath, profanity rules!

    Style of Wrestling: Technical, from the get go. Never goes up to the top rope, due to his fear of heights. Grounds an opponent and applies submissions heavily. Main focus of assault is the ribs and spine.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Bone Buster: Brain Buster
    Spine Buster: A very hard snap spinebuster, planting the opponent on the neck.

    Tag Team Finisher: Bones Collide!: Buster whips opponent into the ropes, he then hits a flapjack, where his partner has his knee placed so the opponent lands face first on his knee.

    Some Signature Moves:Side effect, Poweslam, atomic drop, hip toss, scoop slam (3 in a row)

    Entrance Style: Dark red lighst fill the arena as white smoke surrounds the stage. He then emerges from the smoke facing the stage, before turning around mid ramp. He walks to ring side, where he high fives Josh Fordezski, and enters the ring by the stairs. In the ring he taunts like Undertaker with bad ass gimmick

    Entrance Theme: Alice In Chains: Them Bones

    Give a brief background of your character: An inspired tag team specialist, born and raised in Canada. Buster then became of a Cage federation losing to Hans Schleimer for the championship. His younger brother Butch then joined the federation and the two dominated in the tag team division. Cage tag matches became their specialty. Later they were approached by a scout to join Federation X, however Buster refused originally due to no tag team division, once this was established, he and his brother Butch Joined Federation X.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Very social, loves social media. Always seen on his phone backstage. In interviews, often treats them as quiz shows, and ends it by saying "what did I win". Very humorous in promos, telling things as it is. Fear of heights, which did cause problems in cage matches, as he would climb to win. Although refuses any other variation of climbing.

    Team: Bone Brothers (With Butch)
    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Butch

    Height/Weight: 5 ft 9, 169

    Birthdate: 13/07/1991

    Hometown: Toronto, Canada

    Attire and Appearance:
    Apperance: Long dark hair with blond highlights. Tattoo of a skull on his back. A heart tattoo on his arm of his girlfriend Casey

    Attire:Wears black tights (long rectangle, with the border made out of bones, and within the rectangle is his name, formed by bones) with black elbow pads, this has a red wire pattern on each. He wears black boots with white laces. His T-Shirt which is worn entrance only has written on:
    Bone Brothers for Life

    Style of Wrestling: Very technical and cruiser-weight based. Kicks rather than punches and loves to utilize his knees.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Corkscrew Moonsault
    Reverse Tombstone Piledriver:

    Tag Team Finisher: Bones Collide!: Buster whips opponent into the ropes, he then hits a flapjack, where Butch has his knee placed so the opponent lands face first on his knee.

    Some Signature Moves:Head scissors, Corner kicks, leg sweep, backflip kick, top turnbuckle frankenbuster

    Entrance Style: Dark red lighst fill the arena as white smoke surrounds the stage. He then emerges from the smoke walking to the ring, as he reaches the ring, he turns around and "shoots" the stage with his hand, which triggers his Pyro. He then climbs the turnbuckle and beats his chest before jumping off into the ring.

    Entrance Theme: Alice In Chains: Them Bones

    Give a brief background of your character: Followed his brother into a cage federation where they formed a tag team, the bone brothers, they dominate the division being the longest reigning tag team champions. Butch was approached to compete for Federation X, he refused as Buster would not be able to compete. Some time later they were both offered to join, but refused again due to lack of tag team division. After it had been established, the two joined the federation. Due to the experience, Butch has become very experienced in cage matches and his partner also

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Very focused, always seen training. Very competitive among his brother. He is a ladies man, and will invite one female member from the crowd to the back with him after a victory.

    Team: Bone Brothers (with Buster)

    Joey Saturn (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any):

    Joey “The Bouncer” Saturn


    6’1 / 275 lbs

    October 10th 1990

    Sarasota, Florida

    Attire and Appearance:

    Short black hairs, three-day-beard, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, Mesomorphic build


    Boots to the knees, short trunk, gloves, Elbow pads and knee pads, the color should be red and black

    Tights (Like Edge had), boots color of this attire blue and white with stars on his tight

    Suit in both cases

    Style of Wrestling:


    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):

    Diving Elbow Drop(Face Finisher)
    On the turnbuckle he shouts that this is for you (the fans). The crowd is chanting his nickname

    Frog Splash(Face Finisher)
    Only use this in the case that the Diving Elbow doesn´t end the job
    Gets a bit angry and on the turnbuckle he shows his opponent his two middle fingers.
    On half of the crowd is booing the other crowd celebrates him.

    Ankle Lock(Heel Finisher)
    He holds this lock far behind the end of the match and leaves the ring with a smile on his face

    Some Signature Moves:

    Texas Cloverleaf
    Dragon Sleeper
    Burning Hammer
    Death Valley Driver
    Spinning Side Slam
    Argentine Backbreaker
    Impaler ddt
    Flip Piledriver
    Inverted Powerbomb
    German Suplex
    triple vertical suplex
    Suplex Powerslam
    Inverted Atomic Drop
    Suicide Dive
    630° Splash
    Weapon Shot
    Pelé Kick

    Entrance Style:
    The music hits and he walks straight to the ring with only one spotlight on him (as face he gives the audience high fives (I don´t exactly know how it is called. In the ring he climbs on all 4 turnbuckles and raises his arms in the air (as heel he also show them his two middle fingers)

    Entrance Theme:

    Seether - Fake It (Heel theme)

    Mercy Drive- See You Crawl (Facetheme)

    Give a brief background of your character:

    Joey was born in Sarasota, Florida. He finished school early because his dream was to become a professional wrestler. To realize his dream Joey trained especially hard. It was very painfully for him only watching wrestling but it also was a great motivation. So at this time it was his turn and he became hired by the promotion and fulfilled his dream.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character

    He is very determined and loves the crowd. His promos a great and the crowd love them. He respects each of his opponents but can´t comprehend to all their actions. Sometimes he is like do-or-die if his attacks won´t work on his opponent and then he gets anger.

    He thinks he is the best performer in the business and the entire wrestlers in the locker room get their jobs on a silver plateau but he had to work hard for it. He also criticizes that he works his balls of but don´t be respected for this. He never got the chance to prove that he can be the figurehead of the company.

    Iron Baba (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name, Nickname (if any): Iron Baba "The Anti-Christ From The South"

    Height/Weight: 6 ft 1 in (1.86 m) 250 lbs (115 kg)

    Birthdate: 02/01/1980

    Hometown: Southern Delaware

    Attire and Appearance: Normal wrestling gear, Mike Awesome kinda gear from 1999 or so. Nothing special, boots, kneepads, boxers etc. Exception is only ONE elbow pad, which he takes off when delivering the series of elbow smashes.

    Style of Wrestling: Crash and burn wrestling, tries to finish off everybody ASAP, but if opponent is not beatable quickly, then works on opponents finishing move part, whether it's arm or leg, so his opponents are weaker when it comes to the finish. Strong enough, both mentally and physically, so he uses both ways to beat his competition. All in the game boy, all in the game.

    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO): IronMaker (see Kid Kash's Moneymaker finishing move, just renamed); and Fujiwara Armbar.

    Some Signature Moves: Rolling elbow, series of elbows, lariato, multiple power slam variations, cravate choke, knee strikes, snapmare into back kick, discuss clothesline, hard hitting forearm smashes, frog splash, big boot, full nelson suplex, superplex variations, german suplex, belly to belly throw, rugged looking over-the-top rope insane moves, rarely even a suicide dive, hard slaps to the face, spitting, mans up by kicking (punching) himself to stay focused.

    Entrance Style: Not loking at the crowd at all, has the certaing swag around him so he doesn't even have to vawe to them if they wanna cheer him. Directly looks to ring and opponent, he prepares immediatly to beat him. He stretches a little bit on the ramp, though.

    Entrance Theme: Metallica - Small Hours

    Give a brief background of your character: The conditions he grew and trained in teached him to be scared nor intimidated of absolutely nothing. It also teached him to be the man of himself, the IRON, the roughest, the toughest, the biggest, the baddest, the most legit badass mo'fo there is in wrestling. He ain't here to tell jokes and sell DVDs, he's here to be the God. He can NOT be bought. All that and loaded with IT factor, and somewhat charismatic in his own unique way.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Southern wrestling fans of USA called him the future perfect wrestler when he was training for a wrestler. He was training in hard conditions, rough looking places, and crazy atmospheres. Once his future mentors (unnamed) heard about him, they reached out to him, took him under their wing and trained him for a pro. They also consider him the almost perfect wrestler as he can do almost everything imaginable (perfect) in the ring, whether it's flying, grappling, or mat based wrestling. When he became the pro, he decided to be tough as IRON and nothing will stand in his way of taking out everybody and anybody in order to win championships and one day the main, World Championship. Still has a southern redneck aura, so he disrespects the opponents by spitting and/or cursing at them.

    Mike Silva (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character name:
    Mike Silva

    6 ft 4/ 235 pounds

    April 24th, 1986.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Attire and Appearance:
    Randy Orton build but abs are more defined. His wrestling attire is CM Punk's extreme rules attire but his shirt is darker black and has no logos on it whatsoever. He has spiky black hair and a circle beard

    Non-wrestling attire:
    Heel: Always in a suit.
    Style of Wrestling:
    Can be technical, but chooses to hurt his opponent in the most brutal ways possible. Starts out matches going for punches or kicks but mainly tries to throw his opponent around with big moves like bombs, slams, suplexs, and much more. He mainly tries to weaken his opponent's head and legs.

    Gutwrench Neckbreaker

    The Last Blow - Punt Kick (Although more power and does not wait at the corner a lot but sometimes)

    Signature moves:
    Chest Thumps, Stomps, European Uppercut, Lou Thez Press, Catapult Guillotine, Knee drop, clothesline, Boston Crab, Back-drop suplex, Olympic Slam, Dropkick, Diving Crossbody, Superplex, powerslam, DDT, Rope-elevated DDT,
    More moves:
    Diving reverse elbow
    Northern lights suplex
    Curtain call facebuster
    Leap of faith elbow drop onto opponent that is lying on a table.

    Entrance Style: Comes out, a smug expression on his face. He doesn't pay attention to the crowd and walks nonchalantly down to the ring.

    Entrance theme: bring it - trapt

    Brief background: Raised by his father, Mike had a hard life and became tough through things his father put him through. At the age of 19, he fled his house to seek for a better life as he was sick of putting up with his father. It was then where he learned how to pretty much decieve anybody in order to live as he couldn't find a job. He knew how to fight well and tried out for Federation X earlier but was denied. He later came back and persuaded them to hire him as he is now ready to show who he truly is.

    Heel. He is extremely decieving and tough, most people don't like to deal with him because they know what he is capable of. He is truly a mastermind and can pull of many things no one can think of.


    Show Spoiler
    Character Name: Razor

    Nick name: The cutting edge, the international sensation

    Height/Weight: 5ft 10/ 205ib

    Birthdate: May 5th 1985

    Hometown: unknown.

    Attire and Appearance: A leanly built luchador of American decent. Wears black wrestling tights with white whirl swirling patterns up the side of his legs and boots. Regular boots suited for the lucha style. white elbow pads and black gloves that go halfway up his lower arms with white swirls on the back of his hand.

    WRESTLING: His ring gear is described above.
    FACE: Read above statement


    NON-WRESTLING: Wears a black duster coat over his ring gear. He also wears this during his entrance.
    FACE: Read above statement.


    Style of Wrestling : High flying lucha style. quick kicks and punches.

    Finishing Moves :
    Razor's Edge (Senton bomb)
    Pulsedriver - Argentine backbreaker rack turned into a Samoan drop, sometimes from top rope.

    Some Signature Moves:
    Moonsault side slam
    Northern Lights suplex
    Saito suplex
    Slingshot dropkick to an opponent seated in the corner
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

    Entrance Style: Razor walks out to the stage as smoke bellows from the entrance. He stops right at the start of the ramp and forms two guns from his hands/fingers. Lifts them to the side of his head and mimics shooting himself. As he does this a barrage of fireworks fly up from the side of the ramp down to the end of it. Razor runs down and leaps over the top rope into the ring. Gets onto the ring post and repeats his gesture with the "guns".

    Entrance Theme: Razor by Prodigy

    Give a brief background of your character: No one knows Razor's real identity. He holds the classical Lucha libre tradition of not revealing ones identity close to his heart as well as other Lucha traditions. This American high flyer has travelled around the world learning and honing his craft. Taking gold wherever he went and earned the respect and love of the crowds for his high flying and technical style. Doesn't speak much but when he does it is with words of wisdom. Is known to have a keen dislike of bullies and dirty behaviour and is known to have beaten up countless wrestlers over the world in the locker room for bullying or powerplaying. Stands up for the "little guys" with the bigger stars and management and gets the locker rooms respect quite easily. Does not take threats or bribes easily.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Acts like a vigilante like character. Stalking heels and fighting for the "little guys". Rarely speaks but is always willing to give the crowd a show.

    Chelsea Owen (Face)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Chelsea Owens

    5ft4 96lbs



    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Attire and Appearance
    Slim, Blonde Hair, slightly tanned skin. Nice Rack, fine ass.

    Attire: Usually a colorful tank top and tight black pants.
    Entrance Style
    Walks with her associate to the ring. After the enter the ring, they would pull the rope up so she may enter. Wolf whistles are common.
    Entrance Theme
    Whatever music her associate has

    Give a brief background of your character
    A fan of wrestling and a active gymnast. Often over looked for her looks, but has the mindset of a wrestler. Grew up in Denver, she won numerous gymnast competitions. She began managing her brother (Spike) during his days in the independent circuit in Japan. Growing up with many brothers, she has learned many ways to fight against men, and has become a valuable manager to them.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Pretends to be a ditsy blonde to anyone knew, to get her own way. Personally named the first female of Federation X. She is seen skipping rope, or working out backstage with her associate.

    Wesley Allen
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Wesley (Clutch) Allen

    6ft1Inches 230lbs



    Denver Colorado

    Attire and Appearance
    Ripped build,Short Brown Hair with a slight beard.
    Blue Tights with Black and Yellow graphics. Name on the back with White boots and fingerless grappling gloves

    FACE: Very Technically Sound. Grapple moves regularly and occasional Lucha Libre moves

    HEEL: More of a risk taker. Taunts alot during the matches and in less serious matches has been known to get out of the ring and pick up the mic and intimidate the crowd for bad reactions

    FACE: Same as wrestling attire with current printed t shirt over the top

    HEEL: Business Suit with Diamond cufflinks. Flaunts money and expensive accessories

    Style of Wrestling : Technical with occasional high flying. More inclined towards impact manouvres and slams as opposed to a submission specialist

    Finishing Moves :

    Clutch Kick (tidal crush)

    Clutch Bomb (Canadian Destroyer) usually as heel

    Some Signature Moves
    Standing Suplex
    Multiple German Suplexes
    Ankle Lock
    Tiger Suplex
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    Swinging DDT from kneeling position (miz uses it alot)
    Gutwrench powerbomb

    Entrance Style
    Fireworks explode as theme hits. Camera is at the Gorilla position whilst he is looking towards the ring at a mirror. He pauses for a second staring at himself then steps back and kicks through the glass. Walks forward then pounds the ground with both fists. Continues to the ring. Climbs the side of the ring and stands on the corner looking out to the crowd. Face he points to the crowd as he throws his t shirt out. Heel he takes his t shirt off and gives the forks

    Entrance Theme

    Give a brief background of your character
    Born in Denver he was brought up as Nuggets fan. He is a big supporter of the city of Denver and is viewed as a hero there. Wrestled in the midwest and Ohio before moving to Federation x

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Win at all cost. Is not invincible and usually only wins in hard fought matches. Whilst humble he is not silent and voices his opinion (usually about heels). Generally does better at PPVs than weekly shows and is determined to prove he is better than his opponent. Goes for the KO and pin alot

    Heel: In his mind he is the best already and should be at the top of the company. Cheats to win if necessary . He goes for the big moves to get the win. Will walk away from matches he doesnt need to win if he has a title shot coming up. Intimidates and assaults referee if things arent going his way. Will pick off a body part and work on it constantly

    Ruthless Rick
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Rick Harris
    Ring Name: "Ruthless" Rick
    Nick Name: Ruthless
    Hometown: Wakefield, England
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 225lbs
    Birthdate: 4/18/1988
    Appearance: Slenderly Muscular, Not bulky muscle. Shaved Head. Grey eyes. No facial hair.
    Attire: Gym shorts that go slightly past the knees with a union jack pattern
    • [x]Heel:
      [ ]Face:
    Style Of Wrestling: Technical/Power. Not the best at both, but good at both.
    Finishers: Lights Out In London (Kajahijime Submission): It's a cobra clutch except the person applying it brings the opponent to the ground and constricts his legs around the opponent so it's harder to move. Running High Boot: A simple running big boot, but he jumps while running
    Signatures: Turnbuckle Splash & Samoan Drop

    Entrance Style: He talks over his music to insult the place he is wrestling in as he walks down to the ring.
    Entrance Music: Rule Britannia (very British patriotic song)
    Personality: Smug, serious, arrogant
    Backstory: Rick was a promising screenplay writer in college. His main field was theatre, but he always felt that it was lacking. At some times he hated his job because most of it involved just writing. To spice up his life he began to bodybuild and that's when he was approached by a local wrestler who asked him to get in the ring with him as a "fan" and the wrestler would beat Rick up, so that he could get a good heel pop from the local crowd. That event was exciting for him, even though he was getting the crap beat out of him. The crowd was so much more involved than they were with his productions, so Rick made a drastic life choice a week later. Rick dropped out of college to pursue a wrestling career his second year and he's been successful. Daniels is an upstart wrestler who spent some time in the indies. He's wrestled in all parts of the world, so he knows different styles of moves. Most of his time was spent in Japan. Most of his repertoire of moves were learned from there. His other style of wrestling is as a power player. He learned this style in his hometown as he wrestled with bigger guys compared to Japan. He's held titles everywhere he went in the few years he has wrestled. He was always a fan of Federation X, but he hadn't applied for the job until because he felt that his craft needed to be worked on more, but now he feels he is ready.
    Gimmick: British patriot who dispense all other countries. Before each of his matches he brings out the flag of the country he's wrestling in and degrades it in some foul manner. He is known for his shoot promos on countries as he walks down to the ring and compares it to the opponent he fights.

    Preferred Show: Stars of X and a possible switch to Warzone later on

    Brent Nixon
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name: Brent Nixon

    Height/Weight: 234 pounds 6ft 1

    Birthdate: 9th October, 1986

    Hometown: Derby, England

    Attire and Appearance:
    He has really short dark brown hair all over (not totally shaved) with a slightly longer bit in the middle which is sort of a mohawk.

    Like this only with the rest of the face being manlier and the hair being a much darker brown.


    He has a full stubble that looks really rough. He is really built, with a physique similar to Cena’s only a little more fighter like and less like a Bodybuilder’s. He has a tattoo on his back with all the people he’s defeated, he’s deliberately got them written small to show that he plans on adding more to that list.

    Oh, and he has a voice like Jason Statham -

    Wrestling: Face + Heel: He wears Black ¾ length MMA shorts with subtle bits of white outline and black trainers. To the ring he wears a plain black T-Shirt only with his name written on in a nasty looking font. He puts on black MMA gloves once he enters the ring, he keeps them in his waistband at the side.

    Non-Wrestling: Same as his entrance gear.

    Gimmick/Personality/Give a brief background of my character:

    Nixon got thrown out of his house and forced to live with his crazy relatives (Aunt, uncle + 18 Y/O twins) in Alabama to learn his lesson after once again getting in trouble for a petty crime on the street when he was 12. He then had to toughen up mentally and physically when he moved as his Uncle used to beat him to “harden him up”, he used to be regularly assaulted his cousins as well. He had to work out and he secretly began MMA training so he could get back at them. At age 15 onwards neither his Uncle nor his cousins would go near him.

    He started off fighting professionally at age 19 at Pancrase and fought there for 3 years, fighting 13 times, winning 11 – 8 by knockout and 3 by submission, he lost 2 times, 1 by knockout and 1 by points.

    During fall 2008, after impressing in Pancrase, he moved onto StrikeForce, where he fought 7 times – he spent a few months out after serious leg injury – winning 5 out of the 7, 1 by knockout and 4 by submission, his deadly triangle choke. He lost twice, once by knockout and once by a dodgy points decision.

    In March 2011, his contract expired with StrikeForce and rumours started flying around that he was going to UFC. Eventually, after dragged out discussions with Dana White the highly rated youngster signed for UFC.

    There was much anticipation for his first bout, however, he would never compete in this after an incident with a fan outside of a UFC arena, where he struck a deranged fan who was threatening him for unexplained reasons, the fan then suffered post-traumatic amnesia due to the force Nixon hit him. Brent Nixon was immediately terminated and now has a court case in June 2013 to look forward to.

    There is no doubting the talent that Brent Nixon has, however no company is willing to take the risk on him as it could cause bad publicity. Also he has a tendency to get DQ’d.

    Style of wrestling: Very similar to 2012 Lesnar only more submission and mat wrestling based.

    Finishers: Triangle Choke, Jackknife Powerbomb and beaten until KO

    Signatures: (From Collar and Elbow Tie Up) Standing Guillotine (41secs)

    Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Crucifix
    Ground and pound
    Leg hook suplex
    Fujiwara Armbar
    Reverse Powerslam
    Running chest kick
    Shoulder charge
    (Aside from these just general tough as hell moves)

    Entrance Style: No nonsense. He has no lighting, he enters pretty much straight after his music hits, he screams “C’mon” before two really big jumps at the top of the stage displaying his athleticism. He then walks briskly to the ring, never taking his eyes of off his opponent if he is in the ring. He gets in and stands at the corner nearest the ramp. The music then stops and he removes his shirt, bounces both his pecs up, he then takes the gloves from in his waistline and puts them on, staring at his opponent whilst doing so. He then turns away from his opponent and stands on the second turnbuckle, doing no pose, he just turns away so the opponent can see his back and the list of victims. If he enters first he waits until the opponent enters the ring to do all these things.

    Entrance Theme: Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk –

    Ace Young
    Show Spoiler
    Name: Alfredo J. Cruz

    Ring Name: Ace Young

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 214 lbs

    Hometown: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

    Born: September 8, 1993

    Signature Moves: -KOD (Knock Out Daze) which is a Lion Sault that leads to a running big boot. (apponent goes from laying down to sitting up)
    -Swanton Bomb
    -Anaconda Vise
    -Frog splash
    -Reverse Neckbreaker (like McGillicutty's Finisher)

    Finisher: Ace Crusher - similar to a double arm, DDT.

    Attire: trunks (similar to CM Punk's Summerslam trunks) only the color scheme will be red, black, & white, & instead of stars on the front & back, Ace has different stars in the front, & in the back has a logo similar to Chris Jericho's "Y2J 2012" logo but instead says "Ace" (top) "sXe" (bottom),
    Boots: again similar to punks only instead of the stars, it says S(top) X(middle) E(bottom)
    *front part of trunks scheduled to change
    Black wrist tapes, with one black elbow pad on
    left arm.

    Wrestling Style: Technician, submission expert

    Out of Ring - Yankee fitted, white v-neck, with a sleeve-less jean jacket. Skinny jeans with obsedian 12's.

    Apperance: short mohawk brown with blonde highlights.

    Back Story: Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Alfredo was always teased for his height, size, and straight edge background. He was sick of being teased & found wrestling as an anger release therapy. From a young age Ace worked hard, joining a backyard wrestling group called CNA Eventually becoming the top underdog and winning the CNA Champion, being only 16 in a group of people of the ages 17-22. He, now 19 & fully grown, wants to become pro & show off his skills.

    Gimmick: A straight edge, cocky kid, who is set to be an underdog, but still considers himself the World's Greatest!
    Heel & Face - the same only difference is, as a Heel he's a complete douche bag/as in overly cocky.

    Entrance: Theme song - Pride by Living Colour, Ace walks in the ring in a very crowd engaged, cocky type way. This video is from my youtube page, I used my phone, so the quality is bad..
  5. Thread to save space

    TNT Roster:

    Angel Corpuz (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name):
    Angel Corpuz

    5”5’, 160 pounds

    March 23, 1990

    Manila, Philippines

    Attire and Appearance:


    Show Spoiler

    FACE: A lot of technical moves, with some flying moves added to the mix. Targets the body most of the time. Not a submission specialist.

    HEEL: Wastes no time and energy during matches. Does anything possible to win the match, including usage of sneaky moves and weapons.

    FACE: Anything comfortable like pants and t-shirts. Likes hoodies very much, even if the weather’s hot.

    HEEL: More formal attires like dresses.

    Style of Wrestling : Technical girl. Uses some high flying moves to get some pop (if face). Body’s her main target, and not a submission specialist.

    Finishing Moves :
    Snap DDT
    Shining Wizard

    Some Signature Moves:
    Forward Russian Leg Sweep
    Spinning Heel kick
    Missile dropkick
    European uppercut

    Entrance Style: Like Michelle McCool's (face one), but does a hairflip when she reaches the apron (like Maryse's). Flying kisses to the crowd to get pop.

    Entrance Theme: "You Make Me Feel Like..." by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi

    Give a brief background of your character:
    Angel lived in a life full of haters (bullied and punched by haters since she was a kid), so she tries to exceed everyone's expectations in everything she does, but she's gullible. A big Edge and Shawn Micheals fan since she was a kid. Acts tomboyish (wrestling, comic, and video games fan).

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face: Acts tomboyish. Self-rescuing princess. Likes intergender matches the most. Friendly to anyone, including her enemies. Gullible.
    Heel: Always think she's better than anybody. Snobbish. Really girly. Uses her charm most of the time to get away with matches.

    Mark White (Face)
    Show Spoiler
    Character Name – Mark White
    Nickname – The Vegas Magician

    Height/Weight - 6"3 / 220lbs.

    Birthdate – May 12 1987.

    Hometown – Las Vegas Nevada

    Attire and Appearance – Mark White is a tanned, somewhat stocky, Caucasian male from Las Vegas Nevada. He is dressed in white wrestler’s pants with black rhinestones down the sides and along the cuffs. Under them he has black and white wrestler’s boots. He also wears white wrestler’s gloves with black palms that end just above his wrists. During his entrance he wears a black fedora hat with white brim and a black, rhinestone vest. He has brown hair down to just below his jaw line that he keeps pulled back in a top knot. He has a tattoo on his back.


    FACE: He is dressed in white wrestler’s pants with black rhinestones down the sides and along the cuffs. Under them he has black and white wrestler’s boots. He also wears white wrestler’s gloves with black palms that end just above his wrists.
    HEEL: Same as above.

    FACE: He is dressed in white wrestler’s pants with black rhinestones down the sides and along the cuffs. Under them he has black and white wrestler’s boots. He also wears white wrestler’s gloves with black palms that end just above his wrists. During his entrance he wears a black fedora hat with white brim and a black, rhinestone vest. He has brown hair down to just below his jaw line that he keeps pulled back in a top knot.

    HEEL: Same as above.

    Style of Wrestling : MMA inspired submission style, likes grounding his opponents and keeping them from performing high flying moves.

    Finishing Moves :

    Submission move – The Houdini lock (Crossface).

    Magic trick – (the book end/Rock bottom)

    Some Signature Moves

    Knee strikes in the corner,
    Cattle mutilator
    Roundhouse kick (Comeback move)
    Ankle lock.
    Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver (Abra Kadabra Piledriver)
    Triple running bulldogs
    Breath of the Dragon submission hold

    Entrance Style
    The lights go dim, the stage fills with a light show as music starts to play before the lights come back on and Mark ascends up on the stage in a lift ala Rey Mysterio or Kurt Angle. He walks down the ramp with his hands balled up at his side. He stops at the base of the ramp and raises his still balled hands into the sky; as he brings them down two pillars of smoke erupt by the end of the ramp. He walks up the stairs to the ring and gets up on the top turnbuckle; he brings his fists to his face before opening them and blowing a sparkling, white powder out at the crowd which he has been hiding in his fists. He then removes his vest and hat before getting into the ring and awaiting his opponent.

    Entrance Theme – Wings of a butterfly by H.I.M.

    Give a brief background of your character - His father is a professional wrestler and one of the greats from the UK, Douglas White. He was raised in Las Vegas Nevada and as a child wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. As a teenager he found an interest in stage magic and devoted his time to becoming a show magician, performing for sold out houses in his home town of Las Vegas and on Broadway. He ended up rediscovering his interest in Professional wrestling after a while as a professional magician and trained with his father to become one for two years.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    A constant show man, White always want to give a show for the crowd, doesn’t matter if he is heel or face. Mark works his experience as a magician and escape artist into his ringwork and gimmick. Performing magic tricks and using his Houdini like skills to escape locks and submission holds. He has been called the Vegas Magician many a time and it has become his ring nickname amongst other wrestlers.

    Puff puff pass. (Heel)

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)

    5.9 145 pounds

    Queens Ny

    Attire and Appearance
    Basketballshorts Custom Shirt That Says clash with Fire All around Black Very Built like John Cena Black hair Blue Eyes

    Style of Wrestling : Very Quick and Very Powerful Does not like Sitting around

    Finishing Moves :FU NECKBREAKER (This is were you put your Partner or who your facing in the FU or the aa Position and you hit a Neckbreaker) also the

    Some Signature Moves
    Cobra (Stolen) Dosent Knock out your match

    Entrance Style
    Walks to ring Medium speed with no fear no matter who he is facing When in the ring Blue Sparks rain down and he holds his right hand up

    Entrance Theme
    MGK - Invincible

    Give a brief background of your character
    Hes a fucked up wrestler whos just trying to get by in life and he has found his calling and hell be Damned to get beat by anyone he is a Crazy guy who will fight anyone who dares challenge him.

    Tag Team Finisher - (Custom Move) AXE (This is were One man hits the FU NECKBREAKER AND when he gets up he his hit by a Twirling Disaster (Which is You grab your Opponents Arm Twirl him until he is dizzy And The other Hits a PowerBomb

    Tag Team Theme -MGK - Invincible

    Logan Black
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name) : Logan Black

    Height/Weight : 6"5, 236 lbs.

    Birthdate : 1985, March 2.

    Hometown : Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    Attire and Appearance

    FACE: Red wrestling tights with Black detailed Designs with a Black circle on either side. Red Wrist tape, and Red and Black Kickpads.

    HEEL: Black wrestling tights with Red detailed designs with 2 skulls on either side, Black Wrist tape, and Black and Red Kickpads.
    FACE: Black suit, and black trousers, with Black shoes, Tidy hair.

    HEEL: Straight jacket, with sleeves cut off, and baggy trousers. No shoes. Messy hair.

    Style of Wrestling : Brawler, Technician.

    Finishing Moves : Psycho Cutter (
    Cell Lock (Octopus Stretch)

    Some Signature Moves : Rolling Fireman's Carry, Powerbomb off the Top rope (Rarely used) , German Suplexes, Other Suplex Variations ,Sleeper Slam, and some Punch combos. Also the Regal Plex, in honor of his Trainer, (William Regal)

    Entrance Style : Running to the ring, with a crazed look in his eyes, running all over the place and saying random stuff to the audience. Purple and Black ring arena lights.

    Entrance Theme : Disturbed - Perfect Insanity

    Give a brief background of your character

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Has Occasional twitches, sometimes breaks down and randomly attacks heel characters.
    Heel: A crazed, psychotic freak, who loves playing Mind Games, with other wrestlers in the locker room, and cares only for himself. And every championship on the brand.

    Alex Kidd (Heel)
    Show Spoiler
    Character Name (Nick name)
    Alex Kidd

    6 ft 2 212 lb


    Sonora, California

    Attire and appearance
    Bobby Roode type appearance, black trunks with Kidd in the back of the trunks but can switch to the mexican flag symbol or the IT factor lettering

    Heel with a lot of kicks and highflying moves but can technical too, he is arrogant and a little whiny bitch that always tries to escape from a fight

    Non wrestling
    Heel; Wears a black suit to the ring with a blue tie and red shirt

    Style of wrestling
    Highflyer and technicalat the same time, uses a lot of kicks

    finishing moves
    The King's senton(630 senton)

    signature moves
    fuuture shock ddt
    standing moonsault
    roundhouse kick
    top rope moonsault

    entrance style
    Kidd's music plays and after a stall he comes out slowly as the music keeps pumping up, he stops at the top of the ramp and raises his arm as pyro is seen in the background, he proceeds to walk slowly in the ring and climbs the steel steps of the ring and then goes to the middle of the ring and raises his arms once again

    Entrance theme

    Alex Kidd always worked hard to get what he wanted by either cheating or playing the fair game, he was he longest and youngest world champion in EWA with an outstanding 1 year reign and even though he quit EWA he is still the longest and youngest world champ. He was also a 2 record breaking two time HWA Universal champion but was forced to quit the title because he was injured and then released

    Alex Kidd first started out by training hard and achieving his goals the right way with hard work and determination, he later got a big ego and started to change slowly and di whatever it took to win even revolving on cheating, until this day the man will not fight a clean fight, he just runs or cheats

    Jack Felix (Face)
    Show Spoiler

    Jack "Swag" Felix
    Height/Weight: 6 ft 2 inches, 265 pounds
    Birthdate: June 30th, 1986
    Hometown: Detroit, Michigan.
    Attire and Appearance:
    John Cena built but very flexible and agile.
    Face: Detroit Pistons Dennis Rodman Jersey with a blue snapback hat with Hood Life written in red. Also wears Red basketball shorts over his wrestling tights. Has two knee pads covered by his shorts and one elbowpad on his right arm
    In Ring: Just one elbowpad on his right arm with tights designed like Randy Ortons with two black knee pads and kickpads.
    Heel: Black Chicago Bulls away jersey with black and red bull's snapback hat and black shorts.
    In Ring: Same attire as face except he keeps brass knuckles inside his kickpads. His wrestling attire color is reflected by his heel attire.
    Style of Wrestling: Straight up Brawler who knows how to box and wrestle very well technically for a slim big guy. Likes to do top rope moves when he's high on momentum. Always tries new things except extreme high flying moves. His fists are his secret weapons. As a face, during the match he likes to hype up the crowd but as a heel, he tries to diss the crowd when ever he can. Also as a heel, he tries to take some shortcuts out and keeps brass knuckles with him to use when the ref is distracted.
    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):
    Fireman's carry single knee gutbuster Move name= FU (John isn't using it so I can!)
    The Koji Clutch (submission manuever) = Called = SMD(we all know what that translates to). Some Signature Moves:
    Main two signatures =
    Jumping Elbow Drop w/Theatrics (with John Cena's shoulder taunt right before he does 5 knuckle shuffle) move's name is The Last Verse[/b
    Other Signatures
    Oklahoma body slam
    European Uppercut
    Flying Clothesline
    Entrance Style:
    As his music hits, he comes out walking to the ring with swag and goes down the ramp clapping hands with fans and goes into the ring after going up the stairs and then goes on the turnbuckle and says ITS GAME TIME!
    As a heel he goes down the ramp rapping and dissing the home crowd in the stadium and his opponent.
    Entrance Theme:[/size]
    starts at 20 seconds
    click here for theme
    Give a brief background of your character:
    Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Jack Felix has always relied on himself and his friends as his parents left him with his grandparents. He always fought for his friends and himself when challenged and people saw a flare in him as a fighter. Jack Felix then got enrolled into wrestling school with his friend and after 2 years of training, he was finally signed a contract to Federation X.
    Personality/Gimmick of your character: He's a straight up thug, he can freestyle and rap pretty well and he know's how to con people in many ways. He is a very respectful person but when you enrage him enough, he reveals this other side of him which is nothing but pure aggresion.

    Ronnie Williams (Heel)
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name Nickname (if any): Ronny Williams

    Height/Weight: 6 ft 2,, 265 lb

    Birthdate: 06-11-1989

    Hometown: New York, New York

    Attire and Appearance:
    Apperance: Bald head, tanned skin, sturdy build.

    Wrestling Gear:
    Face: Black shorts with a white stripe at the end of each pant leg. Black knee pads and black boots. Left elbow pad, black and wears wrist tape gloves.
    Heel: Jean shorts with black boots. White tank top with wrist tape gloves, no elbow pad or knee pads.

    Civilian:Jeans with a PPV top of what ever PPV is coming up, black sneakers

    Style of Wrestling: Submissive, grounds the opponents with fireman and headlock takeovers, then applies a submissive move everytime.
    Finishing Moves (Up to TWO): Campanella:
    A.T Lock

    Some Signature Moves:
    Full nelson
    Fireman Carry
    Chop blocks

    Entrance Style:Enters the arena through the fans, towards the announcement table, then grabs a head set and says the phrase "Gonna rock the wrestling world tonight" (assuming Martin is a commentator's name)
    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character: Framed for armed robbery at age 16, Ronny learned how to fight in prison, now that Federation X hired him, he is grateful for the chance to compete and redeem himself. Ronny was called the strangler inside, as he mainly focused on breaking limbs and choking people out in order to remain top dog of the prison ground. Prison Guards assualted him one night after he was found with contraband, and due to this strongly dislikes security.
    Personality/Gimmick of your character: Ronny often begins to attack security when being separated by them. He also stores an object in his elbow pad, which makes his elbows that much harder.

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name): Destiny

    Height/Weight: 5'7'' / 140 lbs.

    Birthdate: 6/7/1989

    Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

    Attire and Appearance
    Has an orange top, withblack shorts, brunette hair, good-looking, blue eyes

    FACE: Tries forcing the opponent to follow her pace, which is fast, casuing opponents to tire out quickly. Uses many highflying moves.
    HEEL: Same as her face style.

    FACE: Normal attire.
    HEEL: Dresses slutty.

    Style of Wrestling : Fast-paced, high-flying

    Finishing Moves : Destiny's Ending - Handspring moonsault

    Some Signature Moves - Enzeguiri, Crossboday, Baseball slid, Low Dropkick, Reverse Crossbody, Scissor kick, Surfboard, Lotus kick

    Entrance Style - Has orange lighting, and walks towards the ring with her head held high, ignoring everyone

    Entrance Theme - Maryse's theme

    Give a brief background of your character -

    Grew up with a rich family, and was spoiled. Due to being pretty, she always had attention. She was always mean to others, and wanted to find ways to beat up annoying kids at her school. In the process of doing so, she found out about wrestling, and began training. She was named one of the top youngsters in wrestling and was recruited by fed X. She met Austin Andrews and began dating him still is).

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : Very friendly towards everyone, optimistic
    Heel: Always cheats for Austin, distracts the ref when managing his matches, treats most people like s***

    Neil Thorn:
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name:
    Neil “Admiral” Thorn

    290 LBS / 6’9”

    October 13th, 1987

    W. Palm Beach, FL

    Attire and Appearance:
    Athletic heavyweight figure, similar to that of Matt Morgan. He has naturally brown hair with short hair similar to that of Bobby Roode. He has baby blue eyes. He also has facial hair, but it’s clean cut and shaved.. about as this as rubble.

    Powerhouse brawler and ground submission expert, but he also does good with the likes of grappling.

    Same as face, but with less grappling, and more contact shots.

    FACE: Backstage segments and press interviews, he wears tan cargo shorts and a magenta button up casual shirt with a platinum dog tag that reads “Admiral” on it, followed by white hi-top shaq’s , (basketball shoes), and Aviator sunglasses with brown gradient lenses.

    Same as Face, but with a black vest instead.

    Style of Wrestling :
    Brawler and ground submission expert.

    Finishing Moves :
    • Admiral Slam. (Pick the opponent up over your shoulders, grab their legs, and slam them ) Similar to that of the “Alabama Slam” by Hardcore Holly
    • Collision Course. (Modified spear by Goldberg)
    • Thorn Ripper (Pentagram Choke

    Some Signature Moves
    • Arm twist ropewalk chop
    • Body avalanche
    • Chokeslam, sometimes dropped into a sitout position
    • Irish Backbreaker
    • Diving crossbody
    • Dropkick
    • Fallaway slam
    • Guillotine leg drop
    • Leapfrog body guillotine
    • 360 Sidewalk slam
    • Sitout powerbomb
    • Swinging side slam

    Entrance Style:
    The lights flicker on and off for about 10 seconds before they dim down completely. Fireworks shoot down the ramp, and the ring fills with red smoke. The spotlights hover about the titantron as Thorn appears standing tall hooked to a zip line. Thorn then jumps off the titantron and ziplines to the ring where he awaits his opponent.

    Entrance Theme:
    DragonForce – Through the Fire and Flames

    Give a brief background of your character
    Neil grew up with from a very wealthy family. While he was mostly ignored as a child, he did get whatever he wanted and asked for. One day, Neil asked his parents to go to a live wrestling event, and they just nodded like they agreed. Neil and the family’s butler went to the live wrestling event several hours later. Young Neil, age 11, kept thinking to his self, he though “I have money, and my parents know a lot of people, so one day, I promise myself this, I WILL become a top notch wrestling performer!”. He spent the last 9 years training and conditioning, and more training. He went to wrestling school as soon as he turned 13, and spent 5 years there, and the last year was spent fighting to get a shot at Federation X.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    As a face, Neil is very enthusiastic and somewhat cocky. Neil always gets the fans pumped up by his unusual and awkward interviews. He is not retarded or mental, but instead a natural smartass, (like that of Mr. Anderson). As a face, he also toys around with people in-ring until he feels he doesn’t need to showboat anymore.


    As a heel, he pays Federation X officials good money to make things go his way, or in his direction. He refuses to address the crowd other than backstage interviews and promos. He pays to get out of matches, and he pays to move up farther in line for the #1 Contender spot for the title. In-ring, he is very serious, and starts out with all of the high performance moves to get the match over as soon as possible.

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name): Khaos.

    Height/Weight: 6 ft 4 in, 234 lbs.

    Birthdate: October 13, 1985

    Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona.

    Attire and Appearance


    FACE: This (one on the right. except black, red and white.)

    HEEL: Same as face, but just black and white.

    Additional : Trench coat used in entrances for just heel.

    FACE: Black trench coat, dark brown shirt, black trousers and normal black shoes.

    HEEL: Same as face.

    Style of Wrestling : Powerhouse, Technician.

    Finishing Moves :

    Khaos Bomb (Straight Jacket Sit-Out Powerbomb) - sometimes with pin.
    Fisherman Driver

    Signature Moves :

    Entrance Style : Runs to the ring with a smile on his face, but when his passes the stage, red fireworks go off. he stops at the at apron and looks around the arena, then slides through the bottom rope. And raises both of his arms on the two turnbuckles.

    Entrance Theme : The Offspring - Living in Chaos

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face: Determined, strong willed person. Always fully concentrating on his skill and moves.
    Heel: Hateful, aggressive individual. Very full of himself, and can attack random people backstage when angered.

    Stuart Knight:
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name) : Stuart "The Gladitor" Knight

    Height/Weight 6 foot 6 250lb

    Birthdate 10th August 1980

    Hometown Manchester, England

    Attire and Appearance :Tall, slicked back black hair, blue eyes with a HHH style beard.

    WRESTLING: Grey trunks with gladiator on the back in gold print. Sometimes wears black and green ones with the same design. His left elbow is taped up.

    NON-WRESTLING: Black T-Shirt based on the NWO design but with OGN on it instead of NWO, underneath it says One Gladiator Nation

    Style of Wrestling : Brawler / Powerhouse

    Finishing Moves : 1,2,KO. A punching combination, starts with a left jab then a right hook followed by a left spinning elbow. (When he's a heel he loads the tape over his elbow with a bit of metal for the big matches, which he reveals post match.)

    The roll over - A flapjack onto the top rope, the opponent bounces straight into either a full nelson suplex or german with a bridge.

    Some Signature Moves
    Knee strikers both whilst in a clinch and regular
    throws a lot of punches
    lots of suplexs including German, belly to belly, northern lights and Saitio.
    Bearhug, sharp shooter
    Big boot.
    Elbow strikes
    Falling powerbomb
    Diving elbow drop from the 2nd rope ( rarely)

    Entrance Style - All lights dim before lightning strikes cackle through out the arena, Stuart walks into the arena as the light flashes on and his music plays. He enters the ring and raises his fist.

    Entrance Theme - Oasis - Shock of the lightning.

    Give a brief background of your character A former bare knuckle fighter, started off playing football for the Manchester City academy but was removed for being too aggressive including stubbing out a cigar in a team mates eye after he didn't pass him the ball, fought fans who booed him and once headbutted his manager for subbing him off. He moved to the underground fighting scene where he owns a rumoured 103 - 1 record his only loss coming from him attacking the fight promoter as he wasn't given tough enough opponents which caused the promoter to launch 5 of his body guards to attack him.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Face : A rough and tough brawler who doesn't care if he's cheered or booed as long as he's allowed to knock people out regularly. An intelligent competitor with a quick whit.

    Heel: He'll done anything for money including destroying opponents for other competitors, he's truly selfish, think Wade Barrett during the nexus.

    Nick Sky
    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)

    Nick Sky


    6'1'' / 180 lbs.




    Los Angeles, California

    Attire and Appearance

    He has a sky blue jacket with no sleeves (like Dolph Ziggler had before), dark blue boots, and black tights.

    He has short blonde hair, and a white glove on his right hand.


    FACE: He is a high flier that takes risky moves at every opportunity. Rides on momentum.

    HEEL: Still is a highflyer, but doesn't do risky moves as much. Looks to take shortcuts for a win anytime he can.


    FACE: Wears a TShirt saying "Touch the Sky". Has casual basketball shorts, and some sneakers.

    HEEL: Different TShirt reading "You Can't reach the Sky". Black pants and black, leather shoes.

    Style of Wrestling

    Highflyer that uses his momentum every chance he gets.

    Finishing Moves

    Sky High: Jumps twice before doing a hurricanarana on his oppoent, who's on the top turnbuckle -

    Dragonrana -

    Signature Moves

    Baseball Slide
    Suicide Dive
    Diving Crossbody
    Tornado DDT
    Top Rope Corkscrew Dive

    Entrance Music/Style

    No pyro, just have the lighting switch from light blue to dark blue consistently.


    When he was seven, his dad took him to WWE PPV when it came to Los Angeles, and Sky knew he'd always become a proffesional wrestler. He practiced wrestling moves in his backyard until he went into a wrestling school at the age of 15, and eventually landed a contract with Federation X at the age of 22.

    Personality/Gimmick of Your Character

    He is always friendly towards the audience, and wants to put on a good show for them. Evan Bourne like, except with a bit more confidence that he can do something big in the business.

    Show Spoiler

    Character Name (Nick name)



    Providence, RI

    Attire and Appearance
    Green Eyes. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    FACE: More high flying moves and less submissions.

    HEEL: More submissions and less high flying. Add slapping opponent to moveset. Also, dirty moves like eye poking.

    FACE: Chucks, tshirt of various other wrestlers who I am friends with and a pair of shorts or jeans.

    HEEL: Mini skirt and a slightly revealing top.

    Style of Wrestling :
    High Flyer/Submissions.

    Finishing Moves :
    Step Up Enzuigri
    California Dream
    Cloverleaf Pin

    Some Signature Moves
    Jumping Snapmare

    Entrance Style
    FACE: Walks out calmly and at mid stage has small pyros that go off when her arms are put up. Slow run the rest of the way down, slapping hands with the crowd. Slides onto the apron and does a pose while still in the kneeling position of a peace sign. Goes into the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd.

    HEEL: Walks down the ramp calmly, not stopping to pose for the pyro which will still go off. Slides into the ring and then just stands there with a prissy/bitchy look waiting for my opponent.

    Entrance Theme
    Breathe Carolina - Blackout

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    FACE : Really friendly and gets along well with all the other face wrestlers. Eager to make the Diva's division something to watch. Plays up to the crowd and is very fan friendly.
    HEEL: Bitchy. Makes friends with a heel wrestler and acts mostly as a valet. When wrestles just does the bare minimum to punish the other diva and win the match. Is only concerned with getting tv time and will use anyone to get it. Feels as though she is better than the other Divas.

    Give a brief background of your character:
    She is 24. Grew up a fan of wrestling. Good sense of humor and is a tom boy. Really eager to do a god job and prove that she is worthy. Would only turn heel after feeling as though there is no competition/isn't getting the Diva's division anywhere and is frustrated. Primarily a face.

    Show Spoiler

    Lets make a diva this time...

    Character Name (Nick name): Lucy

    Height/Weight: 5"6

    Birthdate: 25/10/1990

    Hometown: New York, USA

    Attire and Appearance: Wears a short shirt which says: I'm lovin' it and wears shorts and the color changes every week.

    Style of Wrestling : Aggressive, always aiming for the weak parts but mostly the fact. Does a lot of high kicks and quite a lot of jumping about whether that is jumping off the ropes or jumping randomly.

    Finishing Moves :
    Swing Neckbreaker and Glam Slam

    Entrance Style: Comes in doing a couple of backflips to the center of the stage. She puts her arms in the air and fireworks go off. She then does a sexy walk down to the ring and once in the ring, stands on the top rope in each corner and fireworks go off.

    Entrance Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character:
    She has always wanted to be in WWE from when she was 10 years old. She has done training when she was at school and used to watch RAW and Smackdown every week. She has always been quite aggressive and always tries to be sexy.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character
    Heel: Always agressive and tries to be the center of attention. Gets booed by the audience a lot and insults them quite a bit as well.

    Scarlette Rose:
    Show Spoiler

    YAYYYY You guys are hiring again! Making more Female characters!

    Character Name (Nick name)
    Scarlette Rose



    California, USA



    FACE: Does a lot of moves that induces pop from the audience. Targets the body more. Speed is more prioritized than strength.

    HEEL: Does moves that doesn't get any reaction from the audience. (Ex. slaps, basic kicks)

    FACE: Gets in a lot of trouble because of her pranks to her co-workers. Always seen with the boys.

    HEEL: Has the "I-don't-care" attitude. Doesn't hang out with anybody, 'cause she thinks she's superior than everyone else.

    Style of Wrestling : High-flying.

    Finishing moves
    Double chickenwing twisted to jumping inverted double underhook facebuster
    Sugar Rush (Forward Russian legsweep)

    Signature moves
    Bridging northern lights suplex
    Hanging figure four necklock
    Diving crossbody
    Elbow drop
    Rolling neck snap
    Running leaping clothesline
    Sitout rear mat slam
    Springboard arm drag
    Tilt–a–whirl headscissors takedown

    Entrance Style and Theme:

    Give a brief background of your character
    Tired of an average life, Scarlette tried to discover her real passion. She found wrestling when she was 22, a fresh graduate of BA Communication Arts. She entered the wrestling school after a few months. After a year, she was offered a contract to Federation X as the excellent student among the people who're in the program.

    Personality/Gimmick of your character

    Face: The girl next door. Really nice towards to others, especially for the people in need.

    Heel: The star of the show attitude. Collects money even if they just wanted some help from her.

    Show Spoiler

    Name:Jack Blades
    Ring Name: Jack Blades
    Hometown: Elray, Mexico
    Appearance:Jack is bald and covered in prision tats most notable feature is the eye patch over his left eye and tatoo surrounding it
    Attire:jack wearing full lengh leg tights,with black scorpion designs on the left side and a rattlesnake on the right

    Finishers:Jack-aztec suplex (suplex into a stunner)
    Signiture move: running top rope guillotine. jack grabs his opponents head runs towards the rope leaps over the top rope and guillotines him

    Personality:Jack is arragont loud mouthed and quick tempered
    Backstory:As soon as jack got out of prison he jumped into the smaller wrestling circits in mexico looking to make quick cash. he later jumped to the US fight scene where he meet Carter the two developed a fast friendship as they found the age old rule that TWO is BETTER the one.
    Gimmick: cocky street fighting asshole

    Name:James Carter
    Ring Name: James Carter
    Hometown: Austin,Texas
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 260lbs
    Birthdate: 1982
    Appearance: Carter is white also shaved head sporting a full beard,
    Attire:Carter wearing shorts both white with black scorpion designs on the left side and a rattlesnake on the right james also has his left fist heavly taped

    Finishers: The ko(strong left hook with taped fist)
    sSigniture move: jack is primarly a striker how ever he does favour a snap ddt
    Personality:Carter is the the more level headed but cocky
    Backstory:Carter was an amature boxer and found it was to restricting for his taste so he joined the underground fight scene met Jack Blade in the underground fight scene and the two developed a fast friendship as they found the age old rule that TWO is BETTER the one.
    Gimmick: cocky street fighting asshole

    Tag Team Entrance Style: (they both walk side by side posing and threating to beat any audiance member they think they can beat)
    Tag Team Music: Fight club-violent j
    Tag Team Finisher: double knockout (jack lifts up opponent and drops in a flapjack onto an uppercut from carter)
    Double Team Moves: jack holds one of the oppenents and lets carter use him as a punching bag

    Ryan Danielson
    Show Spoiler

    Name: William Danielson
    Ring Name: Ryan Danielson
    Nick Name:
    Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
    Height:1.86 metres
    Weight: 95 kilos
    Birthdate: 12 April 1982
    Appearance: Short, yellow haired. Hazel eyed and his arms are covered by tattoos.
    Attire: Wears designed wrestling tights. In non wrestling he usually wear casual clothes, jeans, shirt and leather jacket
    • Heel: A cocky, arrogant man. Who doesnt't care anyone but himself. Against the country he is in, traditional.
    • Face:A man who back down from anything, fights for what he believes.
    Style Of Wrestling: Technical
    Finishers: Bridging German Suplex, Canadian Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf but renamed)
    Signatures:Snap Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Full Nelson, Knife Edge Chop, Inverted DDT, Flying Crossbody, Triangle Plancha, Enzuigiri, Boston Crab, Swinging Neckbreaker, Diving Elbow Drop

    Entrance Style: Blue lights, lights are flashing. Wrestler enters with confidence. He interact with the fans as he is on his way to ring
    Entrance Music: Manga- Fly To Sty Alive
    Personality: He is a cool man. Loved by fans. Loves to interact with the fans. Loves professional wrestling. He is charismatic and calm but when he gets angry he can't control himself.
    Backstory:Grew up in Turkey and wanted to be a Professional Wrestler since he is 13 years old but because of the lack of interest to Pro Wrestling in Turkey he is mocked by his friends but against all odds he make his dreams come true.
    • Face - One of the fans ( A Man who wanted to become Pro Wrestler and done it and great in ring skills)
    • Heel - Cocky
    Preferred Show: Warzone

    Tianie Leigh
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Tianie-Finn Leigh
    Ring Name: Tianie Leigh
    Nick Name: Tianie
    Hometown: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 145 pounds
    Birthdate: July 14, 1985
    • Heel: [​IMG]
    • Face: [​IMG]
    Style Of Wrestling: Techinical
    Sitout double underhook facebuster
    Inverted facelock neckbreaker slam
    Headscissors takedown
    Triangle choke
    Missile dropkick
    European uppercut
    Entrance Style: Like Maryse's, but imagine her doing Kisses to get pop, slow in going in between ropes.
    Entrance Music:

    Blue - Bounce
    Personality: Nice, classy, witty, and usually seen reading a book. A great singer. She gains confidence when she appears to the crowd.
    A daughter of a famous singer (Duncan Matthews), she lived a wonderful life full of privileges. When she was 16, she was to be kidnapped while attending a friend's party. She defended herself, and she liked the feeling of the adrenaline rush. She started to go to wrestling school behind his dad. When she was 21, she was dominating the indies in a cover-up name Leighton Williams without her dad or the press knowing about it. She just told her dad and the public the day she received her Federation X contract. Eventually, he received it happily, for he was a fan of wrestling when he was a child. She's a Harvard Law Graduate, with a pre-law course of Journalism in UCLA, both finishing with honors.
    • Face: A girl who tries to please everyone with her skills.
    • Heel: Uses tactics to steer clear of matches, usually using laws.
  6. Thread to save space

    Federation X Title History

    Federation X Championship (Fed X) : X Championship (X) : Warrior's Championship (W/C) : Internet Championship (I/C) : Stars Of X Tag Team Champion (SOX TT):
    Warzone Tag Team Champion (W TT): Gladiator Champion (G/C): Royal Crown Champion (RC/C):


    Aids Johnson: (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Austin Andrews (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Alex Kidd: (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Apollo CK (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Buster Bones (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (TT): 1


    Butch Bones (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (TT): 1


    Curt Cutlass (Fed X) : 1 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 1


    Hans (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Iron Baba (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Jack Felix (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Jacob Styles (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    James Fatal (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Joey Saturn (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 1 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Johnny Hernandez (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    King Geordie (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Luis Boden (Fed X) : 1 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Lacky (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Logan Black (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Madd Dogg (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Mark White (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Masked Machine (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Mike Silva: (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Muhammad Ashraf (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Patrick Clash (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Phreak (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    PuffPuffPass (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Ramees (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Razor (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    RA Kyro: (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Reverand Iscariot (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Ronny Williams (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Ryan Fenix (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Ryo Akita (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Sam Cornell (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Spike: (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Super Spider (Fed X) : 1 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    The Sholi (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) :1 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    The Smasher (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Taylor Tajiri Kidd (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Vinnie Rose (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Wesley Allen (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0


    Zack Schmidt (Fed X) : 0 (X) : 0 (W/C) : 0 (I/C) : 0 (SOX TT): 0 (W TT): 0 (G/C): 0 (RC/C): 0
  7. Thread to save space

    Current Champions

    Luis Boden-----Federation X Champion
    Beat Curt Cutlass (The Champion) at Summer Bash in a falls count anywhere match at Summer Bash

    Joey Saturn-----X-Champion
    Beat Spike in the finals on Stars of X (14/07/2012) after footage played of Saturn touching up Spike's sister while she was in hospital causing Spike to attack and get himself Disqualified

    Bones Brothers-----Stars Of X Tag Team Championship
    The Bones Brothers won the titles in a Triple Threat TLC Match on Stars of X (19/05/2012) beating the team of Hans and Masked Machine and the team of Jack Felix and Ronny Williams

    Alex Kidd-----Internet Championship
    Alex Kidd won the Internet Championship at Summer Bash defeating Vinnie Rose, Ronnie Williams & Jack Felix to become the champion
  8. Federation X Wikipedia (Catch Up)

    Federation X Wiki-Threads

    *****Currently Still Building*****

    This section is for those who are new to the forums and those who may have missed a few weeks and need to catch up. The Wiki has various types of threads.

    Superstars: This thread has their finishing and signature moves they use. Their nicknames, championship history, entrance theme music and then the history of the character

    Tag Teams: This thread has the team's finishing moves, their managers, entrance themes, and the history of the team

    Championships: This thread has a list of the superstars who have held the championship, the event they won it, number of days they held it for and notes on the match they won it

    PPV: This thread has a list of the PPV and in each PPV is the background of the match, the result of the event, the aftermath of the event, the match results of the PPV, the fans reactions of the event and the credits of the event

    Aids Johnson
    Curt Cutlass
    Iron Baba
    Jacob Styles
    Mike Silva
    Patrick Clash
    RA Kyro
    Vinnie Rose

    Former Superstars:
    Alex Kidd

    Tag Teams:
    Clash Of Styles

    Federation X Championship
    Stars Of X Tag Team Championship
    Internet Championship
    Warrior's Championship
    Gladiator's Championship
    Warzone Tag Team Championship
    Royal Crown Championship

    King Of The World
    Battle Lines
    Clash of The Titans
    Summer Bash
    No Limit
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  9. Federation X: FAQ, Rosters, Championships, ect

    Current Shows:​

    Stars Of X:
    Show Spoiler

    Stars Of X is a show for Federation X. It is posted on Saturdays. People can tweet on the #SOX to talk about the shows.

    Current Staff:

    Booker: Sackfist

    Writers: Sackfist, Farooq & Asskicker

    Show Spoiler

    Warzone is the 2nd show for Federation X. It is posted on Wednesdays. People can tweet #Warzone to talk about the shows

    Booker: Stopspot

    Writers: Stopspot, Regality

    Show Spoiler

    TNT is Federation X's development territory for Federation X, This is where new stars go to mainly and are picked up by either Stars Of X or Warzone.

    Booker: NO!

    Writers: NO!

    Show Spoiler

    Newswires are news on Federation X. They feature Top superstar, Power 5, Analyzing Trends and such

    Current Staff:

    Writers: Y2J Enigma, Sackfist, Stopspot

    Want to start your own show for Federation X?

    Show Spoiler

    If you want to start a show for Federation X, we ask you to meet the following requirements:

    • Able to commit to running the show fully (Able to fully dedicate to running the show, This means that you can run the show weekly without help needed from anyone except your writers)
    • There is enough superstars to fill your roster and not in use from someone else (There should be enough superstars in development to fill your roster)
    • Already have people willing to write on your show(You must have already have writers confirmed to write for you and can also dedicate to writing)

    If you abide by those requirements, we then ask you to PM Sackfist about your show, We require:

    Show Name:
    Desired Roster: (Will change, and a roster will be sorted out)
    Day your will post: (What day will the show be posted on to the public)
    Show Staff: Booker, Writers.
    Type of show: Development territory, Wrestling show, other....
    Number of Segments per show: How many segments will you run as standard
    PPV's you will run: If you want to run your own PPV's we ask the names and dates of those

    Once you have PM'd this and had approval, you will have a roster to work with, we then require your overall bookings to a PPV, if we have a dual PPV before your 1st one, we will post the date. We require a week by week of each feud, which is where u say what happens in the feud and a match card of the matches.

    Once we have approval, we will invite you to creative. Read our welcome pack thread and then begin making your show.
  10. Help Wanted

    Help Wanted!

    If you want to join Federation X, we have the current positions available:

    SOX Writer
    Show Spoiler

    This involves writing matches and promos for Stars Of X. As a writer you can also offer your ideas to storylines and such.

    As a writer, you will be given bookings and you then will write up a segment based off the bookings. Stars Of X tries to write shows so they are a number of shows ahead of posting, so you must be able to produce segments as fast as possible. Your standard segment responsibility is 2 segments a week, usually a match and a promo.

    You will also be required to write PPV segments for SOX PPV's and SOX matches on dual branded PPVS

    As a Stars Of X writer, we prefer you take on 4 segments a week, 2 from one show and 2 from the following weeks show. We have templates for you to aid you when writing

    Warzone Writer
    Show Spoiler

    This involves writing matches and promos for Warzone. As a writer you can also offer your ideas to storylines and such.

    As a writer, you will be given bookings by the booker and produce them before posting date. You will be given 2 segments a week to write.

    You will also be required to write PPV segments for Warzone PPV's and Warzone matches on dual branded PPV's

    TNT Writer
    Show Spoiler

    This involves writing matches and promos for TNT. As a writer you can also offer your ideas to storylines and such.

    As a writer you will be given 1-2 segments a week to write.

    News writer:
    Show Spoiler

    This involves writing news articles for Warzone, Stars Of X, TNT and Federation X in general. As a writer you can also offer your ideas to storylines and such.

    As a News writer, you will be required to look at responses from members, look at the #SOX, #Warzone and #TNT threads to see what is "trending" in those threads. Bookers will give you some info to write an article on, such as spoilers for the next show, news for PPV's, and general news to post.

    You will be required to write up 3 threads a week minimum
  11. Fill

    Character Interviews

    Want to let your character do a interview? Partake in the federation experience and be the voice of your character? Then I am your man!

    If you are interested then PM me and ask to do a interview, if you have multiple characters specify which one it refers to. I will get back to you once I and the bookers have written up the questions. You will then get to answer them and PM me the answers. They will then be posted in a thread. Please note that all answers must be in connection the the questions that in itself are connected to your characters story arc. All answers that go outside of these realms will be ignored and you will be asked to submit new answers.

    PM by clicking the button below here. Hope to hear from you!


    Click the Link to send a PM to Stopspot:
  12. Federation X Fans Title History

    Poster Maniac (Fed X) : Post the most Posts on a Show Preview cards.

    Federation X History Student (X/H) : Answering History Questions correctly before anyone else

    Quiz Master (Qz) : Get the highest rating on a Federation X Quiz

    Psychic (Psy) : Get the most predictions correct

    Greatest Critic (Rat) : Leave the most extensive rating

    Avid Reader (Avid) : Answering the most Questions in rating thread.


    Hannah James (P/M) : 2 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    King Regality (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Samalan (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Dat Kid From Jersey (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 2 (Avid) : 0


    World'sGreatest-Ace Young (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Jose Tortilla (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    R'Albin (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 1 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Y2J Enigma (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    CM Punk (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Seabs (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 1 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Testify (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Lacky (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Captain Of Peepulation (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 0 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 0


    Ariana Grande (P/M) : 0 (X/H) : 1 (Qz) : 0 (Psy) : 0 (Rat) : 0 (Avid) : 1

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