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  1. The site was compromised today at around half 5 I think it was. There was a Mulci Shell uploaded to the server, the main reason why every user needs to read this.

    Long story short we had to delete absolutely everything on the server and reinstall MyBB to make sure nothing remained infected. One thing that could have happened is the database being leaked. That is a possibility, which is the reason why I ask all of you to change your passwords.

    Sites are hacked all the time so we're lucky we've not lost a single post. Though the theme has to remain this horrible default theme for now until Jordan comes on, as the backed up files are infected so he'll need to re install it. Further updates will be posted here.

    All I ask of you is to not complain about the lack of theme/plugins at the moment, we're working our asses off. Keep on posting as normal. Theme should be back as soon as Jordan is on, so hopefully later tonight if not tomorrow morning.

  2. First thing I did was change my password. Glad to see none of the posts were lost.
  3. No plugins are installed at the moment, we'll be dropping quite a few plugins.

    -Anonymous' plugins

    Will be the plugins that remain at the moment when we install them.
  4. That seems to be all we'd need tbh. Changed my password anyway, thanks for keeping us updated Crayo. Logo looks epic btw.
  5. Forgot to post what we think caused the shell to be able to be uploaded. That was the vast majority of plugins we had, we had quite a few that we didn't need but they were just handy little features. As you say, we only really need those above.

    I'm part of the "big board owners" group on so I can ask users like Omniscient for help making sure the site is secure now and how I can further keep it secure. Will be posting all potential plugin installations to the developers too to make sure they're safe. I'll probably be completely paranoid now.
  6. Sometimes it's good to be paranoid, better safe then sorry.
  7. Changed my password. Thanks for letting us know :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I love the logo.

  9. I love your sarcasm.
  10. Ha! I did it



    Im not changing my passwords :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. I miss the old template.
  12. It'll be here :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Everything okay on the theme? We managed to recover it.
  14. So will we get then back 1 you fix the site?

  15. Site is more or less fixed. They'll be re-added soon.
  16. Other one will be here in minutes, Anonymous was just playing with something.

  17. WWEforums theme works fine at the minute.

    Am I special or is it fine for everyone?
  18. Forced it on all users now. Should be fine for everyone.

    Still no plugins here.

  19. Should be fine for everyone.
  20. I have some predictions on who did this.

    Elmo is after us. I knew he noticed that I added him to the hitlist.

    I'm changing my password. There is no way Elmo is going to take me down.
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