Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions about: AJ Styles

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by King Of Armageddon, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. Tell me what are your overall impressions [past, present and/or future] of the the specific wrestler(s). Share any ideas/suggestions that WWE should try with the specific wrestler(s). Lastly, ask any and all real questions regarding the specific wrestler(s).

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  2. Please feel free to use my format or your own, just make sure to provide all of your "Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions" in the post. Also, you can comment or reply to each others post but include your "I, I & I" first. Okay so here are my own "Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions" about AJ Styles:

    Impressions: I didn't know anybody about AJ Styles, a few friends used to tell me about how great he is and he needed to outshine John Cena (and all other male superstars) if he ever made it to the WWE. Then the rumors came that he was possibly on his way to WWE, fans were super hyped but didn't know exactly when he would be brought in. Then lo and behold, he pops up as an entry in one of the Royal Rumbles. First thing, I didn't care for the organ played/rap entrance music which if I'm not mistaken confused even his diehard fans. He performed pretty well in the Rumble and did a decent job being the humble new guy once he appeared on his first WWE show. I loved the angle they gave AJ with Y2J wanting to challenge him and vice versa. It wasn't long before WWE had AJ Styles become friends with Jericho, form the tag team Y2AJ and then Jericho turned on him making for a Wrestlemania moment. They had great promos together which looks to be easy because Jericho can handle any writing direction in my opinion. I liked how he turned heel right before The Club members, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came over to WWE. I didn't care for the cockiness but he was heel so I understood it plus his fans wanted AJ Styles to test all these top superstars especially John Cena. I didn't care for him winning the WWE World Championship so quickly within months of him arriving to WWE. The AJ Styles & Shane McMahon feud (that led to another Wrestlemania moment), it wasn't the best idea but they both made it work very well. Then after that, AJ Styles turn back to being a face again and a top player on Smackdown Live (not like he wasn't already doing well). So I'm enjoying this guy's work, he does great on the mic, performs in the ring even better than when he first came to WWE, completely runs the show well and handle feuds very well. I love this new KO vs AJ feud that has developed and hope WWE keep revisiting it down the line.

    Ideas: I don't feel like there needs to be anything changed or improved at this moment. He has clearly adapted to WWE very well, has great merch (every time I look up, I see a new shirt or new color for his shirts) and he is definitely a top prospect on any and every level. I would like to see in the future that two-tone split colored (one side of his pants/glove one color and the other side/glove another color) gear that he has sometimes used. Maybe in more colors than just red and blue, black and white or gray and white.

    Inquisitions: What will WWE have next for AJ Styles after Summerslam?? Will they ever revisit The Club at some point?? Will that Club include Finn Balor or more members?? When is the official build up for Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles?? Is WWE going to get sloppy and rush the Nakamura vs Styles Wrestlemania match next year?? Who will be the next opponent if AJ Styles retains the US title at Summerslam??

    That's it for me, sorry if my impressions got way too long. I had a lot to get off my chest, have fun and enjoy this thread.
  3. Impressions: He's a cool guy both in and out the ring. He has talent. He knows how to win over a crowd as a face and a heel. I enjoy watching him... Even though he reminds me of my cousin's mom. That scares me a bit...

    Ideas: I would like to see the Bullet Club become a thing in the WWE in the future. They will do what NEXUS only began to do.

    Inquisitions: He will continue to be in the spot light because of skill and I am sure a lot of other wrestlers will learn from him. Not sure where the story lines will go but almost every single one he has been involved in, I have enjoyed.
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  4. Does there have to be an official announcement for Nak vs AJ? Why do we have to expect a thing we've been given no reason to expect? They did a stand-off on one match. I want to see more too, but I'm not expecting some "official announcement". It may happen, it may not. Everyone wanted Hogan vs Flair in WWF, and it ended up not being the thing they all thought it was. Hence Hogan vs Sid and Flair vs Mach at WM8.
  5. double post
  6. To answer your questions: No, there doesn't have to be an official announcement, I never asked for that. I was referring to that moment (segment) that we see that animosity build up between AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura. Apparently, the both of them already had a good feud before coming to WWE and WWE has touched on that. First, there was a tag team match on Smackdown Live where Nakamura & Styles teamed up and AJ said in a segment how they didn't get along in the past even battled against each other, so yes WWE is hinting. The other time was a 6 man tag team match with Nakamura, Styles & Zayn, another segment shot with Styles saying how well they worked last time and all. Then, there was the short face to face at Money In The Bank. So let's not make any mistakes, this is straight out of WWE handbook to create moments right before making bigger ones. They've done the same with Zayn & Owens, (doing the same with) Rollins & Ambrose and so on. So I'm not super excited but I WANT TO KNOW, are we as fans just getting some sloppy work put together for a Styles & Nakamura feud? Is WWE going to wait next year (or when the time is right) to ignite the feud? That's my personal curiosity and I believe I'm entitled to that.

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