Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions about: Alexa Bliss

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by King Of Armageddon, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Again, this is someone I don't know much about her before her first appearance arriving on Smackdown Live. So any additional information is welcomed in this discussion as we cover these 3 I's (Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions).

    So here we go:

    Impressions: I remember when she first appeared on Smackdown Live and she had this "cheerleader-like" persona about her. I had hoped that she wasn't going to be another waste of time (like Dana Brooks at the time) but sure enough she wasn't nothing particularly special. This was UNTIL Suicide Squad came out in theaters and WWE had her transform herself in a Harley Quinn type character (some similarity in the hairstyle, colors and the style of clothes). Ultimately, I knew this wasn't gonna last long before WWE would have to make certain changes and they did. Then they had her become somewhat of a villainess as far as her attitude and quoting a few of the antagonists in princess movies/cartoons. Somehow, people liked Alexa with the many ideas that WWE were using (or thought she was really cute and thick for her size) but I wasn't too thrilled for her as a wrestler. I watched the matches she had especially the feud she had with Becky Lynch and nothing stood out as great to me. Most of the time, Alexa Bliss used her heel tricks to win or escape her matches (and still does). I don't really understand her as a champion (and a champion of both shows, at that) because she does nothing as a champion besides clown on anybody she can but even that isn't as great as it should be. I don't know about this one, I like that she's cute and all, I think she has potential to be a great threat in the women's division, mic work is.......hit or miss and besides 2 of her moves everything else in the ring is drab. I want to be impressed or like Alexa Bliss but not just because she looks good.

    Ideas: Maybe WWE can have her lose the title and then become a manager/valet for a superstar who needs it (like Big Cass, Emma, Gallows & Anderson, Sheamus & Cesaro or The Revival). She can probably dig deeper into this "goddess" claim and wear a different attire that resembles a goddess. I just don't know what can be done to help at this point, she doing okay for right now but who's to say how long the success lasts.

    Inquisitions: Where does Alexa Bliss measure up when we have better athletes (like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Natalya and Naomi)? If she lose the title, where does that leave Alexa as far as stories? Does her career has longevity or will it be a lot of mid-level ups and downs?
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  2. She is waaaay better that just a valet.
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  3. I haven't seen that yet, I'm waiting to give her the proper cred.
  4. I was a big fan of Alexa and was incredibly pleased when
    the SmackDown creative team pushed her and gave her
    a run with the SmackDown women's title.

    She has great mic skills, wonderful facial expressions and
    lets be honest...she has a great body and look.

    Her in-ring skills seem limited...but at only 25 years old...
    she is bound to improve.

    But...then she was moved to RAW, interrupted what was
    now doubt a Sasha Banks heel turn and then won the
    RAW women's title within 3 weeks. Her matches haven't
    improved and frankly I think she has reached the point of
    being "over pushed"

    She was also involved with the worst promo segment of
    the year and basically was written to make Bayley look
    like moron.

    I'm over Alexa and hopefully she will be dropping the title
    at SummerSlam (Not to Nia Jax!) seeing as she has basically
    been chasing or had a title during her entire main roster career.

    Of course now she's on Total Divas...who knows what will
    happen...may-be she'll be RAW women's champion for
    300+ days.

    Alexa is great...and will only improve the longer she is around...
    but I think her initial push has gone on long enough.

    I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Alexa move into acting
    sometime during her career.

    I mean...if Eva Marie can do it...Alexa no doubt has the charisma
    and looks to be a TV or Movie star.
  5. Alexa Bliss is a entertaining character and great promo which makes her a stand out within the division. She also has a unique look...well not that unique, her height is both a blessing and curse because on one hand it makes her more...marketable I guess? On the other hand Standing in the ring with most other Women she's not really believable as champion but hey! I'm saying this in a time where a long time professional jobber is now WWE champion possibly co-main eventing SummerSlam with a Japanese icon so anything is possible I guess. Not to mention you know...she's a cute blond with a great body which still matters in WWE so it's safe to say she's not going anywhere based off that. However with all that said she still needs some serious improvement in-ring if WWE insist on keeping her champion in a division where Asuka, Sasha, Charlotte and Becky dwell.

    I think her ceiling in WWE is waaaay higher than a Valet. I think she'll be a pretty important part of the Division down the line and might get super over if she turns babyface.
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  6. Okay maybe the manager/valet comment was a bit much but I do want Alexa Bliss to be more than what she is right now and I believe she has a lot of potential to be shown in her career.
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  7. I love her. Classic heel character. Nothing too low for her. Of course she cheats. She is much better at the heel than her cutesy cheerleader character.

    She is an athlete. No questioning that. I think she puts on a great show in the ring. She is no Charlotte, but she doesn't try to be. She plays it well IMO.

    Her facial expressions alone are entertaining.

    She has gotten the push she has because of her ability on the mic. Few of the girls can be turned loose live with a mic and be trusted to spit out gold for five solid minutes. My beloved Charlotte is great for some quick insults and picking a fight, but not even she can cut a promo like Alexa. She is very talented in that regard.
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  8. The plan on Smackdown, had they kept her, was to turn her face and have her feud with Carmella. Obviously that didn't happen but it does seem likely to be her future.

    I would say that yes, at this point she may be overpushed. Unfortunately there aren't many credible heels on the Raw brand, especially not with her charisma. Emma needed to come back on a more part time schedule to ensure no future injuries and she simply doesn't have the momentum. Meanwhile Banks is in an incredibly difficult situation. Everyone is so desperate for a heel turn that, when she alluded to it after Wrestlemania the fans cheered it.

    It wouldn't be a heel turn if the fans were solidly behind her, it would simply turn any face she was feuding with heel, I.E. Bayley. We'd essentially have Dolph Ziggler "we cheer his heel turn because WWE knew we were right all along and they were wrong" syndrome.

    Alexa vs Paige has been in the pipeline for a while now but Paige has simply been continually unavailable. After Bliss loses the belt she'll be out of the title picture for a little while putting over other faces (Mickie, Brooke et cetera) because she's a character that can lose without losing momentum. She's on Total Divas now so her push will continue but as a top drawer star rather than as a wrestler.

    By the end of this year I expect her to be bigger than the horsewomen.