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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by King Of Armageddon, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Okay so, I wasn't going to even do a thread on this particular person because I hadn't seen her that much expect for on 205 Live (and a couple of Raw segments with 205 superstars). BUT LO AND BEHOLD......WWE decides (or had no other choice due to small amount of women competitors) to add her in one of their 2 women's triple threat matches. So I'm going to write some brief statements and pray you guys, don't attack her character too bad but say what you must, just be civilized when you do.

    And as always, please feel free to use my format or your own, just make sure to provide all of your "Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions" in the post. Also, you can comment or reply to each others post but include your "I, I & I" first. Okay so here are my own"Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions" about Alicia Fox:

    Impressions: I never had a chance to see Alicia Fox's first appearance (I was away on business) so I can't speak on that nor can I speak on her first official debut. I have been informed that Alicia is a former Divas Champion and I've seen her perform in some decent matches. She definitely exude a certain sexiness (outside of her "crazy" persona which she plays too well). I feel like she's an alright superstar nothing too special or important about her at this point and time of her WWE career (which is why they used her in a prolonged storyline for 205 Live).

    Ideas: I don't know if there should be more ideas for Alicia Fox because to me, she doesn't fit in with the new wave of WWE superstars. She could continue her love interest with 205 Live maybe with some jobbers at Raw. Honestly, I think it's time for WWE to part ways with Alicia and replace her with a great female talent.

    Inquisitions: When will WWE get rid of Alicia Fox?? What's next for her??
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  2. Alicia Fox eh. I got nothing! She does a pretty good Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker, and yeah that's about it. I don't see them getting rid of her though because she has been in the company for so long. She will never get higher then where she is at the moment though, and she doesn't need to. She is enhancement talent and nothing more. At least she won the Divas title once, but then again who didn't at that time.
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  3. Yeah but I really REALLY hope that WWE just let her go because honestly at times I forget that she even still work there LOL.
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  4. Yeah she is pretty forgettable all around unfortunately.
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    I like "Crazy Foxy"...or at least the clips I've seen of her "flipping her shit"
    on youtube...

    I also thought she had some really good chemistry with Tom Phillips
    back in the day...but again...those were just some random old clips on

    Foxy has always looked "awkward" in the ring to me...but I have seen
    worse female wrestlers.

    I think the WWE need to get creative and find a spot for her that plays
    to her strengths.

    I actually had an idea of her doing "News-style" updates from behind
    a desk reporting on current and future events. Sort of like a short
    recap/preview show that runs through out the 3 hours of RAW.

    They could do it for one episode and if it doesn't work...have Strowman
    put someone through the set and destroy it.