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Jul 16, 2017
Please feel free to use my format or your own, just make sure to provide all of your "Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions" in the post. Also, you can comment or reply to each others post but include your "I, I & I" first. Okay so here are my own "Impressions, Ideas & Inquisitions" about Apollo Crews:

Impressions: Here's a Black athlete who I thought would have a chance to be a big superstar in WWE. He wasn't a part of a tag team that had a silly gimmick, he wasn't selling a gimmick for his wrestling persona, he didn't have a manager/valet to sell him or his skills. Apollo Crews came to the main roster with pure charisma and a lot of athleticism. And after seeing him in his WWE debut (yes I know he was in NXT but I hardly even glimpse at that show) instantly I said "the next Intercontinental Champion". I enjoyed the feud that The Miz & him had for the Intercontinental Championship, I feel like he deserved winning it but I can wait til that time comes. But then WWE started having him lose quite a bit, taking him out the spotlight at all and reducing him down to your average jobber. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?? I started to almost focus about Apollo Crews as he wasn't being hardly used and then they finally add a background story where Titus O'Neil becomes his motivational coach and eventually as his manager. Now I do love the fun story they're using for Titus & Apollo (& Akira Tozawa & possibly Dana Brooks) but I expect to see more from Apollo Crews, face or heel. Overall, he's one of my current favorites that I'm hoping for.

Ideas: I feel like he's good enough and don't need a gimmick, maybe some more mic time and a little more aggressiveness (which I think WWE is about to do soon). The story/gimmick for "Titus Worldwide", won't harm him or any person to be involved. Actually, I believe Titus Worldwide will elevate a lot of good talents' careers because it's entertaining, fun and versatile in its manner. By versatile in manner, I mean there's a good chance that you'll get clean wins from these members as well as some dirty tricks played for the victories.

What are you gonna get from Apollo Crews in the time to come especially as a member of Titus Worldwide, face or heel?? Is WWE going to eventually move him to 205 Live or back to NXT?? Will Apollo get a decent title run like he deserves??
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Feb 26, 2017
I like him also. I noticed his athleticism and strength immediately. Unfortunately there are quite a few guys not getting the time and attention they need to develop these days.

I don't even have a guess as to what will become of him. It's too hard to guess these days.
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Mar 4, 2014
Really good topic this one, being it's about a certain superstar that - when he first showed up - you'd figure we'd be talking a lot more often then we are these days. That's obviously on WWE since they've barely done anything with the guy, thus making him indifferent to us fans.

The fact of the matter is, Apollo Crews is a perfect example of a genuine talent being wasted. He's obviously a pure athlete with tons of charisma as far as his in-ring abilities are concerned (no question he can pull off some really fantastic moves) but for some reason he's being kept back. They say he has no character and smiles too much but, seriously, when did they ever give him the opportunity? When's the last time they gave him a mic to cut a promo? Did they actually ever give him a mic to begin with? Aside from some backstage segments, have they ever given him anything solid to work with so we can judge whether he's worth it or not?

In all fairness, I too barely watch (or ever watched) NXT aside a handful of selected matches (just too much wrestling throughout the week, which is obviously a different matter) so I wouldn't really know if he had that chance down there and missed it. If so, I do apologize but if not, that's on WWE and he's just another one in the long list of talent coming up from NXT and being treated like shit.

I mean, don't look to far: a) Enzo and Cass split up before even getting one fucking run with the belts, b) American Alpha split up with one small title reign that was anything but memorable, c) they've managed the impossible, Bayley being booed out of the arena. These are just a few notable examples...

As far as what you can do? While I like the idea of him being inserted into the IC title picture, I'm afraid I don't see that possibilty in the near future with Jason Jordan around and apparently headed into a clash with Miz. At the same time, I also am not so sure they are going to give Tozawa the Cruiserweight championship, even though the story seemingly is playing really close to the idea I had pitched a few months back (Titus brand securing Tozawa the opportunity at the belt initially but have a struggle before ultimately reaching the goal). I certainly woudn't mind it, but I don't feel they've done a proper build for it just yet and a potential title change would probably feel underwhelming given Neville's long monster run.

So...why not pair these two, Tozawa and Apollo, and make them a tag team? Should Tozawa indeed fail at Summerslam, I feel it's a pretty easy story to tell: Tozawa dissapointed, Titus as always a possitive guy can comfort his client by telling him something along the lines of "you'll get another chance at that title soon enough" the meantime, being this is still Titus...woooorldwide, he claims he secured another opportunity, involving both his clients, meaning Apollo included, thus enter new team in tag team division. Something like that, you get the drfit...

There's no more Golden Truth, Enzo & Cass have been split up already, the Revival are unlucky as hell and possibly out of action for an extended period of time, Hardy'z may be breaking up soon (eventually Jeff will go on a singles run, it's just inevitable) and Sheamus will be taking some time off as well being he has a movie to film (which is why they are 99% dropping the belts to Rollins and Ambrose at SS).

Bottom line, with all these teams out, some spots need to be filled so why not create from within? If you're going to finally start anything with Apollo Crews, a tag team might be the way to go at this point where he can slowly be getting some more time without being exposed too much, if that's what WWE are worried about; if there's anything to be worrying about anyway...
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Sep 30, 2016
I think Apollo should be dropped back to NXT for say 12 months...
or may-be possibly released so he can work on the indie scene.

I just can't see him getting any real traction on the main roster at
this time.

But in saying that...not people have any traction on the main
roster at the moment.