Other Impressive promos - Krimson

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, May 14, 2013.

  1. Holy hell this guy can talk.
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  2. Unique gimmick (somewhat, I know Ledger inspires a lot of wrestlers in different ways) . He doesn't come off as an overly-talented guy in these videos to me.
  3. I'm now officially on Krimson bandwagon.

    Hell, I'll eve say promo wise, Krimson >> Heel Crimson.
  4. According to Krimson he was on TNA's radar in 2011. He sent multiple promos in to them and was in talks with D-Lo. Nothing came off it though.
  5. Fucking D'Lo. I'm going right now on twitter to fuck his mother because of the fail he did.

    Ironically, TNA signed their Crimson in 2011 too.
  6. Yeah and debuted Joker Sting. Krimson was a bit miffed at it. Since he had been in correspondence with them for about a year at the time. I think the letter he wrote to Dixey is in circulation online still. Not an angry "Fuck u TNA" letter, just him airing his frustration. i'll try finding it.
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