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  1. Despite some bright spots in the division – the debut of Paige, the resurgence of an entertaining Alicia Fox and the lack of the Bella Twins – the women’s side of the WWE has been in a rut for many years with fans clamoring for the days of compelling feuds and competitive matchups for the Women’s Championship. Nowadays, a Diva’s matchup is used for a bathroom break – except maybe if Fox is on television – and the crowd is pretty much silent for the five-minute duration. Sure, AJ Lee is at the top of the division and can perform on the mic and in the ring, but the WWE can’t rely on just one person.

    The WWE has attempted to showcase the talents of Paige, but she has yet to be engaged in a feud or storyline and hasn’t delivered any promos on the mic, except for that weak introduction with Lee after WrestleMania XXX. Indeed, there are some talented women on the roster and something could be done to reignite the division.

    Here are a few ways to improve the WWE Divas Division:


    Years ago, the WWE put on some interesting storylines involving the women: Trish Stratus and Lita; Mickie James and Trish Stratus; Victoria and Trish Stratus; the Fabulous Moolah and Wendi Richter; and Chyna and Ivory. These days, the only feud that seems to transpire is a crossover between Total Divas and non-cast members of Total Divas.

    It’s likely when Lee returns she’ll feud with Paige for a rematch for the title. However, that will likely be the only feud in the division to occur moving forward. Natalya won’t do anything important, Fox will still be thrown into a random match and Tamina won’t even appear until maybe Lee’s return.

    Bottom line: give the fans a decent Divas feud and make them refrain from heading to the washroom.


    Each edition of Monday Night Raw, we take out our stopwatches and we time a Divas match. In most cases, the matches last anywhere from one minute to four minutes, which is certainly isn’t enough time to tell a story in the ring and to put on a stellar match. This is one of the many reasons why this division has become a joke.

    Sure, not every Diva will become a Gail Kim, Judy Grable or Jacqueline – especially considering that the company focuses more on beauty than talent – but focusing more on in-ring ability should be the one main element moving forward. Instead of just having a match for the sake of having a match, let Natalya and Paige go at it on Raw for 10 minutes, give Layla and Summer Rae 10 minutes to do their thing and have Lee and Paige brawl for 15 minutes on pay-per-view.

    Quick two-minute matches won’t do much for anyone.

    Delivering on the Mic

    Brie Bella is/was terrible on the mic, Eva Marie can barely utter a coherent sentence, Cameron is irritating on the mic and Natalya has barely even delivered a promo to give an opinion. This isn’t good, especially when there are only two Divas on the mic that can perform: Paige and AJ Lee, though Paige hasn’t added much to her vernacular since debuting on the main roster.

    For the male wrestlers, having the ability to talk on the mic is just as much or even more important than in-ring talent. For women, it should be just as crucial. Of course, in order to speak on the mic, they have to have some sort of meaning or feud to espouse their feelings or thoughts.

    There are a variety of ways the WWE can immediately have Divas start going at it verbally: Summer Rae and Layla can begin airing their grievances, Natalya can deliver a shoot-promo discussing how she detests playing second-fiddle to the likes of Eva Marie and other Total Divas cast members and perhaps a Diva can pick a fight with Stephanie McMahon – this was hinted at last year between Lee and McMahon but nothing came to fruition unfortunately.

    Monday Night Raw has three hours and a lot of it is consumed by replays, commercials and filler. Those three hours have to be used wisely and each minute has to be maximized. And with the head writer recently getting fired, they have the opportunity to do just that. This can be done by showcasing the talents of the Divas. NXT could do a women's only PPV and it would be great
  2. Women's wrestling doesn't draw shit. It surprises me that they give them their weekly 10 minute segment on RAW every week. I can't see anything changing in years to come. You talk about the glory years of Trish and Lita but their most memorable moments involved them being inserted into men's storylines, like AJ in 2012/13.
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  3. The Diva's matches aren't the only ones people have started to time. Last week I timed Zack Ryder's one minute match and this week's match with Heath Slater was like 33 seconds. I count it from bell to bell.
  4. Pretty much this. Just get rid of the divas division. Hardly anyone would give a shit.
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  5. The sad fact is women's wrestling doesn't draw in the western mainstream. Independent promotions like Shine or Shimmer is the closest you'll get to women's wrestling being a big thing in America.

    In Japan there are multiple women's promotions drawing respectable numbers, but over here I sadly don't see a market for women's wrestling to be taken seriously.
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  6. Well, it's never going to be the top draw or anything but they can have an entertaining midcard division if they use the Divas correctly, just look at NXT. What you have to do is give everyone distinctive characters, time to establish them, mic time, actual matches and meaningful feuds, not just a girl starting to win two-minute matches, pinning the champ and getting a title match. In a way, it's very much the same thing you have to do to have an entertaining midcard, tag division or whatever the hell it is. Just make things mean something instead of throwing it out there and it may not be the main draw or ratings peak but it can be fun.
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  7. I've given up on the Divas, whilst there are some good wrestlers there is also a lot of dead wood. Creative won't do anything good with the divas- two seasons of Total Divas hasn't encouraged them to up their game- the division is still garbage overall.
  8. Raw/Smackdown should be all about a 15 min matches with my girl Paige agaisnt decent women wrestlers like Natalya, Tamina, Emma. Fucking stop with the 3 min matches with girls like Cameron, Alicia
  9. I can solve the problem with two words:

    "Decent writing."

    My name is Wacokid27 and I approve this message.

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  10. I can solve this problem with one number:


    Ax the entire division.

    My name is Ryan Steve and I approve this message.
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  11. R double Ryan Steve.
  12. But that's not going to happen.

    Of course, recent history suggests decent writing isn't going to happen either, but I digress.

  13. The best thing they can possibly do at this point is what Dolph's said. 86 the division... least temporarily. Just take them all off TV, actually announce the reason why (this is important), then restock the roster and reintroduce it in a new, rebranded way. I doubt anyone will care then, either, but it would be a start.

    Too many of the girls are too damaged right now. Paige has absolutely nobody to feud with, even after some character development (holy shit!) Alicia is still the chick who has eaten the pin in every random tag match since 2007. Looking over the roster, assuming AJ is gone, the only chicks they can reasonably do something with are Naomi and Summer Rae, right? Well luckily for us Summer is the best heat magnet in WW.......oh, right, she's a babyface. Hey Waco, what were you saying?
  14. Unfortunately, and you know I hate to agree with Dolph's when it comes to women's wrestling, you are probably both right.

    Killing the division, at least temporarily, is probably the only real way to fix it. Of course, first, you have to vacate the Divas Championship. It's only fair.

    For about six to twelve months, the only women on WWE television should be managers, backstage types, etc. No women should be wrestling, no feuds should be set up. Let the models do their managing gigs (you could still have Layla as Fandango's valet, Brie as DB's, Emma as Santino's, etc.), but no women wrestling.

    Meanwhile, get every woman wrestler in the company down to NXT and let them work on character, in-ring ability, ring psychology, cutting promos. Also, you set up a group of writers to focus on storylines specific to the Divas Division. Note that I wouldn't eliminate the NXT Women's Division. That's where these women could work in front of an audience on their craft.

    A year later, you re-introduce the Divas Division with a series of vignettes focusing on the Divas. Two or three a week for two or three months would be enough. Then, Stephanie or Vickie or somebody with a history in the Divas Division (Trish, Lita, or Mickie James being in the role of a "Divas GM" or "Divas Commissioner" would be fine) announces on Raw that there will be a tournament of 16 Divas to crown a new Divas Champion. These should be 16 women who can wrestle, not models who are better at being managers/valets than wrestlers. Have the tournament play out with the final Divas Championship match being given something of a main event style match at a PPV, preferably a big one like Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble (I wouldn't do it at 'Mania, because there's too much else going on to detract from it; Survivor Series, however, would be perfect). Treat it like a big deal when Natalya or AJ Lee or Paige or whoever is crowned as Divas Champion. Now, you insert some of those Divas-specific storylines.

    Voila. Now the division is treated as important, the Divas have real storylines, and you've given the fans a reason to care about the division.

  15. I read that at the latest tryouts it was mostly models. Kill this division now before it becomes a bigger joke.
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  16. I'm not AS worried with the "models" coming in now due to Del Rey's training down there. They took an LFL player and turned her into a really good heel in Summer Rae, so who knows what else she can do?

    Looking at the Divas' roster, if we're gonna be redoing the division, who are the chicks we'd keep?
    -AJ, after spending all of 2012 putting this chick over they need more return on that than what they got
    -Emma, because she can wrestle and maybe she's salvagable after this Cobra crap. Can't trust the regular creative team with her, though
    -Naomi, very athletic and was built up nicely going into WM
    -Paige if we're gonna be building around workers
    -Summer Rae if they'll let her do something productive

    and that's all I can see. Maybe you can keep Natalya and Alicia around as chicks who can work, but they've eaten too much crap over the years. The Bellas have to be kept around for obvious reasons, ugh, but at least Brie has improved a lot. Cameron and Layla could be fine as valets, there's no reason to keep Rosa, Tamina, or Eva Marie around. Replace those three with Bayley, Sasha, and especially Charlotte and they have a really nice core of 8-10 girls they can build around...

    Actually, scratch all of this. 86 the division until Triple H and the people running and writing NXT take over Raw. Only then will there be any hope for the product overall, especially this division.
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