In Any Promotion Your Fave Ten?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. In every promotion in wrestling right now, who is your current fav ten? This can change at any time so feel free to update it.

    1. (Perma spot) Daniel Bryan
    2. Austin Aries
    3. Prince Devitt
    4. Johnny Gargano
    5. Ricochet
    6. Young Bucks
    7. The Shield (in order: Roman, Ambrose, Rollins)
    8. RedDragon
    9. Tomaso Ciampa
    10. Antonio Cesaro

    Honourable Mentions: Styles, Hero, Magnus, Ibushi, Zack Sabre Jr.

    I like a lot of people and spots 4-10 change often, Gargano moved up to 4. from 8. a few days ago after I watched a spree of his matches. Styles fell off the list in December after he went a bit in active and haven't seen much of his recent stuff. The first 3 spots very very rarely change if ever, Bryan has been top for years now, Aries has been 2 since around December 2012 when I started watching TNA occasionally again he is a guy who caught my eye. Devitt has been number 2 since around March or April this year after I started watching more of his stuff.
  2. Just a side note I know ur #4.
  3. You know him? Thats awesome man. He is extremely talented.
  4. Yea hes good as fuck. And Im not like friends and chill wit him just met him at a few shows b4.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, he seems like the guy who would be really good and chill.
  6. No order:
    Daniel Bryan(WWE)
    Roman Reigns(WWE)
    Austin Aries(TNA)
    Bobby Roode(TNA)
    Antonio Cesaro(WWE)
    Dark Ozz(AAA)
    Zema Ion(TNA)
    John Cena(WWE)
    CM Punk(unemployment line)
  7. Last five spots were hard to choose but here is the list:
    1 Bryan
    2 Hero
    3 Ciampa
    4 Young Bucks
    5 Cesaro
    6 reDRagon
    7 Gargano
    8 Ricochet
    9 Trent
    10 ACH

    Honourable mentions to Roderick Strong,Ibushi, Anthony Nese, Ishimori. So many more tbh.
  8. No order:
    Dean Ambrose
    Bobby Roode
    Johnny Gargano
    Antonio Cesaro
    Seth Rollins
    Xavier Woods
    Austin Aries
    Bad Influence
    Zema Ion
    Alberto Del Rio
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  9. Love seeing any Del Rio love.

    In no order:
    Del Rio
    The Wolves
    Bad Influence
    Mr. Anderson
    Bully Ray
    The Miz (Once he's heel again.)
    Samoa Joe
  10. No Order:

    Prince Devitt
    Kazuchika Okada
    Hiroshi Tanahasi
    The Young Bucks
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Kota Ibushi
    Antonio Cesaro
    Colt Cabana
    The Osirian Portal (Ophidian and Amasis)
    The Colony (Green Ant, Fire Ant and Soldier ant)

    Honorable Mentions: AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, The American Wolves and Delirious

    Shouldn't this be in General Wrestling?
  11. It is in General WWE/F. I was told things concerning every promotion goes here.
  12. No order:
    Cody Rhodes
    Daniel Bryan
    Kyle Oreilly
    Adam Cole
    Kazuchika Okada
    Dolph Ziggler
    Sami Zayn
    Bork Lesnar

    HM: Austin Aries, Seth Rollins, Gargano, Neville, Ibushi and The Young Bucks
  13. 1. weedman
    2. vampiro
    3. dolph ziggler
    4. dean ambrose
    5. magnus
    6. sabu
    7. necro butcher
    8. raven
    9. bobby roode
    10. sting
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