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When WWE is in the process of getting a wrestler over, they often go back to the well and book said wrestler in simple squash matches. These are designed, quite simply, to showcase the wrestler’s talents while making clear they’re unstoppable. Recent cases include the likes of the Viking Raiders.

This process can be an arduous one, however, considering there’s only so much entertainment to be had in watching a monster wrestler squash a much lesser opponent. That’s why I appreciated what we saw in the Erick Rowan squash on Monday Night Raw this week:

The wrestlers brought in to get beat up and lose are so often scrawny little dorks who offer nothing that it was a pleasant surprise that this particular scrawny little dork actually had a plan to try to do the thing all wrestlers should be trying to do: win the match!

It didn’t work, because of course it wouldn’t, but that guy did his research and had an actual strategy he employed. You have to appreciate it.

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