WrestleMania In case you didn't watch WrestleMania 32...

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  1. Figured I would put these tid bit videos here for people who didn't watch but wanted to be updated without having to sit through the entire show. We don't blame you if you didn't want to. lol

  2. Oh, that's very kind of you! :emoji_wink:

    If you're looking to cherry-pick from the show... Just watch the IC title match and Sasha/Becky/Charlotte and then GTFO.
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  3. The ending of the Shane vs Taker match was good when he jumps. I still say that is match of the night cause he coulda hurt himself bad. He didn't have to come back after all these years for one match but he did.
  4. Long and boring match, IMO. The only highlight was Shane having a deathwish and diving off the top of the cell. Gotta give that man respect!
  5. That is what I was referring to. To me, his jump and HHH entrance were the best parts of the night and that is pretty sad. lol Not to take away from the womens title match, that was good and I still say Becky deserves a win.. specially after seeing her face on Raw last night lol
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  6. Taker/Shane was boring and we all knew Shane was going to jump off somethng. That doesn't take anything away from the bump, it was cool to see. I dont want to shit on them too much because Taker is old and Shane's not a rassler. No one was expecting a 5* match. But still, overall the match was pretty bad. I nearly fell asleep.
  7. IC title was MOTN for me. Pretty fun from start to finish.
  8. Women's match would be my MOTN, even though the outcome wasn't desired.

    Shane vs Taker told a good story, but the pacing made it seem like the two going from point A to point B like a rehearsal. There wasn't a lot of emphasis until the moment of the high jump. I'd still place it as my 2nd favorite match since it was still better than most.
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  9. Ditto.
  11. I'm in the women's match camp for MOTN. In a way it shouldn't be a surprise as you all know I love women's wrestling (it's why I married and wrestle @Prince Bálor, he's easy to beat). But honestly I can't remember the last time a women's match was the best match on a main roster PPV. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come.
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  12. Yeah any everyone said that back in 2011 I think it was when Kelly Kelly and I think it was Beth put on the match of the night for Raw. It was like a 20+min match. We have been let down many a time since. lol
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  13. lol @ Kalisto/Ryback being bumped to the pre-show.

    All that prestige that John Cena was said to have given back to the United States Championship and they couldn't even fit a match for the belt on a nearly five-hour Wrestlemania.
  14. Yeah, bro. Gotta have that Battle Royal on the main show.
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