In hindsight, what was your opinion of Cena/Orton?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. It was pretty much the top feud of the one of the worst periods in WWE history (09/10), but as a feud it gets hated on more than I think it should tbh.

    Anyway, for those who remember it, what did you think?

    Here's a lil' video package tribute thing:

    Shows Orton's heel work superbly well imo.
  2. Too much. That's the best way to describe it too much, the initial idea was interesting you had the two huge stars who'd never clashed but they over did it. They gave great chemistry though.
  3. I loved this feud, It got so personal and it was overall entertaining. Ive always been a fan of long feuds when they stay fresh and exciting and this is a good example, They were both beating each other for the title a lot and Legacy was involved it was great for me.
  4. Poorly. On the promo/story side, I remember about next to nothing on this feud and considering I have a high retention rate for stuff like wrestling that's not a good thing. I remember way more of the story from their 07 feud before Cena got injured than this one. From what I do remember, it was boring. But that was kind of the norm back then I suppose.

    As for matches, it's a mix-bag. Their I Quit match at Breaking Point was boring as all hell, 83% of it was just kendo stick shots. Their Iron-man match at Bragging Rights on the other-hand, was much better. Perhaps my second favorite depending on how I feel about the original at the moment (Lesnar/Angle will always be number one; I've only seen those three), they were good at keeping variety and managed to keep me entertained for about forty-five of the minutes they were given, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.
  5. It was one of my favorite Cena feuds and it really accelerated Orton as THE top heel of the company, that's why it bothers me so much when WWE doesn't have anything to do for Orton. I know his mic skills leave much to be desired, but his in ring is great.
  6. Randy Orton Face = 3/10
    Randy Orton Heel = 9/10
  7. It lasted forever! They main evented damn near every PPV, but outside of that small detail it was a great feud that's for sure.
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  8. Pretty much this^

    I think it was good, but if the feud was half the time it was, then it would have been much much better.
  9. Honestly I would love to see some storyline where they went at it one more time before they retired. The feud was good, but it's definitely no Aj Styles vs Christopher Daniels.
  10. amazing package. Love that randy
  11. I didn't watch the WWE during that time. I was just a casual.
    However my little bro used to, and he was a big mark of Cena. So I waetched some matcues with him. I remember once, they were on the top of the steel cage. And also, when Randy RKO Cena on a chair. He then became my favourite superstar until last summer, when I started to watch again. When I realised they fucked him up.
    Really like what I've seen.
  12. i remember them playing hot potato with the title for two years the matches were enjoyable, the promos not so much but it was a great feud imo.
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