In honour of Optimus (The user)

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  1. Post your favorite transformers moments.
  2. I'm guessing this is the name Crayo had? :true:
  3. If I had it my way I would still have that name. User backlash was horrific.
  4. Trasnformers sucks :pity:
  5. I remember all those prophs complaining.
  6. :bury:
  7. I agree, Transformers are cool though.
  8. Still, nowhere near as bad as Anxiety :eww:
  9. That name :dawg:

    Crayola what were you thinking :smug:
  10. Did he have Anxiety? :true:
  11. I'm known as Anxiety on, so thought I'd use it here. Gtfo you bullies and be a star.
  13. ? :dawg:
  14. Sunderland is the ultimate insult to humanity, I'm just guessing.
  15. The post was meant to insinuate that your club is terrible and an embarrassment to football, but you don't need my post to know that.
  16. Glory supporter.

    You should be support your local club, Fowey United in the Duchy League!
  17. I got an invalid url error, not sure if on purpose.
  18. Fowey United, They Suck ass Truro FTW!
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