In honour of Sky....

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  1. Had it on Spotify, but the stupid tags don't work or you removed them, so YouTube will do..


    Hi Crayo
  2. WTF is a Sky?
  3. :maybe::finger:


  4. Firstly, no one knows Xanth by the name of Sky here except a mere few so that's pointless. Second, Taylor Swift sucks.
  5. Was he Sky or HF or something similar? I really can't remember lol.
  6. He was Sky for months? :hmm:

    Taylor Swift is hot. And that song is good.


    Yeah Seabs, on HF and here for a while (you should remember of all people! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P)
  7. No he wasn't, he was Xanth from like day 3 or something.
  8. No dat lies.

    He was Sky for at least 10 days.
  9. This was like a year ago, how do you people remember these things?
  10. Even if true, you still feel the need to address him as Sky when he's been Xanth here for 10 months.
  11. I wanted the name Sky, but it was banned. :bury:
  12. I remember when Lackey had an E in his name.
  13. [​IMG]

    Because Sky > Xanth. I don't even know how you pronounce his name... 'zanth' or 'x-anth' :hmm:
  14. I remember when that never happened. :smug:
  15. Made the same mistake myself. Zanth.
  16. Bro don't deny it, you had a huge E in you at some point.
  17. Also I don't use Skype / have Xanth so i wouldn't know.
  18. Remember when we spoke but your mic was fucking horrific? Miss your disgusting northern accent :emoji_slight_frown:.
  19. Whatever happened to that Kill Steen Kill guy that used to post on here?
  20. :yes: god that was fun
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