In light of Dwyane Johnsons presidential election announcement

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gman003, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. So I'm watching Wrestlemania 14 from 1998 as I'm typing this.

    At 24:15, Jennifer flowers sits down with the rock in an interview.

    Her first question is:
    If you could lead this country--

    "I wouldn't call it leading, it would be ruling"

    OK if the rock could rule this country what would you do about the homeless situation?

    End quote because that's as far as I've seen before I paused to type this.

    Sooooo 19 years ago he was asked this question and now in 2017 it's becoming a reality. And to be completely honest, in the world we live in today, he has an incredible chance of doing so in 2020. There's no doubt if he's pitted against trump, it'll be a landslide.

    That's crazy. That's really crazy.

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Trump will be impeached by 2020, considering right now he is legit a mistake away from getting his party to turn on him.

    Also, to be honest, while the thought of him as his wrestling persona in a debate would please my marky heart, I honestly don't want to see Dwayne as President.

    People criticise politicians all the time saying "They're all the same, they're crooked, they never accomplish anything, all of them ate liars etc." But, you need someone experienced at the office to... Ya know, keep the country from falling apart. Dwayne Johnson is a great human being, but he would be inexperienced and honestly may not do well in office. Not as bad as Trump, but your President shouldn't just be a "celebrity" they need to be a strong leader who understands concepts such as Foreign Policy, soft and hard power, ways to run an economy, what is constitutional and more and it isn't a job that any person can have, so Dywayne, maybe if you get a few years under your belt first... But nty.
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  3. I am fully convinced it takes a real psychopath to run this country. He is not. It would not end well for him if elected.
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    We don't need another celebrity in the white house so soon. We need a few years of normal politicians with their normal bullshit before another unqualified dickhead stumbles their way into office
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  5. Grumpy Cat for President 2020 :grumpyxmas:
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  6. Why does nobody like Trump as President?
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  7. We all know how a president should be, but as society is today... it's all about celebrity status. Who's more popular. And who doesn't know the rock?
    He's the rock!

    If steve Austin ran republican and rock ran democrat... oh man America would explode lol
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  8. He says things people don't want to hear.

    He may be a lot of things but he has been the most honest president we have had in years. When he says he will do something, he is doing it or at least trying to. This world is so ass-backward right now that the truth and freedom of speech are the biggest enemies in politics. The alt-right makes Trump look like some kind of "god" and the alt-left calls him Hitler. People are just morons. It has become a trend to be into politics. Most people who say they hate Trump don't even know about any policies he is for or against, they just like calling him a racist/sexist. Then the other side who is wedged so far between his butt-cheeks ignores everything he has done or is doing wrong.
  9. Vince would die via ejaculation.
  10. *I voted for Trump*..
  11. I do remember the times he wrestled. It hard to believe that He actually did some matches few years ago.
  12. The country isn't falling apart. Only whiny lefties are protesting, and for no good reason at that.
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  13. Can u just IMAGINE If that were true? Haha, That'd be pretty sweet!
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  14. I'm not out there 'protesting' or anything like that, but I do have a reason to be against him, and it's not because I'm a whiny lefty. The reason I have healthcare right now is because of the ACA, so I'd really like it if it didn't get repealed
  15. Trump will win in 2020. The Rock isn't going to give up his Hollywood career for politics. If the economy stays strong under Trump then he will win in 2020. If Republicans win more Senate seats in 2018, which I believe they will, then Trump will be able to pass the key legislation that he campaigned on. As long as that happens and we aren't at war then Trump is going to win in 2020
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    As far as Trump being President, I dnt see anything wrong that he's doing. I mean he's Doing all that he said he would do once he became President. So......
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  17. People hate on Trump like they hate on Roman Reigns. It's ridiculous. Trump makes America great just like how Roman makes wrestling great.
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  18. Hey, Botchie, He's just expressing his own opinion, Man! If ya want to hv a presidential debate take it over to my Thread: President Trump.
  19. Hey I was pulling for trump in this past election.

    Although I'm in Canada and can't vote obviously, and Trump could be bad for my country, for America he was definitely the better option and would be against the rock as well. At least he'd have 4 years of experience.

    And really I can't bash trump having no prior experience when my country voted in a fucking substitute drama teacher with 'nice hair' because of who his father was.
  20. Hm yeah I agree. I live in Australia and the whole "could trump be president became a meme" and I would see on facebook posted by pages like Buzzfeed "Trump is racist" blah blah and I would see girls who go to my high school or surrounding schools who share that post and say "OMG I HATE HIM HIS SO BAD" and this is the same for all uneducated people when it came to trump. If you weren't into the politics the whole Trump thing became massive and everyone who wasn't interested was hearing one thing and inputting their opinion without reason.

    I never believe half the shit I read on facebook and I decided why not do a lil research and what did I find?
    Donald Trump is removing all "illegal" Mexicans from the USA. I've seen people who are native to Mexico, but are legal in the USA cry in anger that Trunp is a piece of shit and they don't wanna be deported. BUT IT IS LEGIT ONLY FOR ILLEGALS. If you are legally in the country it's fine.

    Now I know Trump has done a lot of bad things and I don't support him only because I don't follow politics that closely so I don't know enough to support, but that was just one example.
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