In my opinion, Piper ruined Pipers Pit.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Yes, wtf Crayo? Piper ruining one of the best talk shows in history? Which he hosts? Bullshit.

    Well it's true in my opinion. HE was either drunk or just spotlight thirsty because he kept interrupting the people who were supposed to be benefiting from the show. I remember one point Jericho was cutting a promo and Piper kept trying to interrupt so Jericho just put his hand on Pipers mic and pushed it down lmao.

    It was a great segment either way but he needs to learn to shut up out there or be sober.
  2. He was absolutely hammered, was disgraceful I thought. Such a shame as the segment had soooo much potential.
  3. I still think the segment was awesome, it's further build to an awesome feud and had three amazing mic workers in the ring (not including Piper). But he was just annoying lol.
  4. Yeah I was really pissed off with him for that. The rest were all awesome, especially Ziggler IMO who was the best of the lot by quite a bit last night.
  5. It was a tie with Jericho in my opinion, mainly because I mark hard for his catch phrases. I'm going to watch it back again, Jericho had so much intensity in his promo. Ziggler/Jericho has fast become my joint favourite feud in WWE with Sheamful and ADR.
  6. I've actually not minded ADR/Sheamus but I've not enjoyed that anywhere near as much as I have Ziggler/Jericho. The booking hasn't been as good for the latter but the mic segments have been miles better.

    Just me that loved Cole's remarks during Piper's pit by the way? Lmao.
  7. Cole saying it stunk because it was face v face made me lol. I love Cole.
  8. "Who is Piper talking to?" as well :lol1:

    Just re-watching it, Jericho's promo on Vickie did actually feel like genuine heat, was awesome.
  9. Gimme a link and a time lmao I'm lazy :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. One sec I've moved on to the Stone Cold/Carlito Piper's pit :otunga:
  11. Such a badass.
  12. I know :otunga:

    5:12 :lol1:
  13. Jericho with his "will you shut the hell up" line won it for me. Wow he literally had to keep one eye on piper too.
  14. Yeah that was amazing. So much passion in his voice. Yeah I seen him telling Roddy to shut up whilst he was doing it as well, must have been really distracting for them all to have to worry about him as well as cut a good promo.
  15. Thought that was done to set-up Ziggler's line about him being washed up. Could be wrong, though.
  16. Piper drinking too much whisky!
  17. he was straight up rough last night. Must have had some pain meds and a few. The worst is when Miz comes otu and he is just rambling.
  18. ROWDY Roddy Piper :isee:
  19. Last night he was Roughed up Roddy.
  20. Piper is normally a great mic worker but he was under effect of something last night, lol. I did find it weird, he kept talking pointless crap and interrupting people. :lol1:
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