In Regards To Seth Adopting 'The Pedigree' As His Finisher...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 25, 2015.

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  1. This isn't exactly a big hunch or a genius bit of insight on my part or anything (not this time anyway), but does anyone think that when Seth eventually turns babyface and instigates a rivalry with HHH at some point (sometime next year, of course) that he'll end up ditching the Pedigree and either reintroducing the Curb Stomp or adopting a new finisher altogether as a way of ridding himself (in the kayfabe/storyline sense) of any and all influence of HHH and The Authority for good and becoming his own man?

    It's not that I see any issue with him using the Pedigree as his permanent finisher from now or anything (other than the fact that HHH isn't even completely retired yet, plus the fact that the Curb Stomp was 100x better), and I can certainly get why HHH would choose Rollins as the guy to pass it on to in real life (being that Seth is a protege of his of sorts, both on-screen and off), but it's something that occurred to me earlier while discussing this on another forum.
  2. Yes, I agree.
    When Rollins finally turns babyface, he will be ditching the Pedigree (I'm glad he's stopped using that lame ass DDT, tho) as his finisher and hopefully bringing back the Curb Stomp.
    Speaking of Curb Stomp, the word on the street is Curb Stomp will be back once WWE's done dealing with all the concussion lawsuits.

    As far as Trips/Seth feud goes, it really wouldn't surprise me if it happened as early as post-SummerSlam Raw episode.
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  3. I'm all for Seth using the pedigree at the moment as the "future" and being backed by the authority. until he turns on the authority by "pedigreeing" Triple H and hopefully bringing back the Curb Stomp as it is such a superior move both visually and effectively (Also the fact it can be hit at the drop of a hat). I'm just glad that awful DDT is gone.
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    Seth out-brawling HHH and hitting him with the Pedigree, and then following that up moments later with a vicious Curb Stomp (which by that point would be the first Curb Stomp that we would have seen in a long, long time, so you can expect a massive pop for that one most likely) as HHH tries to stumble to his feet while Stephanie watches in horror as the unraveling of The Authority happens before her very eyes would be an epic Raw moment.
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  5. This is a joke (not the thread, but the adoption). Why is HHH passing on his finisher onto a jobber like Seth Rollins? Rollins isn't garbage by any means, but he isn't HHH.
    This is unlike Flair/Miz because Rollins is a heel, or should I say anti-face.
    It screams desperation because they are trying to milk this heel run in the same fashion they did with CM Punk, when Punk was actually a heel.
    If Rollins needs to steal another man's gimmick to make this rumored long reign relevant, then don't bother. It will merely be a side note to otherwise historically boring anti-face run.

    Heels don't exist anymore. Rollins is anti-face. It isn't his fault. This reminds me of when Jeff Jarrett stole Ric Flair's strut. No wonder the U.S title scene is owning the WWE title scene.

    Edit: To be honest, Rollins would be better off without HHH. Unlike Orton (who needed HHH), Rollins has a personality. HHH is making Rollins 'relevant', but the booking is otherwise completely uninspiring.
  6. Not to criticize Rollins and insinuate that I find him boring at the moment, but the current incarnation of his character is definitely more dependent on HHH and The Authority than Orton's ever was with Evolution. Seth's whole character right now is being the arrogant and undeserving world champion who has the brass's support. Take him out of The Authority though, and what distinct characteristics would he still be left with?

    Whereas the same can't really be said about Orton back in the day. Take him out of Evolution and he's still the 'Legend Killer' targeting respected legends in an effort to make a name for himself, he's still a 3rd generation superstar (whose debut was coming right off the heels of the massive success of another 3rd generation star known as The Rock) touting himself as the future of WWE and whatnot. He didn't need HHH to exhibit these characteristic traits like the way Seth does as the golden boy of The Authority.
  7. I concur 100%. Seth is literally in "bitch" mode and that's not over exemplified. It's fact.

    He needs like 5 people every match in order to pull off a win over one opponent. Not insulting. Just reality.

    If you recall, randy beat Benoit literally on his own at summerslam 2004. No one helped him, he did it. Triple H became afraid and, yeah, we all know the story.

    Seth isn't like this, yet, but I hope it happens soon. I hope he can hold his own soon because this bitch gimmick is old already if you ask me. He should no issues going toe to toe with dean or reigns.
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  8. I wish Seth didn't get this bitch gimmick where he runs away from pretty much everything. I understand he is heel and in the authority but he is a great wrestler and I wish they would make him more tougher and not willing to back down from any fight and make him a dominate authority member like Randy Orton was. Anyway, on topic, when Seth turns babyface he will probably use the pedigree once more on Triple H then go back to that boring DDT or back to the curb stomp. I'm hoping he will go back to the curb stomp.
  9. My point was related more to the booking strategy imposed on both in relation to their 'skill set'.
    Orton, when on top, has always been masterfully written into story arcs. It's nearly impossible not to benefit from being written the way he has when he's top billed.
    Rollins, on the other hand, is being booked like an absolute p*ssy with every Monday Night ending in nearly the same fashion.

    Remove each superstar from their respective stables and you have a 'green' personality in Randy Orton and a savvy and charismatic talent in Seth Rollins.
    Rollins can find a way to get over, but they are handcuffing him and not allowing him to spread his wings, so to speak.
    Orton's potential was maxed. HHH used Orton to his full potential, which is why Orton's most provoking (I realize this is slightly subjective) work has been while being booked with HHH in some fashion.

    Story arcs tend to curve and this is only the beginning of Rollins WWE WHC arc, but recent history favors a title reign where the champion isn't capable of anything particularly extraordinary.
    WWE's hands are tied in terms of booking, but they're giving the impression that a babyface can't hold the title unless he is really, really over. I find this laughable since heels are barely heels anymore, anyway.
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  10. Orton was as pathetic or worse during his authority run. Rollins can take people 1 v 1, but chooses to use J & J to gain the direct advantage. Orton literally needed the tables to swing his direction to ever get a win, while Rollins is using J&J and Kane as pieces in a chess game IMO. He is still a bitch heel, but nothing on that level.
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  11. Are you high? Name one match lately that Rollins has won in his own? No involvement.

    The best example is what I illustrated above. Orton walked into summerlsam by himself in 2004. Battled a driven Benoit and beat him fair and square. Rollins has not only not done anything like this, but any win he's gotten, again, has had about 3-5 people directly involved.

    Orton used to battle guys like RVD for the IC title on raw and he win on his own with an RKO. This is not to say that Orton never used helped, but no where near Rollins pussy status.

    They need to cut the shit and let Rollins be seen as a legit champion. Maybe they're doing this to Rollins to make Brock look like the real big heel?
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  12. Yes, I am. Is your boy Orrin a Hobbit?

    Orton was a shit champ last year in the AUTHORITY ROLE I WAS SPEAKING ON, the only worse was @Snowman 's boy Sabin. Rollins looks good in the ring vs people, he did on RAW manuvering around Reigns and Ambrose, who were supposed to look the strongest. Our real question is, "why is Kane still getting to look strong when he should be weaker than J&J?"
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  13. Nice distraction from the topic by saying "Orrin." Good for you :emoji_slight_smile:

    Any ways, I didn't realize you said "authority run." Which i still disagree with because Orton did beat people like kofi on his own on raw with no involvement. Ortons run was shitty, sure, but seths is quickly becoming awful.

    It's not a question of Seth looking good, he can make anyone and himself look good. The problem is that he is really good in the ring, yet they make him a complete bitch.

    I do agree that Kane should be no where near the main event scene, much like big show was. But I see Kane being moved around soon.
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  15. Rollins' booking may leave a little to be desired, but you can't say he hasn't been masterfully written for the most part as well. He was one-third of the dominant stable in WWE history (in terms of impressive booking as far as win-loss record and clean victories are concerned) and after only two and a half years on the roster, he's already a WWE Champion, former Tag Team Champion, and Money In The Bank winner, and the whole show has revolved almost entirely around him for nearly a year now.

    Not that I'm here to argue that Randy Orton is infinitely better or more talented than Seth or anything, but I don't believe there's any real objective criticism you can level at him that can't be applied to Rollins as well. Likewise, I don't think there's any real praise you can give to Rollins that can't also be accredited to Orton, too. As an example, one of the most common criticisms that you hear about Orton is that he has a bland, almost robotic way of delivering promos, but in all fairness, the deep, monotonous sounding voice that he was born with and can't really help having is largely to blame for that. Seth is no different. He has this really high-pitched voice that is aggravating and far from the riveting or interesting voice to hear either. Both guys are very good at articulating the dialogue of their promos, I find, but the sound and timbre of their voices really hold them back in ways.
  16. Example, and you still haven't named one of seths on his own. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I thought we were discussing Rollins being masterfully written as a singles competitor?...I mean we all know the ENTIRE shield was done well, but the argument, to my knowledge, is that Rollins is a bitch since being in his own. In every fashion and storyline. You cant argue that they've built him up... Well, true, but how they did it is vital. It can determine whether someone ultimately looks weak or not.

    Just because WWE decided to center the show on him for a year, doesn't mean the storyline and writing was done well with him... If it was, we wouldn't be calling him a bitch now. Rollins has been done right in every fashion except for being in singles competition. WWE is taking some really talented heel and making him look like he really belongs back on NXT (no offense to NXT).
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  18. My original post in the argument two responses ago was comparing Rollins and Orton when they first started out and how much they relied on HHH as far as their initial singles pushes went.

    In regards to Rollins being made to look like a bitch, I think people are making way too big of a fuss over it. If I were to complain, I'd simply complain that Rollins is booked to rely too heavily on the help of others instead of just being able to cheat and play dirty entirely on his own, but otherwise, what heels haven't shown cowardice or chickenshit tendencies at some point? I know they have him go overboard with it, but he more often than not does at least put on strong performances against his opponents before resorting to cheap tactics. (To clarify, I'm not entirely disagreeing, just saying that Seth is supposed to look somewhat like a bitch. His character is that of an arrogant and undeserving world champion, so it's of no surprise that he often has to resort to nefarious tactics to win. I just wish he would usually do the cheating himself instead of always having to rely on others to do it for him.)
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  19. Though you are correct, it would be hypocritical for me to criticize him for that. I, too, speak in a monotonous voice because its illogical to speak with inflections. I'm a male and my emotions are of less consequence.
    When Orton first began (and this is a moot point, actually) he was more motivated and excited. His mannerisms, prior to being jaded, spoke of a bright future. He got bored, though, and I would too.
    Rollins and Orton have walked nearly opposing paths on their way up the ladder. If I'm comparing 2003-04 Orton to 2013-14 Rollins, Rollins seems more eager and more enthused and thus feels more to prove.

    Great point, but, to be fair I wasn't really referring to the Shield faction. The Shield faction was designed to put all three men on some sort of equal footing coming out of the starting gate.
    Evolution and the Authority were designed with the intention of forming Orton and Rollins (respectfully) into major players in the main event scene.
    I can't dispute your point but it wasn't the argument I presented to Lockard.

    J&J security is my biggest peeve. Their purpose seems too contrived as if to say, 'Guys, let's put two vanilla midgets out there protecting Seth Rollins... that's real heat'.
    JBL was an impeccable champion. He did everything a heel did and then just a little bit more. With Rollins, they are trying a wee bit too hard.
    Rollins is a 28-29 year old man who can be chickensh*t on his own merit. If he were to suddenly (kayfabe) ditch J&J, it would obviously be seed planting for a face turn (which is not good).

    HHH is babying Rollins. I don't blame Rollins for any of this. Rollins just seems capable of far more, but either WWE is over-controlling or overprotecting because Rollins isn't the natural heel he's being made out to be.
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  20. What the fuck happened to the topic?

    Anyway, I would be happy enough if/ when rollins get rid of the pedigree and turns face he does something from the top-rope as his finisher(doesn't need to be flippy, maybe a frog splash?). It really isn't a mind-blowing idea, but I sincerely can't think of a finisher that would fit baby-face rollins that much. Some sort of kick would be cool, but I'm not aware of one that's both cool and not being used by someone else. I would be mad at dolph for using the superkick as a regular move, but Seth Rollins would get a hard time and be acused of trying too hard to be shawn michaels anyways. But I digress

    I love the curbstomp, but I simply can't see a babyface stomping people's head to the ground in a regular basis unless it's a psychotic kind of gimmick.
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