In the event of a power outage...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. If your power went out for 72 hours, and all surrounding areas power was out as well, WHAT WOULD YOU DO!?
  2. I have a generator so id probably spend it laughing at people who didnt :smug:
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  3. :win: 'ning
  4. Thats the spirit! :vince:
  5. is not an issue over here. Every town of 1000 people and above in Sweden has multiple power sources, power generators, wind or solar power. They'd have the power back again in less than a day.

    My old hometown has an electrical plant, two extra plants that can be assembled in less than a day and four water power plants for example.

    We were hit by a storm last Christmas that actually knocked our entire cities power grid out....for 15 minutes which was the time it took for someone within city management to get to one of these extra generators and turn it on.

    Some towns in Sweden would probably have power knocked out for a longer time but most cities have emergency systems so it is never a long term issue.
  6. I'd probably be fucked. My profession is IT, and everything I do pretty much revolves around electricity.

    So yeah, I might actually read a book for once.
  7. Get drunk
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