In the hypothetical scenario where Undertaker loses at Wrestlemania...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. Who would you want him to put over? Which young superstar would get the best rub that he would use for the next 5-10 years of his career? Which young superstar would contribute enough to make the feud historic? Or perhaps would you give it to an old timer?

    In my opinion, it would have to be Ambrose. Fanboyism aside, he's one of their most talented prospects and his gimmick would use this opportunity to the best ability.
  2. Fanboyism not aside, I choose Ziggler.

    Fanboyism aside, definitely not Ambrose lol. Wyatt dog. Wyatt.
  3. i'd give it to cena and turn him heel as well at the same time if not then maybe wyatt
  4. Darren Young. Darren will bury Undertaker in a rainbow coffin, and put the LGBT flag on the burial site and Another One Bites the Dust by Queen will play when he wins.
  5. Kane, just because.
  6. As much as I'd love it to be Ambrose I'd say Reigns would probably get a better rub of it.
  7. I would have to agree with the vote for Wyatt. Almost like one creepy guy getting over an another. If they wanted to take that storyline even farther I would say they let Wyatt work his magic (or trance, whatever) on Undertaker and add him to the fold. Especially if that's what happens with Kane. I could only imagine the fan reactions.
  8. If everything goes right with his booking and all, Wyatt.
  9. I want it to be on an old-timer. Using it to push a (relatively) new guy (or a midcarder) is not a good idea. It's like you would like to project that hey, Undertaker can be beaten by a new guy lolwashedup. This is just my opinion tho.

    Fangirlism clutched against my chest? Randy Orton

    Fangirlism buried to the ground? Kane. Trust me, it'll make more sense.
  10. Ambrose or Wyatt wouldnt put a hell of a match. They arent good enough in the ring. Maybe the build would be awesome but...It would be kinda like Punk + Do you think this Wyatt stuff can be forever? In about 5 years time, he will change gimmick or whatever.

    If the streak has to be broken, I would give it to a guy who will most likely carry the company for the next 10 years. Bryan or Ziggler.

    Inb4 The WWE gives the streak to Punk. You know, kinda like they did at MITB11, just for him to accept a new contract
  11. Taker has apparently made it known in the past that he will not put over an "old-timer" at Wrestlemania. He's not a fan of the Streak, but, if they're going to make a big deal out of it, he didn't want it to be ended by a guy near the end of his in-ring career. Rumor has it that he tried to give it to Angle a few years back, then Orton, but Vince said no. Further rumor has it that the plan was to have Punk go over him at Mania 29, but Percy's/Paul's death made them change their mind. They didn't like how far Punk and Undertaker took using the death to build heat (it is worth mentioning that these same rumors say that Undertaker was 100% in support of all of Punk's antics and actually thought that Percy would love the idea that, even in death, he was a big deal in a big-time feud). Had it been anybody but Punk, they would have ended up in the doghouse, but his power backstage is enormous (in a lot of people's eyes, he's actually taken the locker-room leader role that guys like Undertaker and JBL have had in the past).

    Either way, the way they "punished" Punk was by not allowing Taker to put him over at Mania. This has led to speculation that there will be a Punk-Undertaker II, in which Punk will go over. Considering his current level of face-hood, though, this is being questioned. Of course, Punk's character, like Austin's before it, is the kind of face that can be heelish and even accomplish the ultimate heel act of beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania, or at least that's what several people are saying (I've even heard the rumor that HHH is one of the folks saying that).

    Which is to say that I figure, if they ever do end the streak, it will go to Punk at Wrestlemania XXX. If not, all bets are off as to whether it ever ends.

  12. I don't buy that Punk was ever supposed to end the streak. His match with Taker this year was technically a thrown together match. They knew they wanted Rock/Cena II and HHH/Brock II so with Punk being outed from the main event and Undertaker's streak being defended at the event as it is every year, they put them together because where else would Punk have landed on the card? Their lazy build with focusing on mocking Bearer's death (which one week featured nothing more than Punk juggling the urn and then one week Taker just appearing out of nowhere and punching Punk and the fact that Taker barely said anything the entire feud) pretty much confirms it for me. Never mind that people knew for awhile beforehand that Punk was taking time off after Wrestlemania. Also, no reasonable person should think Punk/Undertaker II is happening. The chance for Punk to end the streak (I like Punk but he'd be a terrible choice either way IMO) has passed.

    I personally don't believe the streak is ever ending. I think the only time it was ever in serious jeopardy was against Randy Orton at WM21, and that itself was only a few years after they began acknowledging Taker's win record as an actual streak on-screen. The streak is much bigger now and I don't think they'll ever trust giving that humongous accolade to anyone at this point, not even Cena. Too much risk involved giving to a new guy as he may not work out in the long run (imagine if Lesnar had ended it at WM19 or something... then he would have walked out on WWE a year later and took that accolade with him) and there's no point in giving it to someone who is already established. A guy like Cena may be handed just about every kind of victory there is by WWE, but he's peaked. He can't really get any bigger (in his current baby face role) than he already is, and the same goes for any other established star. (And I don't buy into the "Cena will end it as a way of turning heel" theory.)
  13. Someone in the Shield probably. Cesaro would be badass but I don't see that happening.

  14. Just talking rumors and hypotheticals, bub. No reason to say I'm not reasonable.

  15. I'd love to see Punk beat the streak. The match he had with Taker at 29 was just awesome.
  16. I'd love to see Punk beat the streak. The match he had with Taker at 29 was just awesome.
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