In WWE, when is a loss really a win?

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  1. In WWE, when is a loss really a win?


    Ever since the squared circle was first constructed for battle, there has been one constant: There will always, eventually, be one winner and one loser.

    However, every once and a great while, the ultimate victory is not determined simply by the Superstar who gets his or her hand raised at the closing bell. Strangely enough, the real winner can be the one who is lying on the canvas in defeat. explores the question of when a loss is actually a win.

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  2. When you are Mr. Money in the Bank and you fight in a normal match and you beat the crap out of your opponent, who happens to be world champion, with weapons until they can't get up. You get DQed, then cash in the money in the bank, get the pin, and win. :smug:
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  3. :facepalm1:
  4. When Kelly Kelly loses a loser retires match.. we all win
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