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  1. Who would win in a fight?

    William Regal or Rey Mysterio
  2. Regal. Regal all the way.
  3. Regal is a pretty strong shoot fighter in the catch style I think, plus with Rey's knee injuries he'd probably stretch him out. I'm guessing you're talking about a shoot fight.
  4. Regal, the ultimate badass.
  5. I would take most every pro wrestler in a shoot fight over Rey. And I would take Regal over most every other pro wrestler.

    you add it up
  6. Bryan vs Regal, that'd be quite fun.
  7. Ok pretty unanimous win for regal there


    Regal vs Mysterio (with Kane filming)
  8. Well we all know Kane would just set fire to them both.
  9. :dafuq: Kane would beat up Rey too then...
  10. No contest as Kane set the camera on fire.
  11. Regal, he's from england. They actually learn how to use their fists there.
  12. Regal would have him in his back pocket
  13. Regal without a doubt
  14. Regal is obviously going to get more votes because hes british.

    But mysterio is going to knock out regal within 5 mins. Regal's a technician you say? With his beer belly he would be lucky to even get a hold of mysterio, let alone put him on any holds.
  15. no it's because rey's a midget >.>
  16. :facepalm1: Regal would be able to catch him. Other big wrestlers have gotten hold of Rey Rey before. Regal is an actual wrestler not a luchador wrestler. Regal would win because of his fighting abilities are better. Regal could keep Rey Rey grounded after going for the legs, and keep hitting them. After he injured them enough he can go into brawling then and then after he damaged him enough, hit him with the finisher and it's over.
  17. Regal would win fosho.
  18. Your fellow posters beg to differ
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