Movies In Your Pants

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  1. Twitter users may remember seeing this several times as a hashtag that trended.

    Pick a movie title followed by "in your pants" - The only catch is it has to fit (no pun intended) and it has to be funny.

    Example : "The Dark Knight Rises In Your Pants"

    Have fun.
  2. The Big Red One in your pants
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  3. The Big Lebowski in your pants!
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  4. Battle of the bulge(old war flick) in your pants
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  5. Fun with Dick and Jane.. In your pants!
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  6. Octopussy...In your pants
  7. The Pink Panther in your pants.
  8. Saving Private Ryan.. In your pants.
  9. Have fun in your pants?
  10. [​IMG] in your pants
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  11. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot in your pants.
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  12. The 40 year old your pants
  13. The Naked Gun in your pants.
  14. Freddy got your pants
  15. Three Amigos in your pants.
  16. Home alone in your pants
  17. Grease in your pants
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  18. I don't think that is a movie... lol
  19. The Ugly Truth in your pants.
  20. Loaded Weapon in your pants
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