Incredible experiment: Black guy, White guy, Pretty lady, all try to steal a bike...

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  1. Wow. White guy isn't questioned, black guy is questioned by everybody, and the pretty girl is offered help, lmfao.
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  2. Seen this, and a few of these episodes or w/e. People suck.
  3. This demonstrates how racism is still present in our society regardless of what people like to think. Not only that but gender also dictates how we're treated and how others perceive our behavior. The show overall is pretty interesting and eye-opening.
  4. Lol'd at the last guy taking stuff from the black guy. He should have known that he wasn't a thug. A thug would have shot him the minute he tried to touch the stuff :pity:
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    Lol, not surprised at the result honestly, if this is a real experiment that is.
  6. I don't know, I'm skeptical of videos like this. If the thieves are actors how do we know the extras aren't actors as well? At the very least I'm sure they edited the video in a way to reflect stereotype more than reality. But either way, I guess they have a point.
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