Indie/Puro/TNA mark out moments 2011.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Basically any non WWE event which made you mark out in 2011. It's late but I'm disappointed no one has created it yet. Keep it to two videos as a maximum.

    I didn't want him to win the belt but I can't help but mark when a legend returns.​

  2. Very good idea for a thread!

    Yeah, it's in storyline... But this is the equivalent of firing an even older, not money drawing, nowhere near as good-working, full time wrestler version of Triple H. Jeff Jarrett sucks, and there was no reason for his wife to get any screentime at all.

    The other would be the X-Division Contract Match, which is on Youtube but I probably shouldn't post it here.
  3. You can post it on here if you want. My first video is from an IPPV lol.
  4. Alright, good. Seems that most people here don't follow TNA so they don't know just how good this was, the entire match was a big mark-out moment. Especially since there was no real cruiserweight wrestling on TV at the time:

  5. It was a great match. It's just a shame low ki wasn't signed eventually. He's a great talent.

  6. /thread.
  7. For a guy who doesn't watch RoH, that first video was amazing.
  8. Crayo, do you know Super Dragon?
  9. Nope I've only seen him referenced on other sites I was a part of months ago. Shame though, that video is pretty epic.
  10. Man, it's a damn shame Megaupload got killed, I had a bookmark for the Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon hardcore match, called Guerrilla Warfare. It was batshit insane, it has bah Gawd the most brutal finish of all time, and it shows you why Super Dragon is the legend of Indies. Hopefully Seabs can upload it. And Young Bucks vs. Steen & Super Dragon from this December.
  11. Wow that sounds incredible, how old is Super Dragon and why isn't any bigger companies (with respect) after him?
  12. He's 36. He's not suitable for TV companies because he's the symbol of Indies really, plus he's crazy, plus he had like 3 career ending concussions. And he is the founder of PWG.
  13. Oh, lots of reasons not to be on TV then lmao.

    Looks pretty sick though.
  14. woah draine what match is your sig from?
  15. Really like yours, "You're just mad that you don't have as many wrestlemania moments as Snooki"! Cody Rhodes is awesome! I'll do the research a little later about Big Show's "streak"... But he's 2-8.

    Mine was from a Superstars match that happened sometime in 2011.; Need to tell people which Superstars matches were good somewhere on this forum. Maybe during that time when the Raw discussion thread is up and everyone's complaining that it's about 3 hours away.
  16. If I remember rightly didn't that feud start with fake SD attacking the real one after a match with Joe? I'm gonna have to try and find it again.
  17. Yeah, that's it. It was one of the best feuds in 2005.
  18. If I could link every single Austin Aries match from 2011, I would. Also, every time that Douglas Williams used Chaos Theory.
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