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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, May 18, 2013.

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    Two money men, the other is impersonating a zebra.
    Austin Aries, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are arguably the biggest names to break through the independent scene with prominent careers before going to one of the big two securing prominent card position and interest. They have that mythical IT factor or as I now like to call it they're money.​
    The indies have recently been raided by the WWE leaving them pretty thin on the ground for potential money makers however they are still there if you look deep enough so name your top 3, note tag teams count as 1 position.​
    I'll start with​
    1) Johnny Gargano - Firstly the guy has the look of a top superstar, everything looks so professional, his build is pleasing which in the WWE's aesthetic world is never a bad thing, he has a natural likeability to his mic work which even though it isn't as polished as some would enjoy I personally love the natural flow, he's got a similar delivery to Punk but sadly is not on his level of quality usually.​
    This wasn't the promo I was looking for but he shows a natural flow which is enjoyable, his flow is spot on too.​
    This was the one I wanted, his honesty is a great approach to the promo and his passion is phenomenal.​
    2) Ricochet - He's not a great talker but he's passable however over the past year or so he has surpassed Adrian Neville, the former PAC, to become the greatest highflier in the world. His use of colour in his presentation could easily liken him to a Jeff Hardy along with his high risk offence although he is a lot cleaner than Hardy in his work.​
    Now he's bulked up and changed to trunks he looks a lot more professional and ready for the big time, the tattoo helps too oddly enough finally his hairstyle with the custom colors could be an easy way for him to either draw interest with the kids or relate to his opponents for example it was dyed red for his opening match with Amazing Red in Brian Kendrick's high flier tournament.​
    Plus he has experience working under a mask from his Chikara days so could be a viable option down that road if they wished to pursue it.​
    3) I'm using my tag team rule here but The Young Bucks are my final picks, both Matt and Nick are tremendous athletes capable of holyshit spots however there is more to them than that, they both incorporate the annoying douche character perfectly. They could be the next Hardy Boyz or the next Edge and Christian at a drop of a hat, name me a better team not called Bad Influence currently yep I'd even put them above Aries and Roode even though I love those guys.​
    So who are your 3 picks?​


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  2. Gonna have to throw out Brian Cage. Tremendous look, really good in the ring, presence like a world champion and passable on the microphone. capable of both high flying and power moves he can please most fans.
    Just look at him.

    WWE dropping him from FCW a few years back was understandable, he wasn't really going anywhere and he needed to grow. And grow he did on the independents. That guy is a star and TNA not signing him when they had the chance was a big mistake.
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  3. - Adam "Suck My Dick" Cole
    - Brian Cage
    - Willie Mack

    And the dark horse being Samuray Del Sol (with keeping his mask on).
  4. Del Sol is a nice shout out. But he is seemingly WWE bound (he reportedly finished the medical tests earlier this month) so I don't know if he will be on the independents long enough. Willie Mac was a nice shout out, he will be money.

    I don't like him but with how over he is getting in PWG I could see Drake Younger being a money maker.
  5. Drake Younger? No, the guy's a deathmatch wrestler first and foremost. That is all. I hope he survies another 4-5 yrs in this tempo of wrestling. I like the guy and enjoy his matches, but he isn't a moneymaker except for CZW or PWG.
  6. Dont forget that Dean Ambrose been in CZW aswell.
    He had plenty of hardcore matches.
    And add good old Mick Foley and all the other hardcore legends that made it in WWE.

    On 2 mine favorite guy, I just have to say Teddy Hart.
    But the Hart's are underrated and put asside by WWE (Look at Davey Boy's son Harry)
    Tanahasi and Okada are both impressive but, wont go that easely to America. (Language struggle)
    That leaves me with Jay Lethal as final decission I guess.
  7. I think Chuck Taylor also has potential to be a big player in the scene of pro. wrestling.

    He's funny, charismatic, good worker, etc.

    I would also like to see Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly in the WWE, one of my favorite tag teams at the moment, so much potential.
  8. Adam Cole will be the next big thing to come out of the independent scene! ALONG SIDE SAMI ZAYN!
  9. Gonna have to throw out Uhaa Nation's name.
    Uhaa is a passable talker, great build and look suited for power moves. But he also flies like a cruiser weight.

    If he isn't signed by one of the majors in two years I'll be scratching my head. He' be the perfect muscle for a stable or a monster in the X division.
  10. Wrestling deathmatches on bi-weekly basis (in essence) is nowhere near to wrestling your "usual" hardcore match here and there.

    Ambrose is a classic wrestler, first and foremost. Drake isn't.
    And Foley well... He's a case for himself and a unique one.
  11. Foley started out as a traditional pro wrestler and fell into hardcore. He was always a talented traditional wrestler. Most of the guys from CZW aren't. There are the obvious exceptions like Ambrose and Callihan of course.
  12. You say things are "money?" Welcome back, 2001.
  13. Cole and Gargano are the two main ones both have the look,are great talkers and know how to wrestle.
  14. OH wow they're my opinions you can recognise them from my awesome stats and username now pass me the god Damn kleenex after you replied to my thread.
  15. 1. Gargano
    2. Cole
    3. Young Bucks (Fuck TNA)
    4. Brian Cage
    5. RedRagon
  16. I heard he would've been Mortis.
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