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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. In case you guys want to subscribe to Indie wrestling companies on Youtubes for special stuff like updates, pods, and etc. Subscribing will most likely get you more interested in the product if you're looking to get into these companies. Here are some of them, is you know others please leave a comment with the link and I'll update this post.

    Ring of Honor

    Combat Zone Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

    Traditional Championship Wrestling


    New Japan Pro Wrestling

    Dragon Gate USA/Current EVOLVE

    SHINE Wrestling

    Old EVOLVE

    STHLM Wrestling

    Extreme Rising

    House of Hardcore

    EDIT: Ooops, didn't see it in your post, sorry.
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  3. Nah I didn't add it until you did :haha:
  4. Stickied!
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  5. Dragon Gate USA:
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  6. SHINE Wrestling:
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  7. They don't post much now, so not sure if you want to add it or not, but if you do here's Evolve Wrestling's channel:
  8. Evolve's channel is merged with DGUSA's.
  9. (Now, at the risk of spamming.... I thought this was a great idea; thanks! Very cool to have all of the indy channels in one convenient thread so we can access them and/or subscribe easily. I wish $5 Wrestling had its own channel, but theirs is through HighSpots, and they post assorted promotions, etc., so harder to do theirs.)
  10. True; didn't know if they would ever post anything on it again or not. It's good for watching their older vids, though.
  11. I'll update DGUSA as EVOLVE too and put EVOLVE as their old videos
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  12. Thanks!
  13. UK indy company Grand Pro Wrestling
    https www. youtube com /user/GPWOfficial

    grandprowrestling co uk dvds from £5.00 downloads £3.49
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  14. Really Good Post Man
  15. Wrestling Is...
    They upload hype promos for "Wrestling is..." and KBB events, old CHIKARA clips, and other mini-series like Supper with the Hatfields, Jagged Tales, Wrestling Observing Movieletter.

    Kaiju Big Battel
    Kaiju Big Battel's (KBB) main YouTube channel: featuring old matches, hype videos, and other funny stuff.
  16. What the snack
  17. Huh? Why are your posts so weird?
  18. I am not subscribing to Botch Zone Wrestling, 20 Minutes worth of their botches in a video that was taken from one match drove me away.
  19. Holla, I'm currently signed to a UK-based indie wrestling company and have started a stable with our own youtube channel. One of the videos can be found here:
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