Other Indy Darling David Ali challenges Marty Scurll in a match for the Committed To Wrestling Title

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by wrestlingtracks, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. So yesterday we had Committed To Wrestling Champion on the show and while on the show and Suddenly David Ali said " he wants to face Bullet club Member The Villain Marty" Scurll" do you think he has a shot at Beating Scrull?

  2. Isn't Marty technically an indie darling?
  3. Signed by a major promotion and also British wrestling isn't indie unless it's British indies, so I vote no. My question is in what world is David Ali an indie "darling"? No knock on him. Just wouldn't consider him a top booked or talked about indie dude to qualify for that just yet
  4. He's the Villian.
  5. Even though I don't like Bullet Club I loved his match with Adam Cole before he took his place
  6. Marty had a great character even before joining Bullet Club. Over the top, dastardly in his actions along with being a great promo. Joining Bullet Club has really just raised his profile in giving him a spotlight in that group which regardless of what people think, is the most recognizable group outside of WWE. Even his "Villian Club" t-shirt was one of the biggest sellers on Pro-Wrestling Tees and in Hot Topic. Hell, I saw more people wear that shirt than WWE shirts where I live.
  7. I've seen a few people with Young Bucks shirts. I remember putting a Bullet Club hat on my friend's son at the mall and trying to Too Sweet lmao
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  8. Can people quit calling Indy wrestlers "Indy Darlings"? The shit sounds stupid as hell. Also, Marty will win because Marty is the guy.