Indy guys - tell us about these wrestlers

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  1. OH HELL YES! I would love to see American Wolves in WWE! Would miss them in PWG though
  2. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards together are The American Wolves. They're the biggest tag team in independent wrestling and have been since they reunited. They've already been approached by TNA twice and Davey has turned multiple WWE contracts as early as 2006.

    I have no clue who the other guy is, being honest.
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  3. The American Wolves don't wrestle together in PWG. :mad1:
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  4. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were the guys to take over ROH after Bryan, Rollins and Nigel left. Davey works a very MMA inspired style and hasn't shown a lot of character until recently. Eddie and Davey tend to work as a tag team called The American Wolves (as a tribute to the British Bulldogs). I personally prefer Eddie since he doesn't take himself as serious as Davey tends to. But both guys could end up as very very good final products if put through NXT. Both also work a very Kurt Angle ish Balls to the wall style.

    As for Mustafa Ali. No idea.

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  5. This. Davey is purely a singles guy in PWG whilst Eddie wrestles in the Dojo Bros.
  6. NXT would be the best thing for Eddie right now considering his character is pretty much non-existent.
  7. "What's my character you say? I'm Die Hard!"
  8. I know but I would miss Dojo Bros and Davey Richards appearances. I didnt mean it to look like I was saying American Wolves teamed in PWG I would just miss those 2 guys in PWG.

  9. Okay ...:dawg:
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  10. Eddie Edwards is arguably the worst promo cutter in history to have held a world title.
  11. Well its true, I havent watched much PWG as I only started watching it a few weeks ago and havent seen them team once only Dojo bros.
  12. Nah dude, Okada still holds that title.

  13. I don't know. I can't understand what Okada's saying and all, but Eddie really sucks.
  14. Okada is said to be "really really REALLY bad" on the stick. thus they stuck him with Gedo who is the "Japanese Dusty Rhodes" apparently.
  15. Good luck to them. I'd love to see them on my TV Monday nights in the near future.
  16. WWE is gonna have to do one hell of a job to beat the No selling mentality out of Davey. But I think they would get it done.
  17. I can't wait to see Davey no sell the WMD, that shit will be magical.
  18. The WMD? I want to see him no sell the RKO. Or the F5

  19. It would be awesome for him to get the WMD, shake his head and tell Big Show to hit him again haha
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