Evolve Indy night # 1! DGUSA Open the Golden Gate 2012 discussion thread

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    This Saturday, the 4th of May. WWEforums venture into independent territory for the first time, as we hold the first ever Indy night discussion thread.
    The event? Dragon Gate USA's first show in California, Open the Golden Gate 2012.
    The place? Right here on WWEforums!
    Need help watching the event? PM either me or seabs and we will help you out.
    The time? The suggested time is either 4pm, 5pm or 6pm EST. The plan is to nail one down during the week.
    Some background to the show for those who are new to DGUSA:
    Cima, the icon of Dragon Gate in Japan, has been ousted from his stable, the Blood Warriors. This causes tensions since he is also one half of the DGUSA tag team champions with his partner Ricochet, who is still in Blood Warriors. ​
    Johnny Gargano, the Open the Freedom Gate champ (DGUSA's main belt) Is out with a torn muscle in the back. What will be the repercussions of Gargano's injuries for his stable mate Chuck Taylor?​
    Sami Callihan and his DUF (Dirty Ugly Fucks) stable has been at war with young high flyer AR Fox for months, recently taking out Fox's mentor and idol Sabu. Fox is out looking for payback.​
    All this and more on Open the Golden Gate 2012!​
    For your first post in this thread, post which time works best for you and if you need help watching the event so we know who needs help. ​

  2. Any time works best for me darling:troll:

  3. For those wondering what DGUSA is all about.

    Here's the trailer for the Freedom Fight 2011 event.
  4. I have only seen one DGUSA event and i think that was last year? Do they have a ppv called mercury rising?
  5. Yup. Mercury Rising always happens around Wrestlemania weekend. MR2012 is one of my fav events. Incredibly solid card.
  6. ok yeah that was a good show, good main event, won't spoil it.
  7. I'm confused. Is this an old show, or a show in 2013 named after 2012?
  8. Old show i think the plan is to watch all last years DGUSA ippvs.
  9. It's an old show. I have all of DGUSA's 2012 shows and we decided to have a night and watch one event. Then maybe do some PWG one night, then some Chikara, a best of ROH dvd (I have best of Danielson for example, and the Samoa Joe vs Punk trilogy). So while not live we will stream and discuss things as they happen.
  10. Mics guys? Also does this mean I have to buy beer?
  11. I get the crisps
  12. I could have a few beers with this.
  13. Maybe we could do drinking game.
  14. I have the perfect one for when we do PWG. Whenever the bucks or anyone else does the superkick. We'd probably end up dying.
  15. we are going to be off our tits!
  16. Thank god I have a high tolerance!
  17. Count me in, ill be on 3pm CST, an hour to pregame. :awyeah:
  18. What time is this extravaganza kicking off?
  19. People don't understand that they are supposed to say which time works best for them so we can sync. I guess we got by 10 or 11pm London time.
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