Evolve Indy Night #2 - Lets watch DGUSA Heat 2012

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, May 22, 2013.

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    Due to unforeseen problems with Dontaku we will be watching the second in the 2012 DGUSA season, Heat 2012 from last years Wrestlemania weekend. Headlined by a 9 man elimination tag match.​
    Sorry for the inconvenience NJPW fans.​

  2. I take it you are happy.
  3. Naa brah, I feel like Crayo at a PWG event :silva:
  4. So like you were stuck in a concentration camp then.
  5. Not seen this yet so i am extra excited.
  7. There's a car outside of my apartment with the registration plate GTS. I think he is hiding out here.
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  8. I'm so glad he can't see this section.
  9. When did this event originally air? I have not watched the last couple of events from new japan.
  10. Earlier this month.
  11. May 3rd to be exact.
  12. Main event looks really awesome cannot wait for it.
  13. Ill show up when JoeRulz is involved.
  14. My ovaries are not ready for the both of you.
  15. That would be one ugly baby, but with an impressive beard (inherited from seabs of course).
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  16. That's fine, ill wait for him to slide in...and ill tag in after.
  17. Nah, already watched the show, two weeks ago, and while it was good, it was two steps down from the previous big NJPW shows, quality wise. The undercard was fun, though, and Shinskay/Shelton was a huge letdown... but not because of Shelton, go figure.
  18. How'd you rank Okada vs Suzuki, the MOTYC people are saying it is or what?
  19. Copy/paste from my elsewhere post:

    Eh, this was good, I guess, but yet disappointing considering it’s a PPV main event and an Okada title match. This was definitely the worst IWGP HW title bout since Tanahashi/Marufuji, and one of the worst main events in the promotion this year. Suzuki was actually damn fine here, he was very dominant, confident and believable on offense, but Okada was mostly unbearable with his faux and annoying fighting spirit and questionable selling. He has become a hot/cold guy this year, performance wise. Also, the booking of the Sleepers didn’t help either, it was poorly done. Like I already said, this was a good match, but needed to be much better considering their awesome clash from February, and New Japan’s hot streak of great main events.
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