Indy night one, suggested date and show

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  1. A couple of weeks back we discussed the idea of having an indy wrestling night. Where we all sit down and watch some indy wrestling via synctube some time after mania. Well, mania is over now so let's try and set a date.

    I suggest Saturday the 4th of May. Do you guys have any other dates that you think would work?

    As for show, I have all the 2012 events from Dragon Gate USA but could probably order/get ahold of some other shows as well if you guys wanted. Pop, seabs and I discussed working our way through the entire 2012 of DGUSA which would take us around 2 months max.

    Suggest dates and shows you want to watch below.
  2. Where are you indy fans?! May 4th works for me.
  3. What Pop said. Indy scumbags! ASSEMBLE!
  4. May the 4th be with you.

    If I don't have a hit squad after me after this thread I'm making I will :urm:
  5. I also have 3 PWG shows on DVD. Genrico's retirement show anyone? Also Joe vs Punk trilogy, best of Danielson and summer of Punk.
  6. Sounds good although i thought we would get more interest from other users.
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  7. If I'm free then yes, hard to find time though.
  8. I have CHIKARA Season 11 finale downloaded, plus a mix of past King of Trios events going back to 2008 if anyone is interested in seeing those.
  9. i am for it also i have some early best of PWG as well
  10. Sounds cool. I think we should work through DGUSA 2012 first (It will take like 2 months if we do once a week) and then go Chikara or PWG. God knows with DGUSA's DVD publishing schedule we will see the 2013 events next year.
  11. CAn't, Synchtube has been down since Mach 15 this year, and the owners have no plans to bring it back.
  12. I don't think Synctubing was the plan anyway, I thought it would be veetle or something similar.
  13. Yeah synctube being closed isn't a problem. There are always alternatives.
  14. I can stream through Twitch.
  15. Sweet. If we go the DGUSA route (A lot of users want to get into DGUSA and this would be a good way to get them introduced) do you have the 2012 events or the possibility to get them? If needed I can compile a list in the correct order of airing.
  16. I only have CHIKARA and WiF on me.
  17. Stop just stream it when you're on real internets brah.
  18. I'll stream DGUSA then, no problams!
  19. Should we include puro in this too? The majority are on YouTube and there are similar sites to Synctue out there.
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