Indy/Puro MOTYC 2013 thread

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  1. By popular demand (hello @testify how you doing?) Here's the independent and puro match of the year contender threadfor 2013. Discuss matches from the independent scene and Japan from this year which is said to be really really good and possible matches of the year. By the end of the year we can then tally the most popular ones against each other in a vote and crown a winner.

    Okada vs Tanahashi from Invasion is supposed to be really really good. Gonna watch it later today. Also Tanahashi vs Anderson and Tanahashi vs Devitt.

    Gargano vs Shingo is also said to be an insane match, as well as Shingo vs Tozawa.
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  2. My first three picks for now:

    Okada vs. Tanahashi NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 1/4/13

    Okada vs. Tanahashi NJPW Invasion Invasion Attack 4/7/13

    Satoshi Kojima vs Tomohiro Ishii NJPW Cup Day 1 (Match #1)
  3. Okada vs Tanahashi at invasion attack is the first 5 star match I've seen, I loved the work on the arm.
  4. PWG All Star Weekend

    Night 1: AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol vs. Rich Swann & Ricochet - MOTYC

    Night 2: Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin & Brian Cage vs. Rich Swann, Ricochet & AR Fox - MATCH OF THE FUCKING YEAR
  5. Another match I nominate from All Star Weekend Night 1 is Callihan vs. Younger in a Guerrilla Warfare match. JEE-ZUS! It may not be for everyone's taste or eyes, but I liked it. Brutal matchup, and Drake is a fucking animal.
  6. I'm no real fan of Drake's but I'll admit he isn't afraid to take a beating so I respect him majorly. I haven't had a chance to watch All Star Weekend yet. Any other matches to recommend? I heard that Fox and Del Sol vs ICMG stole the entire weekend.
  7. Well I watched both shows, both nights that is, and I have seen only one poor match on the entire weekend, that match being Eddie Edwards vs. Jay Lethal from Night 1. That was classic ROh match with no real emotions and went for 20 fucking mins. 10 mins too long.

    But other matches, oh my. The crowd was the greatest too. The matches I truly recommend? Well, read the 2nd and 3rd post above this one pal. Those 3 I find fucking great, and every other except Eddie/Lethal (counting both nights) I find very good.

    PWG is just awesome to watch.
  8. I am getting ahold of both nights right now. Gargano debuting in PWG has me all wet.
  9. And that 6 Men stole the weekend IMHO, not the tag match.
  10. He did very well. Also, Lethal from night 1, and Lethal from night 2 are like two completely diferrent wrestlers. Seems like Super Dragon slapped him after the match vs Edwards so he was leaps and bounds better the following night, lmao.
  11. ASW9 Night 1: ICMG vs. Samuray Del Sol & AR Fox, Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger

    ASW9 Night 2: The Unbreakable F'N Steen Machines vs. INCMG & AR Fox, Adam Cole vs. Drake Younger

    All match of the year contenders, at least for PWG.
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  12. Nominated these matches as well, fully agree. :emoji_grin:
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  13. One of the most underrated matches of the year HAS to be Lethal vs. Elgin from Supercard of Honor.

    I'm waiting to finish the DGUSA mania shows.

    I'm thinking Davey and O'Reilly at the next PWG show will be awesome.

    As well as DojoBros vs. FIST
  14. I really don't know what's so "great" about that match. It lacked emotion and the feel of true "epicness" to it. And emotion in a pro wrestling match... You can't have a great match without wrestlers doing moves with emotion.

    Elgin vs. Lethal, IMHO, is a good match, but not much more.
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  15. Sounds typical Elgin, good move execution but poor middlework.
  16. Actually, I found Lethal that was (mostly) boring. And then I watched a PWG ASW night 1 show, and it proved it. Lethal can be very, very boring (though his match on ASW night 2 vs. Willie Mack was fucking good).
  17. Chico Che/Freelance/Hijo del Pantera vs. Apolo Estrada Jr./Avisman/Eita, IWRG 2/18

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kazushi Sakuraba, NJPW 1/4

    Terrible vs. Rush, CMLL 1/22

    Bonesaw vs. Necro Butcher, PWS 5/18

  18. Tanahashi vs. Okada for the title @ NJPW Invasion Attack was brilliant. ****1/4

    Shinsuke vs. Davey Boy too. ****
  19. Swagamura vs Davey Boy Jr was so good.
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  20. Goto vs. Shibata and MiSu & Shelton vs. Swagamura & Ishii from Dominion get an easy MOTYCs from me. ****

    Devitt vs. Tanahashi and Okada vs. Makabe were also very good. ***1/2

    "Dominion" overall - highly enjoyable show.
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