Indy/Puro MOTYC 2014 thread.

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by THG?, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Pretty self-explanatory. What has been your favorite match in the puro and indie scene so far in 2014?

    At the moment, no match seems to strike my mind.
  2. I loved T-Hawk vs Masaaki Mochizuki from a Dragon Gate taping in January. Stiff, well worked long match with T-Hawk proving he can hang with an old veteran like Mochi.
  3. Damn, have to watch a fuck load of matches on the weekend.
  4. I think Swan, Ricochet and Fox Vs Bucks and Steen All Star Weekend 10 looks like one.
  5. I'm not sure if that counts though, ASW X was taped in late December.
  6. I think it runs December to December. A lot of people said Steen Vs Generico for 2013.
  7. I guess that works.
  8. Steen and Bucks vs Candice, Joey and Drake
  9. My Top 10 currently:

    1. Ishii/Naito
    2. Tanahashi/Nakamura II
    3. Goto/Okada
    4. Shield/Wyatts
    5. Tanahashi/Nakamura I
    6. Zayn/Cesaro
    7. Virus/Titan
    8. KENTA/Nagata
    9. Mochizuki/T-Hawk
    10. Goto/Shibata
  10. There's a fun T-Hawk vs Tozawa match from that same series of "T-hawk runs the gauntlet" series of booking that you might like.
  11. @Stopspot would be cool if you stickied this amigo
  12. Done
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  13. Virus/Titan from January, watched it three times already, and it gets better and better:

    Virus is the Top 10 wrestler in the world, the guy can do it all. Goddamn, I'm gonna open a lucha thread later:
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  14. Ricochet/Gargano was excellent and so was Ishi/Naito from maina weekend. Have to give Naka/Tanahasi a rewatch but I was not that high on it from a first view. Preferred their first two more.
  15. Rewatch it, pls. It's loaded with old school struggle that defined and shaped strong style back in the age of Inoki, Fujinami, Choshu and Tiger Mask. Details. Strategies. Drama. Simplicity. Match of the Year.
  16. Tanahasi vs Nakamura at Invasion Attack was really good.
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  17. fuk
  18. ayy boy.
  19. I don't watch lucha but damn that was awesome and Virus was really impressive. Any other good lucha matches to check out?
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  20. This match was from last year, it gave New Japan's classics a run for their money:

    Heavy matwork, struggle, tremendous pace... VIRUS!
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