Puro Indy/Puro MOTYC 2016 thread

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  1. Match of the Year candidates, should be listed here. Just for traditions sake, it says "indy/puro" but wrestling from anywhere can be posted here.

  2. The obvious - Shibata vs. Ishii massacre.
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  3. The latest match I've watched and fucking loved!

    Okada vs Tanahashi
    Kamaitachi vs Dragon Lee at Fantasticamania
    AJ Styles vs Nakamura
    Shibata vs Ishii

    Second tier:
    Fenix vs King Cuerno
    Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay at RPW's High Stakes
    Chris Hero & Tommy End vs Zack Sabre Jr & Sami Callihan at EVOLVE 53

    Honorable mentions:
    Kalisto vs ADR from the January 14th SmackDown episode. It's a low-tier MOTYC and that is rare for SmackDown.
  4. Okada vs. Tanahashi is overrated imo.
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  5. This. They have had way better matches, this was just a finisher/ dragon screw fest. Nothing epic and interesting about the work in the match.

    naka/aj and shibata vs Ishi were better but still no where MOTY but they deserve to be talked about.
    Dragon lee match was drama, great spots, cleverly worked and thrilling encounter. 5 star
  6. Dragon Lee has only spent 2 years as a pro-wrestler. Another example of CMLL producing the best rookies in wrestling, today.
  7. Okada vs. Tana wasn't in any way epic. It was mostly a slow-paced match and it built to nothing special. I was expecting an explosion of awesomness, after the very, very, very slow build. Was disappointed.

    Styles vs. Nakamura was a MOTN, if not, tied with Ishii vs. Shibata.
  8. Tana vs Okada was better.
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  9. Perros del Mal v. Australian Suicide & Aregnis v. Chessman & Averno - AAA World Tag Team titles at Rey de Reyes 2016. One of the best TLC matches in recent memory. No video since it was apart of a show, but I recommend checking it. One of the few times AAA has out-performed CMLL. Good stuff. Good crowd and good show overall.
  10. Kento Miyahara and Kengo Mashimo apparently had a MOTYC 30 minute draw on day 1 of the Champions Carnival.
    Looking forward to it making TV
  11. What promotion?
  12. All Japan. I figured mentioning the Champions Carnival would make that clear but I guess the jokes on me

    aka the best promotion on planet earth
  13. Debatable.
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    People who don't think All Japan is the best and that Kento Miyahara is the GOAT are downright wrong and I will fist fight them all.

    That is how I feel.

    All Japan's product pisses on NOAH.

    Seriously: All Japan is my favorite promotion and has been for the past two-three years. Sneakily good in ring product and you gotta root for a company that has been as fucked over as they have over the years. And them starting to turn things around slowly is making me as a fan happy.

    I do stand by the them pissing on NOAH comment tho. And Miyahara is the superior student of Sasaki. Nakajima can hit the road
  15. Nagata vs. Shibata at Dominion is a definite candidate. As well, as Kenny Omega vs. Michael Elgin.

    and Akira Tozawa vs. CIMA from the first night of King of Gate was very good.
  16. Hideyoshi Kamitani vs Yuji Okabayashi (BJW Ryogokutan) and Andrew Everett vs Trevor Lee (CWF Mid-Atlantic Absolute Justice).
  17. top 10 matches of the year so far for moi

    1. okada vs tanahashi
    2. nakamura vs zayn
    3. hero and end vs zsj and callihan
    4. haskins vs ospreay
    5. dragon lee vs kamaitachi from NJPW
    6. ishii vs. naito at wrestling dontaku
    7. hero vs mandrews
    8. ospreay vs pete dunne
    9. ricochet vs ospreay NJPW
    10. ospreay vs scurll PROGRESS

    i haven't got my list with me rn so im probably forgetting something and ive still got stuff to watch but thats how it is atm
  18. actually i'd consider putting owens/zayn/cesaro/miz in my top 10
  19. Akiyama vs Miyahara for the Triple Crown from 7/23 is my personal match of the year so far
  20. I've let the dust settle, and allowed myself to recover from the mark out moment, and I definitely think Omega v. Goto is a contender.
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