Indy star possibly signed with WWE

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by GrammarNazi82, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. In early stages of "possibilities" it seems like, so take it with a grain of salt, but here ya go:


    So, it isn't confirmed yet, but holy shit. What are your thoughts on El Generico's signing if it does turn out to be true?

    Original post on PWPonderings can be found here (audio).
  2. News has been going on for a while.
    Don't know how WWE will utilize him tbh.
  3. backgroudn on el generico pls?
  4. Wow, this legitimately saddens me. I mean, the guy totally deserves it, but what a blow to the indy scene. Let's just hope he's used well, hopefully he makes it BIG TIME over there. He will be missed. I wish him all the success in the world - no one has deserved it more since Danielson made the move. He's definitely chosen the prime time to go for it in terms of indie names becoming mainstream stars, but so much depends on whether this signals the demise of El Generico as we know him. If there is anybody in professional wrestling who deserves to make the type of money WWE pays it's Generico.

    The best babyface in wrestling signed to the WWE. This is fantastic for generico, but what a huge blow to independent wrestling.
  5. What Clown said. Totally deserving if true. Generico deserves to be on the brightest and biggest stage. One of if not the best face in wrestling. He can play so many roles, comedic, serious you name it. Hope fully he is allowed to keep a character similar to his current one. Glad he put Del Sol over before he went.

    If all this is true that is.
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  6. Which makes me wonder... TNA's X Division taping is around the corner, and they sign irrrelevants like Bentley & Co., and WWE keeps signing the best Indy talent out there.
  7. TNA is so hit and miss with signing talent, they blew it with Jigsaw back at Dest X. Del Sol would be king of the X division if he went there. Heck he would be the next big lucha face in WWE if they signed him down the road.
  8. Good news for us and PWG: PWG @OfficialPWG
    Even though he's injured, El Generico insists on being at PWG for DDT4! He's back in the tournament with Kevin Steen!
  9. Generico and Steen back together? :fap: Guess if he did sign with the E he had a clause that he could finish any booked indy appearances, like Del Ray and PAC had.
  10. If true :fap: As long as they let him keep his gimmick. Don't want him to debut as El Blando the non specific luchador. #WWElogic
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  12. @ Randy. El Generico is possibly the best good guy in wrestling currently. He has wrestled in every company in the united states virtually except WWE and TNA. He has wrestled in Japan's biggest companies, in Mexico, Russia, Sweden, England, Germany, Australia, Switzerland. He's world class talent.

  13. Is he a main event guy? Cuz he looks like sin cara ....
  14. IF it is true, being the operative thing, then I am stoked for him and wish him nothing but the absolute best. However, I'll also be on pins and needles wondering if WWE will utilize him properly and not screw it up like they so often do. On the indy circuit he has been nothing short of outstanding. If WWE ruins that or makes him sub par..... ugh. However, if done, and kudos to him. Like Stop and Candy have said, he truly deserves it, especially with all he's done and all the work he's put into his career.
  15. For all of you who don't know him, he's originally from Montreal. He and Steen came up together through the Quebec indy scene.
  16. JR tweeted his thoughts on it:


  17. Meltzer also said they had signed him earlier. Wonder how this will end up.
  18. Have the strongest feeling they won't utilize him well.
  19. Cole would be awesome.
  20. @"Senhor Perfect"

    So he is not signed yet but will likely sign in the next couple of days/weeks then. :obama:

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