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  1. This thread will be used to discuss indy wrestling DVDs. You can discuss up and coming DVDs, ones you own and ones you want. You can rate them and review them.

    Enjoy. Currently watching ROH's reclamation night DVD. Will write up a short review once done.
  2. Only indy DVD I've got is ROH's "CM Punk: The Second City Saint". Basically a 2 disc set of Punk's best ROH matches and promos. Almost as good as his BITW DVD.
  3. So glad PWG finally announced "Is your body ready?" Should get it by Friday
  4. Rewatched Death Before Dishonor III the other day, still believe that the roster they had back then was the strongest roster in wrestling history.
  5. Just finished ROH's Bryan Danielson: Rise to Glory DVD. It was a collection of his best and most memorable matches from Bryan's ROH career. On it was the matches against Spanky at the American super jrs tournament, against James Gibson for the ROH title, vs McGuinness at Unified, vs Kenta for the title, vs Morishima for the title and vs Tyler Black (Seth Rollins). All matches were real good but my two personal favorites were vs McGuinness and vs Morishima. Both those matches were really really good.

    Solid DVD. Highly recommended.
  6. How many matches in total on it?
  7. the ones I counted up...
  8. Did anybody that ordered PWG Is your Body Ready get it yet? I am so anxious to see it.
  9. You want it now?
  10. Surprisingly I got it today, it usually takes PWG a week to ship my DVD's. It came in a armory though.
  11. Is it good? I'm going to sit down and watch it this week sometime.
  12. I didn't feel like watching it today, one of those lazy type days. I'll probably watch it tomorrow morning.
  13. I just finished PWG: Is Your Body Ready, and it was great. My favorite match was Young Bucks vs. AR Fox and Del Sol. The Main Event wasn't amazing but it was still good. Every other match was solid. Steen vs. Younger was kinda a let down for me because the preview was made the match look awesome but it wasn't really that special. Anyways i'd rate the entire show a 7.5/10.
  14. PWG DDT4 2013 was really good, Steenerico reunion was hilarious and Bucks Vs Steenerico was awesome.
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  15. So did anybody get to watch PWG: Is Your Body Ready yet? I'm eager to see what everybody's thoughts on the show were.
  16. Watching it now, and I like it A LOT!

    If enough people ask I'll post it in the legends section :obama:
  17. Kevin Steen Hell Rising was really good. First disc is a 3 hour shoot interview which was very entertaining seeing as I like learning about all the backstage stuff and includes some great matches. Worth a watch 8/10.
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  18. Anywhere to pick these up cheapish in the UK?
  19. I always watch PWG, and so did this show. Pretty much the same rating like your's and same thoughts on it - solid matches, very good ironman with the MOTN going to Bucks match, ofc.
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  20. for freeeeeeeeee
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