inFAMOUS: Second Son discussion thread

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    Original trailer:

    Neon trailer:

    Fetch trailer:

    Release Date: March 21st,2014
    Consoles: Exclusively on the PS4.

    Discuss the upcoming game inFAMOUS: Second Son in this thread.
    I really enjoyed the past inFAMOUS games and I'm excited to play this one.
  2. Neon trailer makes it look so good. I'll be getting this. Was a fan of Prototype game but this looks so much better.
  3. Gonna get this.
  4. Added another trailer to the OP I left out,it basically shows how Delsin gets the neon powers.
  5. Imma bump this now that the game is officially out and has been for like 4 days now.. I actually just bought it this past weekend, it's really good.. definitely nice to see the progress being made on the next generation graphics, also the map is big as fuck it's a pretty good replication of Seattle. Umm overall it plays really fucking smooth, the cinematics and graphics of the scenery and characters are very nice, the script is probably one of the best I've seen in a video game, the story was epic. The downside is it only should take you like 11-13 hours on Hard/Expert to 100% the game on one side. However you may double that because you can play both sides to the story; Hero or Villain. Even without a multiplayer feature on the game it was very strong in showing the progress companies are making on the PS4 atleast (Titanfall showed progress for the XBox One).

    Overall I'd rate it like a 4/5, simply -1 for the really only two playthroughs that make it worthwhile, other than that there's nothing to do except run around killing shit I guess but then you could always go back to 360 or PS3 and do that on GTA Online for more value.

    I'd say if you could rent it for like 5 days and play the fuck out of it you'd be good to go, but since barely any place rents PS4 games by me I definitely say it's a must buy for all people sitting on PS4s; there's not many games out but this is one that's good.